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04:49:28 PM Sep 2nd 2014
Agreed, games with all hard levels should have a category by itself
04:50:11 PM Sep 2nd 2014
That's called Nintendo Hard, for when the entirety of the game is sadistically difficult.
04:50:13 PM Sep 2nd 2014
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04:46:44 PM Sep 2nd 2014
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I'm going to go ahead and nuke every "every level in X game" example I see. This is That One Level, not "Every Level / Most Levels In The Whole Game"; that's just Nintendo Hard. I already had to wipe an example from ThatOneLevel.Shoot Em Ups because it was simply "every level in Ikaruga". The point of the trope is that one level, out of many in a particular game, sticks out amidst the other levels. A small collection of examples detailing different levels are fine, but one bullet point stating "every level" isn't.
03:09:01 PM Oct 6th 2012
We need a new picture. We need something that is actually a well known hard level, not a platform hell hack.

Speaking of SMW, maybe Tubular?
02:00:13 PM Nov 10th 2012
Or the kid's warpzone from Super Meat Boy...
03:09:00 PM Oct 6th 2012
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04:54:32 PM Jun 18th 2012
Also, thinking of removing the Vendenna level from COD. Its not poorly designed, its just another sniper duel. Even on hard difficulity, he can take 3 hits but he takes cover when hit, and he's still hittable while in cover, causing this troper to fire the 3 hits literally within 4 seconds. its really not hard.
04:49:41 PM Jun 18th 2012
Anyone else thing we should remove examples of levels that are hard on hard mode? Such as most of the COD examples, who act like they are surprised Veteran is difficult.
09:09:49 AM Jun 7th 2012
Just a heads-up (figured I'd mention it because of the recent vandalism): I'm going to move the Mass Effect examples from ThatOneLevel.Third Person Shooter into That One Level.RPG.
04:17:04 PM Mar 27th 2012
Seriously, how do you get past the bit in the picture? Is it even possible?
03:05:00 PM Oct 6th 2012
If you spin jump on spinies, Mario will keep bouncing on them, so you can ride them to the end.
07:17:10 AM Dec 20th 2011
What category are the Lego Adaptation Games listed in? Are they even listed in any categories at all?
05:45:31 PM Jun 27th 2011
Does anyone else think there should be different tropes for a level that's hard, and a level that's poorly designed?
04:47:45 PM Jun 18th 2012
Yep. What really bothers me is people are including FPS examples on the highest difficulity. For example, playing the Mile High Club from COD on Veteran is not a scrappy level, its a brutal bonus level on harder than hard.
07:33:47 PM Nov 5th 2010
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Where is Submerged Castle from Pikmin 2? That sucker counts as that one level by far.
01:25:56 PM May 8th 2010
Anyone else think we could use a new picture? Preferably one from a more recognizable game.
07:46:41 PM May 14th 2010
Yeah, I agree. Psychonauts was awesome, but it's a cult favorite and I couldn't even tell what the level was from the pic. I'm thinking maybe the Water Temple from Ocarina of Time, or a Mario level that has a lot of visible difficulties. Something that looks hard from just one pic.
07:20:54 AM Jun 12th 2010
Restored the old one temporarily; the Mario one wasn't any clearer and required the caption to explain everything in it. Get something from Kaizo Mario World or something, one of those levels made entirely of spikes.
09:18:41 PM Jul 9th 2010
I think it should be replaced with Battletoads' Turbo Tunnel. Why have a level from a ROM Hack?
06:34:42 PM Sep 22nd 2010
There was a picture for a short time that had a bunch of Those Levels, but got removed. Platform Hell romhacks shouldn't be use there, they're supposed to be like that. Maybe we should put up a image-picking discussion thing.
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