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07:38:53 AM Nov 1st 2016
How exactly is an Alpha Bitch even remotely similar to a Ladette? It's listed as a related trope on this page and I've never understood it, since an Alpha Bitch is very feminine and a Ladette is very much not.
01:54:35 PM Nov 1st 2016
You're right. I'd take that out.
08:41:31 PM Jan 27th 2014
Okay, I have a character; Sharak Sanzo from Saiyuki Reload Blast, who fits the description of either "ugly Ladette," or "transgender," AND "bifauxnen." Ladette exclusion comes sexual part; she shuns sex & even beats the crap out of her best friend for daring to look at her or think of her as a woman. A-cup breasts, quite muscular, covered in scars, smokes, carries a gun, wears male priest hanfu, does what she wants without asking, uses masculine pronouns, is very assertive & has a dominating personality.
11:05:02 PM Feb 3rd 2014
I'm thinking either Lady Looks Like a Dude or possibly Transgender but not both. A transgender person and a female crossdresser are two totally different things. She can hate being called a "woman" without actually wanting a penis. That's the difference.
07:15:51 AM Dec 25th 2011
The word dudette should redirect here. I searched "dudette tv tropes" on google and was sent to an analysis page on an article that doesn't exist.
07:18:05 PM Dec 21st 2011
I wonder if the fact that Fang was supposed to be originally a man in the developmental stages of FFXIII makes any difference on the note here...
06:19:59 PM Nov 4th 2011
edited by AgProv
Hmmm.. You mised out the objectors.

Class One (covers quite a few blokes) - you can appreciate ladettes (sometimes known as Essex Girls or Geordie Chicks) up to a point. you can appreciate the vitality, up to a point. But after a while it's a complete turn-off. You ask yourself "There are far too many incapably drunken mindless agressive or incontinent shithead drunks on the streets of Insert British town here as it is. Why add to them? And it isn't in the least bit desirable or sexual or a turn-on. It's somehow just.... ugggh".

Type Two objector (the older woman who might have been a committed feminist while at university and still supports right-on causes) Ugggh. Is this really the equality we fought for while we were in our twenties, the struggle for equality between the sexes that we hoped for, dreamt of and fought for? And all younger women want to do with it is to prove they can get every bit as ratarsed and incapably drunk as men can? Our fight for women's equality boils down to their right to piss in the streets? Sometimes I wonder why we bothered...

Type Three objection (the Daily Mail reader) This is proof our country has gone to Hell in a handcart and our towns are being taken over by feral chavs who can't be counted even as working-class because I bet they haven't worked in their lives.... We should go back to the social values of the fifties where women knew how to behave in public. The 1850's for preference, but the 1950's will do...

I've heard all three views expressed, with great vehemence...
01:42:19 PM Apr 16th 2011
Does this trope have a Spear Counterpart?
11:56:06 AM Aug 17th 2011
Maybe Real Men Wear Pink ? It's about men who do stereotypically "feminine" things like cooking and cleaning, without being considered a sissy due to their "manliness". Or it could be House Husband where a man does does the housework. I think these could be because it's about reversed expectations of gender behavior, right? If not, I would say that a Frat boy would be the Spear Counterpart.
11:55:56 PM Aug 11th 2014
The Spear Counterpart would be a young man with the personality of a sorority girl. I don't suppose that exists. I can't even think of any examples myself but I would think they're out there.
01:52:27 PM Jan 7th 2011
Just a Face and a Caption. Do we have any examples that anyone is more familiar with?
08:24:44 AM Aug 18th 2011
Maybe a picture of Misato from Neon Genesis Evangelion knocking back a cold one? She's a less extreme version of the trope, if I remember correctly...
09:08:51 AM Nov 12th 2011
edited by Eclipse11
Why is the picture from an anime when this is a far more common REALITY in england?

(since you cant hotlink, search "ladette to lady australia" on google image search, its the pic with the women with the teacup at the front)

A picture like the above is a far better example of the actual trope than someone obsessed with anime putting it as the main picture just to satisfy their own obsessions.

I would change the picture myself, but i don't want to use the wrong format or something and cause errors. Plus i'm kinda sure it'll get reverted by an anime fanboy :(
08:31:35 PM Jul 17th 2010
I just got done reading a section of a Harry Potter fanfic (A Black Comedy) in which three otherwise pretty normal ladies (as normal as ladies get in HP) actually have a contest of who can belch and/or fart the loudest.

I've only my own experience to judge from but... it occurs to me that while guys may find such bodily emissions hilarious, women just don't. I really can't see normal women laughing over "you're the King of Farts now" and "oho, Sally just beat you" and such. Reading that section made me wonder if the author has much understanding of how the female gender operates.

Anyway... would that count for this trope? If so, someone please add it because I'm not really sure what to say.
07:08:18 PM Dec 21st 2011
Actually, that's something a little too personal to be a trope. Tropes tend to be public and well known, fart/belching contests between girls is something usually only done somewhere relatively private, like someone's house or apartment or something. Plus, the type of humor that encompasses is also something very personal and may almost count as a YMMV.
05:17:34 PM Jun 28th 2010
Truth in Television - in Britain, alcoholism and alcohol-related violence among young women has increased significantly in recent years.

This is not what Truth in Television means. At all.
09:41:21 AM May 28th 2010
I'm sure there are a lot of people who believe that Freud Was Right idea, given that 90% of the human race are morons, but, just for the record, it's the most retarded thing I've ever heard in my life. Men who are gay do one of two things: either they accept their gayness and start chasing dudes, or they reject it (whether on the conscious or subconscious level), in which case they try to be unlike gays in every way possible. A closet homosexual would never—ever—date a woman who was the least bit masculine. I mean, come on, that's just common sense!
09:47:51 AM Jul 13th 2010
Not to mention no matter how manly she is, girl = Boobs and no Junk. Why would a gay man go for that? Socially acceptable my eye. No doubt these are the same idiots that think they can have threesome with lesbians. Sheesh!
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