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Live Blog Let's play Luminous Arc!
SapphireBlue2010-12-12 13:07:15

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This liveblog was originally in the forum, but obviously I can't continue it there. Because of this, I've decided to transfer it here. Yes, this means that I'll actually be updating soon. Most of this is just a copy-and-paste of my stuff from the old thread, so don't expect anything new until I continue the updates.

This is pretty much my first liveblog (I've tried once and quit it very quickly). Because of this, it may not be as funny or interesting as some of the others. Nonetheless, I'm learning, and I'm sure I'll improve over time.

I decided to liveblog a game that I've played before and liked. It's a DS game called Luminous Arc. It's got its issues, but overall it's pretty good, and I did enjoy it. This'll be my second playthrough.

The game begins with a flashy anime opening with a cool song playing. Despite this, the opening isn’t what I’m covering, so I won’t talk about it much. It has been a while since I’ve seen it, though – I finished my last playthrough a few years ago.

It begins with a strange manatee looking thing, and two little girls. The manatee thing says he’s discovered a new Vitae, whatever that is. The game wants me to name it. My options are “Legend,” “Ephemeral,” “Hope,” “Secret,” “Longing,” and “Happiness.”

I choose “Secret.”

I am told that this word will help to aid a particular boy. I honestly don’t know what this scene even does, despite having played the game.

The scene changes, showing two monks in a church. They’re talking about how one of the members of their church was attacked by Witches. Yes, with the capital “W.” This is strange because apparently, the Witches were sealed away 1,000 years prior. They wonder if this has to do with the death of the Grand Cardinal. The new Grand Cardinal is apparently a 13 year-old boy named Johannes, and the brown-haired monk comments on how odd this is. He doubts that the boy will do a good job.

Another guy apparently overheard, and he turns out to be a regular Cardinal. He is not happy. The green-haired monk begs for forgiveness, but the Cardinal, whose name is apparently Kingston, tells him to shut up. He tells the guards to seize them, but a young voice tells him that’s enough. A cute kid comes into view. He’s apparently the new Grand Cardinal. He asks what’s going on, and Kingston tells him. Johannes says it’s OK, and that it makes sense for them to worry about his inexperience. Kingston is surprised, but Johannes says to release them. The monks thank him, and he says that he will try to become worthy of their devotion.

Once the monks leave, Johannes asks Kingston if there’s been any progress with the “Witch countermeasure.” Kingston says yes, and tells Johannes to leave it to him.

Johannes leaves, and Kingston asks a random priest about a research project. The priest says something about knights being on the move, and Kingston tells him to hurry up.

The scene switches again, and a blonde knight in white armor shows up. The text says his name is Heath. Kingston informs him of what’s going on, mentioning Witches using monsters to attack civilians, and also mentioning the “revival” of their God. He tells Heath that it’s time to call forth the elite force he’s trained, called the Garden Children, and to “condemn” every single Witch in the name of their God. Somehow, this sounds ominous.

The scene switches to a forest, with some unknown person saying that the world is changing, and asking someone to leave the village. After that, the scene changes to two boys sparring. One of them is Alph, a boy with greyish-brown hair wearing armor. The other boy is Theo, a blonde, girlish-looking kid wearing a green and white robe. After Alph knocks Theo down (shown by Theo’s Character Portrait moving to the side), another, older boy with spiky hair named Leon shows up and tells them that’s enough. He then declares Alph the winner.

Theo admits that he’s no match for Alph in a swordfight, but he’s sure that he could beat him in an archery battle. Gee, thanks, game – we totally needed to know right away that Theo is an archer. Alph takes him up on that challenge, but a girl with curly brown hair and glasses named Cecille shows up and insists that they should let their wounds heal first. Both boys insist that they’re OK, though, and continue to make stupid noises.

Leon can’t believe they’re still going at it, and Cecille seems to think it’s OK, saying they’ll never be able to defeat Witches and monsters without training. Leon says he’s a genius, and asks why he should waste time trying to improve perfection? Cocky, aren’t we? After a brief mention of Sir Heath, he starts trying to flirt with her. But before he can get anywhere, Theo cries out that he sees Heath. Cecille welcomes him.

Alph asks Heath what the Cardinal wanted to talk to him about. Heath says that he’s been assigned to condemn any and all Witches he can find. He tells them that it’s time to use their skills to serve their God.

Right on cue, a random and horribly voiced woman shows up and begs them to help her. She claims that monsters have appeared on the plains to the northeast, and asks again for their help. Alph seems excited about the chance to fight monsters, and Leon seems enthusiastic as well. They leave, with Cecille being left in charge while they’re gone. Theo seems nervous, and it turns out Alph really feels the same way. It also turns out that the two of them are brothers.

I’m given three options: “Action,” “Return to World Map,” and “Advance the Story.” I select “Action,” and three more options pop up. I can speak with Theo, Leon, or Heath. I decide to listen to all three. Theo basically tells me that I can review their strategies (informing me that I can look at tutorials), Leon’s conversation is just a bit of exposition, and Heath tells Alph that monsters are summoned by Witches.

I go to the world map to save, and then begin the battle.

I have four characters to pick from – Alph, Theo, Leon, and Heath. Heath is level 3, and the others are all level 1. This is a strategy RPG, much like the Final Fantasy Tactics games. For this battle, I’m forced to bring them all in. Since this is the first battle, it’s going to be very easy. I’m up against two Roosters, which look like cockatrices, and two Minotaurs. I can’t reach any of them yet, so I just move into position and wait for them to move a little closer. Heath attacks one of the Minotaurs, and leaves it with like 7 HP out of 60. Since he’s higher leveled than anyone else, I’ll try to use him as little as possible.

Theo attacks a Rooster, which attacks him back. I have Alph kill the minotaur, attacking it from the side. If you don’t know, in SRP Gs, it’s always best to attack from the back if possible, or the side if you can’t do that. Attacking from the front is usually not a good idea, as it decreases your hit rate and damage.

Alph kills one of the Minotaurs. Leon attacks the Rooster that Theo attacked, but then the other one comes in and kills Theo. Since I don’t have any way of reviving him, I’m going to have to just use my other characters. I’d like to note that you can save during battles and reload as many times as you want, but there’s no reason to do that in an easy fight like this. I have Heath attack the Rooster that killed Theo. Since he has a spear, he can attack from two spaces away instead of just one. Alph comes in and almost kills the same Rooster, and then I have Leon finish it.

The remaining Minotaur moves, but can’t attack anyone. It’s Heath’s turn again. I can’t attack the Rooster without hitting Leon, so I attack the Minotaur instead, and then have Alph finish it. Alph levels.

I have to say, this game has very clunky controls, especially compared to Luminous Arc 2. I’m using the touchscreen right now, and it’s working…but I remember last time I played, I would sometimes have trouble targeting enemies, and would have to switch to using buttons.

Anyway, Leon finishes the battle, by killing the remaining Rooster. He levels. The battle gives me a Vita Mint (a weak healing item), and an Antidote as rewards, as well as 400 gold.

A scene starts up again, with everyone being glad that they won. They are thanked by the civilians, and I’m put on the world map to head back to the Ever Garden. This is where I’m going to stop for now, since I’m tired of writing and I’ve finished the first mission. Thanks for reading. :)



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