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Live Blog Some Color Mage's Let's Play lets out a howl! Golden Sun: The Lost Age

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Table of Contents
Installment Title
Prolouge 3
Daila 2
Kandorean Temple
Shrine of the Sea God 4
Dehkan Plateau
Madra 2
Osenia Cliffs 4
Yampi Desert
Alhafra 2
Mikasalla 4
Garoh 3
Air's Rock 4
Gondowan Cliffs 1
Kibombo Mountain Range
Gabomba Statue 1
Return to Madra 2
Lemurian Ship
Gabomba Catacombs
Taopo Swamp
Islet Trading Sequence, part 1
Shrine of the Sea God Revisited
Aqua Rock
Tundaria Tower 2
Gaia Rock 3
Islet Trading Sequence, part 2
Ankohl Ruins
Champa, part 2
Sea of Time 1
Exploring the Western Sea 1
Trial Road
Jupiter Lighthouse 2
The Reunion
Exploring the World With a Flying Ship
Magma Rock 1
Mars Lighthouse 2
Islet Cave 2
Yampi Desert Cave 2
Treasure Isle 2
Anemos Inner Sanctum 3
Endgame Preparations 2
Dullahan 1
Mars Lighthouse Aerie

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