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Live Blog When Worlds Collide: Yet Another Liveblog Of A Pooh's Adventures Episode
Psyga3152012-02-02 10:32:56

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Part Nine: Break the Pooh

So when we last left off Pooh, the Only Sane Man is about to conduct an orchestra. Hurray.

Wataru: Oh, don’t be like Genkimaru! Enjoy the sweet orchestra!

Since when are you actively involved in this? You mostly butt in whenever I say I am unofficially done.

Wataru: But you have Harkinian with you...

That is because he came in on his own! All because of an One-Scene Wonder in this movie! But I suppose I need you and Hark to keep my sanity in check. Heck, if Mike and Nelson could do it, so can I.

Wataru: Yay!

Now let us resume Winnie The The Pooh And Phantom Tollbooth!

Part 9 of 12. Almost Done!

Before anyone begins, does anyone else feel like this reminds them of that Bugs Bunny short?

The King: Nope.

Wataru: Maaaaaybe?

Is it just me? Bah. I just wonder how he gets himself to orchestrate both the sunrise and sunset. And Milo gets the quest of... waking up Chroma up at 5:23 AM.

Okay, in the beginning, he was simply going to the Castle In The Air {Dramatic Thunder}, then he decides to rescue Rhyme and Reason, but now he has to wake some old guy up at 5:23? And he makes it his top priority? As opposed to saving the world? This is the most stupidest side-quest ever. Well, Humbug helps the gang (or hinders it given his character so far) by suggesting that Milo plays the orchestra of the sunrise. Rather than stop Milo from doing it and telling him what might happen, he asks Humbug what he thinks he is doing. Which leads to a too late thing. Even though they have plenty of time to stop him as he adjusts his greaser look. Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! ensues. So... He screws up reality?

The King: Like it wasn’t screwed up to begin with.

I agree. The weird part is that Milo just says one line about it and no one tries to cheer him up. They just have the trip silently. Angst? What Angst?

There is a receptionist and there is another cast introduction. I like how the person notes the oddness of having numbers in a name, nice Lampshade Hanging. So he goes all receptionist on them and tells them they have to fill out a bunch of info. Triumph101 says it better than me.

Triumph101: Sounds pretty ridiculous if you ask me.

So when Milo says “Castle in the Air” {Dramatic Thunder}, it pisses off the receptionist and makes the car spin right round like a record ba- NO! Any ways, they make the receptionist laugh via the laughing bottle. This makes everyone laugh. So yes, laughing montage. Where is Bagheera when you need him?

So they use this to their advantage and sneak off, climbing the mountains. They climb up the mountain and they talk to a guy who wants to give them a side-quest. If it involves collecting 20 Bear Asses, I am out of here. No, it is more stupid and mundane than that. Take a tweezer and move this large pile of sand from one place to another. Take a needle and make a hole in this cliff. Take the eyedropper and empty this well. Why don’t you also make them wear boxing gloves and take the fly poop out of pepper? Heck, even Pooh notes the jobs are pretty useless. Thankfully, Tock reveals that this dude is the Terrible Trivium, demon of pointless tasks. Cue a clip of Zechs crying out “ISN’T IT ALL POINTLESS!”

You know, despite this though, a barking dog scares him. Chase scene ensues. And the Gundams don’t blow Trivium to hell, why?

Wataru: You always seem to involve the Gundams into everything, why is that?

Well, they are weapons of war. That is kinda what they are built for. Sure, the Gundams from SD Gundam Force may be different, but they have access to weapons as well. Plus, they’re practically the only people breaking the story.

The King: Uh, what about Conker? And Triumph101? They too break the story.

Well, Conker is mostly the Plucky Comic Relief and Triumph101... Well, we do not know that until later, so hush up, Hark! So they run as a guy tells them to keep going. Right into a hole. They all fall. Turns out Yosemite Sam lives in The Realm of Wisdom as well.

The King: We’re mentioning a lot of Looney Tunes now.

I know that, Hark. Blame the fact that Chuck Jones animates it. Well, stay tuned for part ten.

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