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06:13:24 AM Jun 6th 2013
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Do you think we could separate the Sullivan miniseries from this page, move them over to Film/AnneOfGreenGables? Besides, this page is explicitly "Literature." The Sullivan stuff should really be moved over to "Series."

In addition, we're reaching the point where the mainspace page should be used for disambiguation, as there have been many film adaptations of Anne, the theatrical musicals, an anime, a PBS cartoon, and so forth.
07:00:32 AM May 23rd 2011
Does Slap-Slap-Kiss really apply? As famous as the slate-cracking scene is, he teased her all of once on the first day that they meant each other, apologized at the first chance he got after she hit him and he realized how badly she'd taken the joke, and then she spent the next four years pretending that she didn't notice he existed until they finally became friends.
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