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02:21:19 AM Feb 2nd 2014
Currently, there is an Ambiguously Gay including Mycroft Holmes.

He says, "You know, although our time together has been but a brief interlude, I'm begining to understand how a man of particular disposition, and under certain circumstances, extreme ones perhaps, might grow to enjoy the company of a person of, ah, of your gender."

There are so many qualifications here that I don't think there is any real ambiguity around Mycroft's sexuality.

06:32:30 AM Aug 6th 2012

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06:43:32 PM May 2nd 2012
I don't know if anyone will agree but I don't think Mycroft Holmes qualifies as an Almighty Janitor, I believe that there are enough clues to show that he's the British Amabassador. Okay he works for the government and is said to be "indispensable to the British government, particularly to the foreign office."

During the party in Switzerland Mycroft introduces Holmes and gang to the significant figures in the event. Each introduction ends with "his ambassador" and a quick shot at said leader and ambassador. He ends his introduction by introducing the Prime Minister and his ambassador at which point the camera is focused on him smiling.

Or am I just blowing things out of proportion?
06:48:32 PM May 2nd 2012
Then again Sherly does mention to Moriarty that he works for the Secret Service.
04:00:06 PM Jan 19th 2012
edited by Andaria
Loved the 2009 film, disliked the sequel. Anyone else feel the same? I need to vent about this so I'm just going to list my complaints.

1. Irene still working for Moriarty. The first film had provided a very good reason why she wouldn't work him again and why she wouldn't be at odds with Holmes anymore. And the previous film had at least somewhat implied that she was beyond killing innocent people. Or her death considering that she and Holmes had played the "I've drugged your drink" game two times before.

2. That fucking bird-metaphor fight.

3. The wireless-remote-transmitter from the first film not factoring into the plot at all. Seriously? That was the one really important thing I was waiting for.

The rest kind of boils down to stronger opinions, Moriarty being kind of a let-down as a villain with really simple goals (profits from war do not interest me as much as his schemes in the Red Headed League and selling a forged Mona Lisa). The Simza-Rene subplot feeling really tacked on in order to add a female character to the film, and then there's Holmes being all zen master at the beginning which instead of calling back to his deductive mind made him into some sort of superhero. Also Mycroft added nothing to the film and that scene with his nakedness was completely unfunny and instead very stupid.

I will give credit where it's due. Despite not utilizing the scenery as well as the first film, it had some nice cinematography. And the historical aspect made the film interesting to watch.

07:12:27 AM Jan 20th 2012
Use the reviews section.
03:30:10 PM Jan 7th 2012
Not sure how to label these on the main tropes page, but two things I noticed in the sequel. 1. The door in the factory was labeled "Poison" in English, not "Gift" (German for poison), obviously to avoid audience confusion. 2. On the war strategy map thing with the little flags representing all the different European countries, the one for Germany has black/red/gold flag of modern Germany, rather than the black/white/red flag of the Bismarckian German Empire.
10:10:11 PM May 17th 2011
I don't know if this is the right place to ask this but - I just saw an entirely different film called "Sherlock Holmes" made in 2009 (presumably hoping to capitalize off of this film). It might possibly be So Bad, It's Good - but probably just So Bad, It's Horrible. In either event it desperately needs a trope page. Where do I put it so that it isn't the same page as this one?
07:37:28 AM May 18th 2011
Is that the English production with the dinosaur?
07:19:23 AM Dec 17th 2010
edited by loracarol
Just thought I'd through this out there and see what happens:

I have a friend (quite literaly, for I love this movie) who refused to watch this movie because John had a female fiance/wife. You know, because it completely detroys the "totally" canonical gayness that the author had written into the Sherlock/Watson relationship from the begining. Given how much Ho Yay is involved in this movie alone.... (Because obviously Watson cannot be bisexual. Het Is Ew much?) Sorry, I just needed to vent my wallbanger of the day. >_<

08:46:01 AM Dec 17th 2010
Gods sometimes I hate shippers.

You should point out to his friend that Watson is married several times in the original stories. Possibly by beating them in the head with the biggest copy of them you can find.
03:50:28 PM Dec 17th 2010
edited by loracarol
I was planning on it, but really? She's not the kind of person that you can tell something like that. Incredibly brick-headed, ya know?

(I was laughing at the fact that there is a severe amount of Ho Yay that can be seen in the film (if ya look for it) and she was still pissed.... Ah, fandumb shippers.... How much do I loathe thee? >______<

That sounds like a fascinating idea, thanks~
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