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Live Blog Some Color Mage's Let's Play lets out a howl! Golden Sun: The Lost Age
SomeColorMage2010-12-11 19:16:03

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Hi guys! Last time, we drifted out to sea on part of a continent. We resume on the same scene that the first game ended on. Kraden and Jenna are concerned about everyone at Venus Lighthouse and where the hell they are, Kraden is hungry, Alex shows up and shows us to Felix and Sheba washed up on the shore.

Kraden: I thought Felix and Sheba were still inside the lighthouse.

Well they weren't. Sheba starts to wake up.

Sheba: Where are we?

Alex: Idejima. We were all to meet here... But now, the island is floating away from Gondowan.

Laconic version: We're screwed.

Kraden: But what happened to you, Sheba? You were in the sea, and Saturos—-

Sheba: Saturos and Menardi are gone...

Alex: What do you mean?

Sheba: Another group came... They fought Saturos and Menardi and won.

Jenna: Isaac?

Sheba: Isaac... Yes, I think that's what they called him...

So, Isaac killed two of the three competent members of this team. That's just great. Alex doesn't believe it. Sheba then explaines how Felix and herself fell off the tower. Felix then wakes up. He's now unable to talk for some reason. And it's not because of the fall either, he just stops talking. He's also a master of Dull Surprise.

Kraden: You don't seem very surprised to find yourself on a floating island.

Told you. We try to figure out what to do from here, but Alex notices something. Land! Another continent!

Jenna: We're saved!

Kraden: So it would seem...

Sheba: Wait...

Jenna: What is it?

Sheba: We're going to pass north of the continent...

Crap. We're screwed again.

Felix: ???

Okay, so he can talk. He still only has like three lines until the ending, only one of which having anything resembling talking.

A tidal wave is approaching us. Pretty fast too. Alex is being his usual calm self.

Alex: At times like this, where would be the good in panicking?

Then the tidal wave comes. When we next see our heroes, they're all passed out. Felix gets up.

Do you want to check yourself for injuries?

(Felix: Yes)

Felix shakes his arms.

Looks like the arms are still attached. That's a good start.

Then he shakes his legs.

The legs are working fine, too. Yup. You're fine!

We're back in control. Felix is a Squire, like Isaac, and is similar to him, but more powerful and less lucky. I guess he used all his Luck up on the events of the first game.

Hmm... Alex is gone. You know what? Let's leave Idejima without the other three. We appear to have crashed into that continent, after all.

Kraden: Hey, Felix!

Oh damn.

Kraden: You weren't planning on leaving me, were you? Hm?

YES. I don't need your damn exposition.

Kraden: Well! It's land! The wave carried us back ashore! I assume you merely... forgot about me in your excitement?

Uh... sure.

Kraden: Understandable, but you should have waited for me, Felix. Nevertheless, let us be on our way!

OK, can we go now?

Jenna: I can't believe you two!

I guess not.

Jenna: How could you!?


Jenna: Leaving me on that island while you go off exploring on your own! And here I was, looking everywhere for you!

Kraden: I'm sorry, my dear... Can you ever forgive us?

Jenna: Oh... All right. Just don't leave me alone like that again...

Fine, now let's g-

Sheba: Wa-wait!


Sheba: Aren't you worried about me in the slightest? Did you rescue me from the lighthouse just to leave me for dead on this island?

Okay, that's enough complaining Felix's ear off. Let's go.

Well, before that, I want to talk about classes. There are 5 new class series in TLA, and all the existing ones get a higher tier. Yes, you can have more than 7 Djinn a person in this game.

For our first new class, we have Jenna's base, the Flame User. Good HP, PP and Agility, Luck is a bit low. For good spells, we get Aura and Impair. However, we get a LOT of Mars elemental attacks. Jenna is a really good spell caster.

Kraden wonders where Alex went. He figures Alex went to get a ship. Both remaining lighthouses are in the Great Western Sea. We, however, are in the Great Eastern Sea, and have to get a boat to our destination. Jenna asks us if we're going there, but my Felix is going to be a lying dick, so he says no.

(People who know of a certain secret in this game should already know what I'm trying for. For everyone else, it'll be a... nice surprise. And quite a Guide Dang It!.)

Kraden insists that we follow Alex.

Jenna: Yeah! Our parents depend on us!

Wait a second.

THEY'RE ALIVE! Everybody managed to survive that storm? This is increadably stupid. A GIANT BOULDER FELL ON THEM. THEY SHOULD BE DEAD.

Sheba tags along for vauge destiny reasons. That and Juipter Lighthouse requires a Jupiter Adept. So let's finally leave this peninsula turned island turned peninsula.

The path out of Idejima takes us straight to the town of Daila. It's wet. Very wet. A random townsperson tells us we are in the continent of Indra. And the armour shops still say "Thank you much." The translation is overall better, by the way. For one, enemies with breath attacks no longer bless you.

Talk around town is that two kids are missing and that we should visit Kandorean Temple. We'll investigate these two things later, as that plot dump kinda bored me out of making any progress.

But as we leave Daila, a Venus Djinn approaches us!

Hey! You look like you already know a little about us, huh?

Yep. Hi little Venus Djinni.

See, you know all about us, so you must be an Adept.

This guy's name is Echo. He goes into a similar description of Djinn to what Flint did in the first game. He asks to join us. Time to be very rude.

Echo: So what do you say? Will you be a pal and take me with you?

(Felix: No)

Echo: Oh, come on! I promise I won't be a burden and eat all your chips or anything!

(Felix: No)

Echo: But if I'm with you, you'll be all kinds of strong!

(Felix: No)

Echo: Wait, that's not it... There's more! Your allies will develop exciting new abilities!

(The last few words there are moving back and forth, like anyone who's sick or nervous. It's kinda funny.)

(Felix: No)

Echo: And I'll be your best friend ever in combat! I'll be all over the bad guys, I promise!

(Felix: No)

Echo: What, you want to see me beg? Fine! I'm begging! PLEASE! Let me join your group!

(Felix: No)

Echo: You just don't get it, do you? I'm not used to being ignored, you know. Take me with you!

(Felix: No)

Echo: Don't be a meanie, OK? Nobody likes a meanie. I'm serious here. You don't really want to leave me behind, do you?

(Felix: Yes)

Echo: Oh, all right. If that's the way you're gonna be, fine. I'm coming with you anyway!

Those Djinn won't take no for an answer.

The Venus Djinni Echo has become Felix's pal.

Good thing I can skip the tutorial this time around. Echo gives 9 HP, 4 PP and 3 Strength. In battle, it attacks at 160% of your Attack in Venus Power.

We also get the Venus Summon. For 1 Venus Djinn, it attacks at 30 Venus Power plus 3% of the target's HP, then raises the user's Venus Power by 10.

For now, I'm putting Echo on Sheba, making her a Seer (Jupiter).

OK, I'm done. Suggestions for Djinn setups are open, although you won't be able to do much for a while. See you next time.


Felix: Lv 5 Squire HP:79 PP:27 Attack:46 Defence:30 Agility:29 Luck:2

Jenna: Lv 5 Flame User HP:67 PP:43 Attack:38 Defence:24 Agility:32 Luck:3

Sheba: Lv 5 Seer (Jupiter) HP:64 PP:57 Attack:34 Defence:27 Agility:33 Luck:5

Djinn: 1 Venus


Dec 11th 2010 at 11:28:29 PM
Well, so far, it looks as though the standards of this Liveblog meet those from your previous work. Which is to say, quite humorous and a joy to read. I'm certainly glad that you're indeed going through with this, and I wish you the best of luck.

As for class, I've got nothing right now. But if you come across a Mercury Djinn in the near future, put it on Felix. If memory recalls, they boost Luck, and the lighthouse jumper probably needs as much of it as he can get...
Dec 11th 2010 at 11:56:45 PM
Indeed. Mercury is the lucky element. Thanks for the suggestion, as always.