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Silent Hunter: Removed the Polish PM (obviously Jarosław Kaczyński) on the ground that it's probably Flame Bait.
Mith: Counted this as a standard "add-s" redirect without noticing the wide usage. I'm not particular either way.

fleb: Evil Redheads was the original page name; I just renamed it to the singular. Hence the widespread usage. I'd leave it for now for the sake of the links.
32_Footsteps: Removed two examples. The first:

  • Claus in MOTHER 3 could be considered an Evil Red Head, but he's only being mind-controlled by the Big Bad.

...was removed because, as you can see in the game, the concept art, and all of Claus' appearances in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, he's got brown hair. As for the other:

  • Dale Earnhardt Jr., obviously.

...look, every sports personality is going to have detractors. But they're also going to have fans. As such, unless someone can prove his car runs on kittens or orphans, I think we should leave him and other sports personalities out of this trope.
Heroic Jay: Removed both alleged Final Fantasy references:

We should at least wait until the game comes out before jumping to such conclusions. Besides, her hair's more pink than anything.

Red XIII isn't even close to being evil. He's not brainwashed (just tricked). And But Thou Must! nothing; Barret can take the Black Materia (and subsequently be tricked) instead.

There is no way in hell that BloodRayne is evil, I think it should be removed.