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12:33:58 AM Apr 7th 2018
I recently played through the PS3 version, beating every boss in the game with the starting Blood Berry weapon. I killed the final boss with it and I was hoping I could fight the bonus boss with it, but when the fight started I suddenly had Tsubaki III. Does the Wii version automatically give you that weapon if you choose to fight the bonus boss?
08:10:03 AM Apr 15th 2012
When Holly says "Academics like to fantasize too, you know", what does she mean exactly? Fantasize about people like Travis being smart, professional people (at least in her eyes)? I never really got it.
06:31:26 AM Feb 1st 2012
In the Shout Out section, it says "3...2...1 Zilch" is a Killer7 reference. Anyone mind refreshing my memory on that, as it's not even slightly ringing a bell.
03:48:50 PM Jul 2nd 2012
Where is the aforementioned Shout Out section? I can't seem to find it.
11:30:29 PM Jul 2nd 2012
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