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Live Blog Proof I'm a Glee fangirl- Blogging "Dalton"
cheeseypoofs2011-03-29 18:31:06

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Pilot/Windsor House PART 1

As you should know if you are reading this liveblog past the first installment where it warned that anything before 'Furt' was fair game, Kurt switched to Dalton Acadamy, home of Blaine and the Pips the Warblers, the awesomest fucking show choir ever. So, this is chapter one the pilot, since this is apparently a TV series. In fanfic form. Whatever.

Pilot: Windsor House

Kurt has decided to move to Dalton permanently to spare his parents the cost of gas to transport him. Apparently, Kurt is really damn stupid in this fic because he didn't consider the fact that he would probably have to pay to live on campus (or the author didn't consider that). Blaine invites Kurt to live in his dorm so they can have moar eyesex. There is a bit of talk about Kurt having to audition for warblers, which makes the warblers slightly more prestigious than New Directions, although that isn't saying much. Also, Wes's French teacher is a bitch. Kurt mentions that he speaks French, like the good little Possession Sue he is, and only Wes questions him on this. And then, in italics comes the theme annoying thing they do in each chapter, usually towards the middle for no particular reason.

David decides to talk to their dorm advisor, Professor (?) Howard, to get Kurt into Gryffindor Ravenclaw Windsor. Apparently Howard does not like Wes, David, Blaine, and their wonderful band of merry Windsors, because no one stays in the band of merry Windsors for long. This is because Windsors are a special brand of crazy. I get the feeling that it is an oddly similar brand of crazy to that of my 8th grade GT class.

They talk to Howard, who is unsure about Kurt, since the merry band of Windsors' last recommendation is superstitious as hell. I can see why this might be a mild pain in the ass.

Wes: So he likes to hang cloves of garlic at his windows…We've already convinced him to stop lining his doorways with salt!
...*wince* So, anyways Kurt says he's seen worse at McKinley than he will at Windsor, which, while no one will sexually harrass him or threaten his life here, is very blatantly wrong. Especially from the questioning he gets, which implies several Noodle Incidents.

Windsor's dorms are apparently the stuff, with Ivy League for Everyone following graduation. Seriously, why the hell can't I go to this school? oh, right... I'm a girl. The place is rife with Description Porn about how SERIOUSLY AWESOME WINDSOR IS YOU GUYS. Blaine says that nothing dangerous will happen to Kurt at Windsor. Right after this, there is an explosion. Because schools don't have rules against that kind of stuff. The magical phone of plot convenience brings a text from Mercedes, asking what Kurt is doing. Okay, to be fair, I do this kind of thing all of the time. Seriously, ask my best friend. Kurt tells Mercedes that she is planning on boarding. Rather than the expected response, Mercedes is really supportive. Meanwhile, the merry band of Windsors makes sure their little Possession Sue is okay. We find out from Wes and David that Blaine has a major crush on Kurt. How major? They're pretty sure he's playing "Teenage Dream" on a loop.


Apr 11th 2011 at 8:59:05 PM
What is the "expected response"?