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07:05:29 PM Mar 23rd 2017
edited by MikeShogunLee
  • Ambiguously Gay:
    • Arygyn the Skeelur.
    • Piper is a more subtle example. Cyclonis less so.

Wasn't there some Ship Teasing between Piper and Aerrow? I know she rejected him, "to preserve their friendship," but I thought the Will Theyor Wont They was still going? It has been along time sense I saw it, but Wouldn't that put Piper in the Ambiguously Bi category?
08:42:17 PM Mar 23rd 2017
Piper and Aerrow get serious Ship Tease, so i would say that that puts Piper in Ambiguously Bi, yes.
10:06:38 PM Mar 23rd 2017
edited by MikeShogunLee
I just watched this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=scNN3MJ9ZX0

But this is starting to feel like a YMMV, rather than an established trope.

The strongest piece of evidence of her having any interest in Girls, is her interactions with Starling, and it can be argued that she is simply Star Struck.

I am asking because this might be Ship-to-Ship Combat, as I used to ship Aerrow and Piper back in the day. So I can not guarantee my opinion is objective.
03:38:12 PM Mar 24th 2017
I know she rejected him, "to preserve their friendship,"

No idea what this is referring to.

I dunno if I'd say Aerrow and Piper were Ship Teased. I don't think there's anything contradicting that reading or a platonic reading. I saw them as platonic, but I can see how certain scenes could be taken a different way, too. That's why I listed them as Implied Love Interest.

On Piper liking girls, there were a couple Ho Yay moments with her in season 2 (not included in that video) that seemed pretty intentional to me.note  On the other hand, the Ho Yay reading of these scenes works without her actually being into girls.note 
08:14:59 PM Mar 24th 2017
edited by MikeShogunLee
"Rejected him to preserve their friendship"


And I might not have seen the show in awhile, BUT THERE WAS DEFINITELY SHIP-TEASE

While Royal Twist does have Does This Remind You of Anything I would not say this is evidence for Sexuality, more than likely a joke. Strongest evidence for Pipers interest in women is her interactions with Starling, and disguised Cyclonis.

Speaking of Cyclonis, if you can think of any evidence for her interest in women, please share. I would like to add them to the Ambiguously Gay trope on the main page.
01:59:02 PM Mar 27th 2017
edited by Twiddler
That video's an edit. Check the description and comments.

All I can think of is the stuff listed on Heartwarming.Storm Hawks (I just added one myself, actually) and their scene together at the end of Storm Warning, but none of that need be taken as romantic. Now if there was, say... blushing, accidentally brushing hands, people mistaking them as a couple, that's the kind of thing that paints a clearer picture of the story's intent. Edit: Oh! And their scene at the end of Stratosphere. Hmm... okay, I can see that one, in a subtext kind of way. Still, not sure that's enough.

Yes! doesthisremindyouofanything, that's the trope! "Strongest evidence for..." Agreed, but the stuff I mentioned, since it seems intentional, does cast it in a different light... unless of course, they hadn't intended to write her that way from the start but decided to play with it in response to fan reception, which I can also see, given the naked Stork scene in Stratosphere which could be seen as fanservice in response to his reception by the female fanbase. But I really don't know anything about the production cycle of the show, whether the time frame would have allowed for that or if those scenes would have already been written in advance.

Cyclonis... I think she's even more subtexty than Piper. All I can think of is the food-on-face scene from "Masked Masher". I don't think I'd list her as an example, personally.
01:27:04 AM Mar 30th 2017
edited by MikeShogunLee
Okay, then we leave it as Ambiguously Bi. And add a Does This Remind Youof Anything, later early for me, but add it nonetheless. While I do like Cyclonis and Piper, I still ship Aerrow and Piper. Hense why I am asking all this, I can guarantee that my opinion is not biased.
11:04:13 PM Dec 16th 2017
edited by Tropeforhire
Uh... If anyone's going to put Piper as possibly bi for those scenes, then Implied Love Interest for her and Aerrow should definitely stick in their descriptions (considering)...

Her fangirling over Starling always seemed to me like she just saw Starling as a role model (don't forget she fangirls over Domiwick too, who she also saw as a role model before she found out about his betrayal). After seeing Starling a couple more times and acknowledging her as the real Starling, and not some image she had of her just because of her deeds, you can see Piper really stopped fangirling over her at all and treats her normally.

As for Cyclonis. That thing with her disguise was clearly because she didn't have a female friend and she thought the guys "didn't get her". But after Finn cheers her up and she sees Aerrow and the others do care about her and try their best to be friendly (even if they get confused by her sometimes), she clearly lets that go, because after that she never got that excited over having a female friend again.

Cyclonis' side is another story too. We don't really get to see much of her personality to be sure if she could be Bi or not. But she does seem to really hold a grudge against Piper, of all things. Everytime she speaks to her, it seems like she's being cynical, or sarcastic. I don't see where people think there's some kind of romantic interest in there (unless they mean pure sexual attraction, which's hard to prove or disprove). You could argue that for Piper... But I don't see her as the type to get just physically attracted. The way she got hurt by Cyclonis pretending to be her friend and by Domiwick's betrayal, she really seems like a person who easily gets emotionally involved, so she's way more likely to fall in love at the same time she feels attracted.

Now for Aerrow x Piper. They have plenty of moments that can be interpreted as platonic or romantic, but most of the time people interpret said moments as romantic it is seriously a stretch. I think only a few of them could be argued that they might imply something else. But they never really tried to get together or explicitly showed definitive signs of liking each other as of when the show ended. Everything was too subtle and is up for debate. So, yeah, Ship Tease definitely, and Implied Love Interest at most (considering the whole deal of the two of them having a perfect attunement, it kinda makes other couple possibilities with them look a little awkward). Might as well add the moment at the end of the Forbidden City episode as major ship teasing (closest thing to Aerrow maybe secretly courting her you'll ever find in the series, coming from the fact he gets clearly upset at her for bringing up Domiwick again instead of just thanking her best friend for being so thoughtful and giving her a gift to make her feel better).
02:26:12 AM Dec 17th 2017
"But they never really tried to get together or explicitly showed definitive signs of liking each other as of when the show ended. Everything was too subtle and is up for debate."

This actually describes Implied Love Interest pretty well; the whole idea behind that trope is putting characters in positions where you'd expect them to be love interests, while maintaining plausible deniability.

Ship Tease, on the other hand, is a lot harder to pin down in this case, because it's about creator intent.

Rewatched the end of Forbidden City, andů yeah, I'm not seeing it. Piper admires the crystal, then says she wishes she could rub it in Domiwick's face. Aerrow picks up on her tone (which is not subtle) and agrees: "That guy was a slimeball."

So, I think Implied Love Interest applies, but not necessarily Ship Tease. Not sure about Ambiguously Bi.
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