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06:09:20 PM Dec 13th 2016
The idea that the story is exactly the same if you genderflip one of the characters doesn't make any sense. If one of the characters had been a boy, they would have at least had the option of sticking around to work things out. At no point during the story do they imply the family's problem was that the girl was "just a bad influence" and they even set the story during an even less tolerant time, just to make it clear that the problem was that she was in love with a girl and her family wouldn't accept it.

That's nowhere close to "a boy and girl like eachother, but the girl's parents disapprove", because fundamentally the reasons for disapproval could not be met in a compromise. There was no "getting an act together" or "changing a behavior" that would make the love interest any less of a woman.

It's shoddy archiving to point out this particular repeated critique without also mentioning, if only for purely historical purposes, the context with which the genders of the characters mitigate the SPECIFIC critique that it would be "the same". Not that it isn't a cliche, because "lesbians have to run away together" IS a cliche, but it's not The Same cliche as two straight teens facing 0 societal opposition running away together for what would be no reason.
06:11:56 PM Dec 13th 2016
tldr: making it m/f would remove the immediate conflict, making them two teens who ran away for literally no definitive reason but impulsivity. them being f/f is the immediate conflict, and they ran away not just for their own current romance, but to freely be who they were in general. it's two vastly different stories, and calling them "the same" is asinine.
12:14:07 PM Apr 22nd 2015
How does Snark Bait not apply?
12:19:30 PM Apr 22nd 2015
Snark Bait, if you read the trope, is for works that are of poor quality, but are still enjoyed by audiences for the specific purpose of making fun of them. It is not a "whine trope" that you can list when you don't like something and want to complain about it.
12:21:57 PM Apr 22nd 2015
Also, those "sources" are mostly weird, between-the-lines, conspiracy theory nonsense that I can't make heads or tails of despite the bitter red text screaming about the connections.
05:19:27 PM Apr 22nd 2015
edited by harryhenry
I just removed the link to ED, as I don't think we need links to that site. That site has more problems than just being "Full of assholes".
07:08:50 AM Dec 15th 2014
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...Well, I'm just going to write that I disagree heartily with pimpdaddy's recent edits. I think that they encourage a reductive, "black or white" reading of a deliberately complex and ambiguous situation, and that they are more focused on swatting down analysis that the editor doesn't like than contributing to the trope page.

I understand the desire not to see the YMMV page turn into a swamp of incoherent whining, pimpdaddy. The Cracked.com version has needed fumigating for a while. But disagreeing with a particular kind of analysis is not always call for deleting it, particularly on a page specifically made for posting controversial tropes that everyone might not agree with.
05:24:16 AM May 29th 2015
pimpdaddy, this is the second time you've gone through a page that's supposed to contain opinion-based content with a meat-axe based on your own interpretation of the material. Please stop doing that.
12:18:42 AM Sep 10th 2014
Pulled this:

  • Unfortunate Implications: So, it's perfectly okay for two teenaged girls to steal literally everything a family owns of value and run off to Mexico to become lovers?'' Though, the game never says if this is wrong or not, so opinion differs on whether or not the game implies that this action is morally reprehensible.

As per the Unfortunate Implications page: 'no example may be added in this article or on a work article, without proof that it's not just one person thinking.' In other words, citation is required.
06:48:59 AM Sep 10th 2014
01:15:17 AM Sep 11th 2014
I am not even sure if that is an Aesop in any fashion; it sounds more like Everyone Is Jesus in Purgatory to me.
08:33:41 PM Aug 16th 2013
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I don't know about anyone else, but when I got to the "Waiting in the attic part," I was absolutely TERRIFIED of what I would find.
06:30:19 PM Aug 17th 2013
Yeeaaaah, me too. Sam's immediately prior entry of just going upstairs to the Attic to "sleep"...I was more than a little worried.
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