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12:18:42 AM Sep 10th 2014
Pulled this:

  • Unfortunate Implications: So, it's perfectly okay for two teenaged girls to steal literally everything a family owns of value and run off to Mexico to become lovers?'' Though, the game never says if this is wrong or not, so opinion differs on whether or not the game implies that this action is morally reprehensible.

As per the Unfortunate Implications page: 'no example may be added in this article or on a work article, without proof that it's not just one person thinking.' In other words, citation is required.
06:48:59 AM Sep 10th 2014
01:15:17 AM Sep 11th 2014
I am not even sure if that is an Aesop in any fashion; it sounds more like Everyone Is Jesus in Purgatory to me.
08:33:41 PM Aug 16th 2013
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I don't know about anyone else, but when I got to the "Waiting in the attic part," I was absolutely TERRIFIED of what I would find.
06:30:19 PM Aug 17th 2013
Yeeaaaah, me too. Sam's immediately prior entry of just going upstairs to the Attic to "sleep"...I was more than a little worried.
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