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09:29:54 AM Nov 16th 2017
Okay, for the person who keeps adding Aku as a Complete Monster, cut it out (please). This is because it's in violation of the rules, and you're supposed to take it to the threads. Also, Aku is almost never taken seriously, even though he does meet some qualifications of the trope.
09:18:53 AM Jul 20th 2017
edited by Peridonyx
Designated Hero:

To the one who keeps deleting it:

1. It's not a theology discussion; it's a YMMV interpretation based on specific characters that just so happen to be based on the Odin, Ra, and Rama from Real Life theologies.

2. Even if Jack is ultimately The Hero, instead of them, the example still mentions the Fridge Logic concerning both their indirect-help methods as well as the fact that they're the ones who inadvertently unleashed Aku in the first place.
09:44:54 AM Jul 20th 2017
Every other series about a hero who receives godly assistance can have this same argument. My question is: are we gonna be the kind of people who criticize deities, or fictional interpretations of deities, for not doing what people expect them to do from a real life standpoint?
09:56:10 AM Jul 20th 2017
edited by Peridonyx
Again, this is not a theological debate, so stop claiming that — it's getting egregious; this is a YMMV interpretation of the characters themselves.

And did you even read #2? While a godly character who only offers indirect help can still be effective, these guys' help arguably amounted to little more than "Only make one Kryptonite Factor weapon instead of an entire army's worth, then only give Jack and his father vague hints while the world endures millennia of the very Eldritch Abomination that these guys' Failed a Spot Check caused in the first place" — which, BTW, is YMMV anyway, so I fail to see the problem.

My own question is: Should we just scrap the YMMV tropes entirely, just because not everyone agrees about them (which, BTW, is the exact definition of YMMV)?
10:04:18 AM Jul 20th 2017
Samurai Jack is about Jack and Aku, not the world they live in. We lack first-hand knowledge on how the gods would react to Aku's birth or Jack's quest to destroy him. Besides, the sword was created using the spirit of a righteous person, i.e. Jack's father. Obviously, not everyone would fulfill that criteria. Both Jack and his father are people meant to be a cut above the ordinary, thus the gods' interest in them.
10:09:22 AM Jul 20th 2017
Given Jack's travels, it's actually just as much about their world as it is them — hell, Jack's primary goal is to subvert Aku's Take Over the World, after all.

And throughout the series, there have been characters with similar righteousness, so it's not like Odin, Ra, and Rama were lacking in Man of Kryptonite candidates.
10:19:37 AM Jul 20th 2017
Holy crap, that's a shoehorn.

They're not the hero, and everything that they do when they intervene is unambiguously good. They just don't do enough in your opinion which honestly is true, but is not the definition of Designated Hero.
10:57:50 PM Jun 13th 2017
"Complete Monster discussion starting June 3"

Has it concluded yet? It seems that the end result is that it boils down to High Priestess and Dominator, while Aku being Made of Evil was an automatic fail-condition?
04:02:52 PM Aug 17th 2017
10:16:54 PM May 13th 2017
Is there a reason the folders were deleted?
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