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06:54:29 PM Apr 1st 2013
edited by Morgenthaler
A request to people who've seen these films: can someone update the entry for Underworld for Super Weight? It's a Just for Fun homegrown ranking at TV Tropes of measuring characters' relative power in a story, divided into nine broad categories. The entry according to the old criteria was this (and can be found on the medium subpage's discussion page):

  • Underworld
    • Type -1: Normal Humans
    • Type 0: Michael Corvin (at the start of the first film)
    • Type 1: Cleaners, Raze as a human, Sebastian
    • Type 2: Selene, Lucian, Kraven, Amelia, Raze, Andreas Tanis, David
    • Type 3: Michael Corvin (later on), Alexander Corvinus, Markus Corvinus, William Corvinus, Viktor, Selene after drinking Alexander's blood, Quint, David after being revived by Selene, Eve
11:38:02 AM May 12th 2012
How the hell has Selene not received a 'Mary Sue' or 'God Mode Sue' entry? I admit, personally, the last film was So Bad Its Horrible to me. But its pretty much undisputed that Selene is about as complex and interesting as Alice from Resident Evil.
12:53:12 PM May 12th 2012
Feel free to add such an entry to the YMMV tab.
06:49:46 PM Sep 6th 2013
As much as I enjoy this series (and dont believe she is as bad as alice, since Selene isnt shoehorned into something that she wasnt apart of in the first place) I was wondering this as well. It seems to me that Michael should be more powerful than she is, but he constantly seems to be forced to kill nothing but mooks and the dragon.
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