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01:22:18 AM Jul 10th 2013

While I'm aware that YMMV tropes are subjective, that doesn't excuse outright incorrect usage.

Haven, pre- or post-Peep, doesn't count at all. There was plenty wrong with the PRH, even after the Committee for Public Safety overthrew the Legislaturalists. They had slums, crumbling infrastructure, a generally poorly educated populace, and prior to the CPS economic reforms going through shortly before Theisman overthrew the Saint-Just their economy was a broken joke on the decline from their former greatness (which compared favorably to that of the Solarian League, even with the monstrous disparity in relative populations).

Post-Theisman, they still have scheming power-grabbers (including a SecState that sparked a renewal of the war with Haven with his machinations of diplomatic exchanges), the infrastructure was still mostly the crumbling mess left over from the PRH, and while improving in both economic and educational capability those aspects of the RH were still far from perfect.
10:39:24 PM Oct 19th 2013
...somebody called Haven a Mary Suetopia? Haven?? Okay, Manticore I could maybe see - I mean, it would still be wrong, as they have an imperfectly functioning government, a whole faction of cretinous politicians, and a queen with a temper problem, but at least there'd be the fact that their standard of living is higher than that of any other star system we see. But Haven??

Okay, granted, I love Thomas Theisman and Eloise Pritchart more than I love all but a handful of characters in the whole series, but no.

...sorry. I needed to vent, I guess. :D
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