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03:11:29 PM Dec 1st 2016
edited by NNinja
I played as Paragon(mostly) but as far as i remember Renegade is more of a Pragmatic Antihero that evil. Besides she's redhead no matter how is she played, so hair color does not in any way indicate evilness.
04:19:25 PM Feb 8th 2014
Am I the only one who thinks Elliot from House of Night shouldn't be on here? The only 'evil' thing he did when he was 'normal' was throw a gay slur at one of the narrators friends. Now, that's a horrible thing to do I'll grant, but it also occurred after Elliot had been publicly humiliated in front of the group and we find out later he has a very good reason for him to have mood swings (slowly dying AND having your blood routinely drained by the Clique of the school would do that.) Throw in that he comes off as being really miserable about being forced stay at the school, and that all the students have to live with the threat of dropping dead at any moment, and his behavior doesn't seem any worse than any other normal teen. You could even argue that his behavior is probably more realistic than how any of the other characters react to their situation.

In contrast, Zoey comes off quiet cruel to him whenever they 'interact', not having cared less about the others feeding on him to the point where it's obviously harmful, or even when he dies painfully in front of her. Her narration heaps insults on him in life (and he had never even so much as spoken to her!), and after death he is the ONLY fledgling she refers to as an 'thing' and thinks is irredeemable. Zoey (the writers) work REALLY hard to make us loathe him, and it doesn't really match up with what we actually see.

After death, he does nothing worse than any of the other red fledglings. The only outlying example was in the latest book (his betrayal of Stevie Rae), which was a continuity error, as the mention of it directly contradicts his position in the books before and comes off as the writers forgetting what they'd previously written and just assigning the role to their designated 'arsehole.' Also note that this is the book where Zoey forgives a serial murderer, rapist and recurring villain because she thinks he's pretty and has a slightly sympathetic backstory.
05:13:00 PM Feb 18th 2013
Would a recent M&M's commercial where "Kristin" can't control herself around chocolate count? She's a redhead, gets hooked up with Red (Milk Chocolate M&M) and gets him alone with her:
02:43:42 PM Dec 1st 2016
How is dating M&M evil?
12:25:02 AM May 18th 2012
Being this a Good/Evil Trope, Real Life examples should be removed.
11:47:43 AM Nov 20th 2011
Am I the only one thinking that Syndrome from Incredibles or Rumpelstiltskin from Shrek Forever After would be more universal examples for trope image?
11:02:20 PM Jan 9th 2012
Unless Most Trope Editors Are Male and Evil Is Sexy interfere, but I totally agree.
03:05:25 PM Jun 6th 2013
I agree, since it's really not clear that Melisandre is evil at all, at least for the setting.
01:43:41 AM Sep 5th 2010
I think red-haired bullies should be their own trope.
08:12:27 PM Oct 20th 2011
I agree - especially considering how "bully" is rather restrictive.
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