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01:36:39 AM Jun 14th 2015
Since animals aren't cognitive enough to consent, shouldn't this be under the "Sexual Harassment and Rape" page? Because that's essentially what it is and why its considered immoral
01:57:21 AM Jun 14th 2015
I don't think that trope-wise that aspect is very prominent. If I am wrong though it can fit there.
09:01:12 AM Jun 15th 2015
I really don't think that's the only reason it's considered immoral.
01:29:40 AM Mar 31st 2015
Considering how often and accepted it is as dirty humor, can this trope really fall under Dude, Not Funny!?
06:15:23 AM Mar 31st 2015
Yes, it can. It is not funny for the animals involved, and therefore not funny for people who care for animals' wellbeing. The whole point of Dude, Not Funny! is that some people "accept" something as "dirty humor", which is decidedly NOT funny for the victims. If no one thought it was funny, there would be no reason to say "Dude, not funny", after all.
06:01:29 AM Apr 17th 2014
Not sure whether the District 9 example counts as bestiality. I guess it might fit, since the aliens were commonly seen as being dumb and brutish, but they were clearly more intelligent than nonsapient animals. I'd say that a human (allegedly) having sex with an alien would be a perversion, but not bestiality.
11:25:56 AM Jan 8th 2014
The account for this is dead, so I'm moving it here in the hopes someone will remember what it was and restore it if there's another copy.

04:08:04 AM Aug 19th 2013
Should we say "Don't insult her like that—she was a beautiful one from Blue Mountain State!" as a way to get around the "Still a Goat" bit? (Blue Mountain State have the "Mountain Goats" for a football team.)
10:39:29 AM Oct 26th 2012
edited by SeptimusHeap
01:27:50 PM Aug 8th 2011
According to the trope namer quote, we have a bit of inconsistency. The quote talks about the guy doing all this thankless hard work, but when he 'screws the goat' he is apparently framed as a goat screwer, to put it mildly. However, the page deals with a kind of animal 'abuser'. According to the page quote, this is wrong, and vice versa. Could I get clarification on whether this is the right trope or not?
12:43:21 PM Jan 18th 2012
I think this needs to go to the Trope Repair Shop. Unless I'm badly misremembering, this actually used to be the name of what is now Never Live It Down. I can understand the name change for clarity reasons, but the point of the name and of the joke is that the person will never live down their one goat screwing, not that they were a goat screwer. It's like an epic meta application of Never Live It Down- the poor guy can't even live it down in joke form, he's still remembered for the damn goat. This trope needs a new name, and But You Screw One Goat! should become an alt title for Never Live It Down.
11:34:53 PM Apr 7th 2011
edited by Tambov333
Re: Aberforth pic... Isn't it Just a Face and a Caption? I could restore it otherwise.

Not to mention Fanon.
05:03:27 AM Apr 8th 2011
Image Picking Discussion does not show up. >(
11:13:44 PM Nov 17th 2011
The current picture fits the trope, but it isn't really very funny. Maybe this one would be better?
11:13:31 AM Mar 18th 2011
The real life section holds several examples of "rumors" and the legal status of bestiality. Shouldn't this be under other?
09:55:45 PM Jan 17th 2011
If no one objects, I'm going to add to the stated reasoning behind why "It works". I don't really think the lack of public support for bestiality is why this trope can be acceptably played for laughs; after all, there's no widespread support for pedophilia, and that certainly isn't played for laughs except in the quarters of Dead Baby Comedy. This trope's ubiquity must have more to do with our moral distance from animals, plus the outright rarity of the practice, which adds to its weirdness and makes it less "real" (like cartoon violence).
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