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Live Blog You're only reading this because I rated the game 3/10! Let's read horrible GameFAQs reviews!
Ephraim2252011-04-19 00:10:18

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Game FA Qs is perhaps one of the most informative Video Game websites known to man. Created in 1995, the site is a database of video game information, nearly all of which is submitted by volunteer contributors. You can find just about anything you'd want to know about any given game: walkthroughs, maps, cheats, secrets, release dates, box art, reviews...

Haha reviews

Game FA Qs is already notorious for its many Fora, the userbase of which is known to consist primarily of Trolls, idiots, console soldiers, and people too lazy to read the FAQs the damn site is named for. But that wouldn't be enough, for there is a second cesspit of hatred and lies on this otherwise awesome website - the reviews section, where users are allowed to give their opinions on a given game or system.

Maybe you've come across that one review on that one game, and something seems a little off. That is, you can't understand where the reviewer is coming from, or his spelling sucks, or maybe he didn't even play the damn game. I, Ephraim225, am here to expose the worst, most incomprehensible, unreadable, and possibly painful Game FA Qs reviews you have ever had the misfortune of hearing about.

Now, don't get me wrong, we all have opinions. Mine might be different, that's just life etc. etc....but hear me out. I've seen Game FA Qs users write good reviews before. I've seen reviews that I don't agree with but are well-written. We're here to find the reviews that will make you let out a Flat "What.", among other unexpected expected reactions.

Let's read horrible Game FA Qs reviews.


Apr 22nd 2011 at 11:35:52 PM
Ah yes, the Game Faqs Review community! Truly a giant pool of annoyance and stupid! There are some good reviewers, like Psycho Penguin (On a good day), but for those, there are 10 other shitty reviewers.

I actually heard about one review during my dark days of traversing around the IGN Boards *Shudder*. It was a 2/10 review for Metroid Prime, which we all know is a masterpiece. I can't remember the full details, but I know that the reviewer called the environments "Rocks upon rocks", had only known of Samus through Smash Bros, and complained about her not being able to use fighting moves. It was so hated that it was taken down. I know it was done by a chap named MM, but I don't know if he changed his name or not.
Jun 19th 2011 at 12:23:56 PM
It's not that Game FA Qs isn't full of trolls, and it seems to be getting worse as the years wear on, but my forum experience there has always been pretty good there. For a site with such high traffic I don't believe there's anything particularly notable about how the community behaves, except maybe to cite LUE as a precursor to 4chan, but that was an isolated case.