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04:15:01 PM May 31st 2017
  • Base Breaker: While he still remains something of an Ensemble Darkhorse, Slade's handling by some writers has divided him into three categories. There are fans who still love him, fans who are unhappy with how he and his family have been handled since Identity Crisis, and those who see him as a Villain Sue and wish he was dead. What has further broken this base was the infamous Titans: Villains for Hire special where he and his team of mercenaries butchered Ryan Choi.
  • Creator's Pet:
    • When George Perez left The New Teen Titans, Marv Wolfman had free reign over Deathstroke's character, and it seemed that he had no objectivity where he was concerned. In a very jarring, sudden turn of events, Deathstroke became a Karma Houdini for his actions, his earlier characterization forgotten and now established as an Anti-Villain who bore the Titans no ill willnote  turned Anti-Hero, being Easily Forgiven and becoming a father-figure and friend of the Titans, including his biggest victims Nightwing, Changeling, and his own son Jericho who was rendered mute because of him. Wolfman has also stated repeatedly that he never saw Deathstroke as a villain, but as a victim of circumstance stuck in a bad situation, whose actions weren't truly his fault.
    • He was Brad Meltzer's Creator's Pet as well, although ironically Meltzer went in the opposite direction from Wolfman. Instead of attempting to canonly apply the Draco in Leather Pants treatment to him, Meltzer made Deathstroke an unabashed villain who was just so good at what he did, being both an invincible fighter and unparalleled Diabolical Mastermind. This was best shown in the notorious scene of Identity Crisis where Deathstroke singlehandedly curb-stomps the entire Justice League. Meltzer was clearly a tad too enamored with Deathstroke as a villain.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: He's become a fan-favorite villain of the DC Universe and this goes for other DC media outside of comics. Ironically, the character's first mainstream exposure that contributed to his growth in popularity was in the Teen Titans animated series that was made at a time where stricter network censorship made the show unable to use his alias, which is why he was simply called "Slade" instead, but every incarnation of the character to appear in other media since then has been called Deathstroke.

The requisites of the three are self-excluding. Someone knows the audience reaction that actually applies?
12:57:02 AM Jun 17th 2017
He is started like a Darkhorse, but after Identity Crisis he started to become a character that has fans that love him and other that hate him. So, i think that Base Breaker is appropriate.
11:24:33 AM Jun 18th 2017
Okay, thanks.
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