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01:54:53 AM Aug 31st 2013
Removed from description: "The ancient phrase for this trope is sui generis, roughly "a thing that defines its own category"."

No, if that phrase applied on this level, the trope would be Single Specimen Species. There's only one of a sui generis thing, that's the point. I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure.
02:03:53 AM Aug 31st 2013
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Also removed:

If you need to ask why, you haven't read and comprehended the trope definition.


  • Satori Komeiji from Touhou is an inversion, as she is named after her species, the satori, a mind-reading Youkai, making it closer to A Dog Named Dog. Her fellow satori younger sister Koishi Komeiji averts this trope, however.
    • Later on we get Nue Houjuu who herself is a nue, the Japanese equivalent of the chimera. It's unclear whether she's supposed to be the actual mythological nue or not; if she is she would be this trope in-universe.

Something that is technically an "inversion" that just has nothing to do with the dynamics of this trope, aversion (most beings don't have their kind named after them, so why would that be worth mentioning?), and then something about another "dog named dog" with an unexplained claim that it could be an in-universe example.
12:16:59 PM Apr 10th 2010
02:05:14 AM Aug 31st 2013
I take offense to that on part of Pippin.