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11:05:48 AM Jul 24th 2016
edited by supernintendo128
Proposing the Ouya. It was a monumental failure that failed to deliver on many of its promises, had a terrible and overpriced controller, had an awful game library plagued with mountains of shovelware, had an atrocious marketing campaign (as seen on the Advertising page of So Bad, It's Horrible), and was quickly forgotten about soon after its release. All of this happened despite the creators of the system raising $8 million on Kickstarter.
10:18:40 AM Mar 22nd 2016
I figured Jim Sterling's opinion about Digital Homicide being the worst game developer would be a decent page quote. Any other suggestions?
09:33:33 PM Nov 11th 2015
edited by Andrew_Maltani
Related to Blast Entertainment's entry, can we add Tennings' two-part review that covered six of their games on this list? (I'd be willing to single out of those six, Home Alone and Thunderbirds could be the two biggest offenders.)
01:01:14 AM Jun 8th 2015
edited by Midna
Cutting the MDickie entry unless anyone has any objections. It wasn't terribly detailed in the first place, which was one strike against it, but then someone added in some of the games he had worked on while in the same edit saying that some people don't find them that bad (or think they're So Bad, It's Good). Again, it has to fail to appeal to any niche at all to qualify for this page, and enjoying the games ironically for their unintentional comedy factor still counts.
10:50:54 AM May 11th 2015
I feel that the "Phoenix Games" entry should be changed to "The Code Monkeys" because they where the ones who developed those games to begin with. Phoenix Games published their titles for the PS2, and Midas published their games for the PS 1. Just pointing that out.
06:54:21 PM Aug 14th 2014
Should PETA's infamous ripoffs of Pokémon (Pokémon Black and Blue and Pokémon Red, White, and Blue) count? Based on Critical Research Failure and being very lazily done, I think they should be here.
01:53:05 AM Aug 15th 2014
Hrmm ... do they end up without any fandom or support? If so, they'd count.
06:44:40 AM Aug 15th 2014
Pretty much yes. On that note, their Mario ripoff and anything else they make counts too.
10:17:00 AM Aug 15th 2014
12:29:39 PM Aug 15th 2014
The Mario ripoff I mean is the one about the Tanooki Suit, though I suppose Super Chick Sisters can go here too.
08:40:37 PM Mar 4th 2015
No, they should not. The definition for SBIH says that no matter how unappealing the game is outside its audience, it must fail to appeal to that audience to be on this page. As hated as they are by the PETA hatedom, I haven't seen any criticism of the games from PETA supporters.
01:06:46 AM Jul 17th 2014
You know, I strongly disagree with Grezzo 2. It is a mod that was created mainly for the Italian community, since it features many characters that are well known (or more commonly, notorious) in Italy. It wasn't even meant to get known abroad, but it incidentally did, and now us Italians gladly see it for what it is, while gamers from other countries just go full hater on it because they don't get the point.
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