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Well, according to the popular test, this is my arcana...

Hi there! And thanks for taking the time to come here. I am known as Sturm the Dark (lame, I know) across the internet, and I have a large umbrella of hobbies and interests, but on balance mainly gaming, gambling (well, sort of) and of course, TV Tropes. You may have seen me in these places:

On TV Tropes I mainly edit pages/Wiki Walk, but also visit the forums quite often to chat, have a coffee, talk about life, etc.

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     Tropes that describe me 
  • Broken Bird: Previously. A male example, but only in and around school. Induced by my school life in general. Now though, those days are gone and I sure hope they never return!
  • Jack-of-All-Trades / Red Mage: My preferred class/playing style in games that have it, as well as in Real Life to some extent with school.
  • Large Ham: My public speaking/presentation style has often been described as this.
  • Limited Wardrobe: Oh so much...
  • Relative Error: A certain incident of this eventually reached the deputy head!
  • Snark Knight: Hate to admit it, but I was for a certain period of time. Now the glass is half-full rather than half-empty!
  • The Fettered: Honestly, if I ever feel I have done something wrong, I can't even sleep without feeling guilty about it. I also absolutely hate arguing and often try to reach a compromise in most arguments rather than simply arguing my point of view - honestly, why argue pointlessly for hours on end and not even reach a viable conclusion? (rant over)

     Tropes that other Tropers think describe me 
  • Feel free to add to this list.

     Tarot Cards 
  • If you have been wondering what my avatar is, it's a tarot card called "The World", and numbered as XXI or 21 in most decks. Here's a helpful link when it comes to understanding more if you're interested (you shouldn't be!).
  • I was introduced to tarot cards through Persona 4, and briefly looked at each card's meaning since they have a large role in the game. Of course, playing the game also tells you a lot about what each card represents and so on, especially with all the symbolism, themes, motifs, contrasts and juxtapositions (blah blah blah etc. etc.) present in the game. Don't you just love literary analysis?

     Other things 
  • In case you hadn't noticed already, yes, I am English (although genetically I'm half-Chinese, half-English). I'm currently in Year 12 or Sixth Form (Grade 13 for Americans) and studying four "A-levels". I first went to a private school, before going to a "Faith School" and now a grammar school, which has been interesting, to say the least. Again, feel free to ask/say anything about this in the form of vandalism - I'm actually quite interested in the differences between schools across the world.

  • Do I like England? Meh. Well, I can at least say most of the English stereotypes I've seen are pretty untrue (the US stereotypes anyway) - mainly because they describe the 1950s rather than 2010s - but modern Britain is probably just as amusing. Gradually, the latter is becoming more prominent with figures like Boris Johnson...

  • Koji Kondo is awesome.

Activity on TV Tropes

This is a record of the major things I have contributed to the wiki. This does not include things like adding an example or two, but does include things like adding multiple examples, writing reviews, adding images or significantly changing a trope's description.

     Significant Contributions 
  • No More Heroes: Added images for the 10 assassins and Jeane (now changed, but I'm more than happy with the current images).
  • Lily Allen: Added a couple of paragraphs describing her early life and singer/songwriter ability.
  • God Hand: Added images for Gene, Olivia, the Four Devas and Mr. Gold and Mr. Silver, with some quotes for each character. Still needs finishing touches.
  • Persona 4: Wrote a review.
  • Mario Strikers: Launched this page. Desperately needs more information on Super Mario Strikers!
  • Kim Possible: Added an image of Bonnie.
  • AdventureQuest Worlds: Wrote a review.
  • God Hand: Wrote a review.
  • Kid Icarus: Uprising: Wrote a review.