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No Sympathy Between Mooks: Members of some antagonistic force demonstrate they don't care if a teammate goes down or is injured. They'll mock them, kill them, or steal from them.

Here's the YTTKW discussion (I couldn't figure out how to make a simpler link). http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/discussion.php?id=gi85x6goj69hkgm3w4t25f66
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^ You need to PM the OP to add your YKTTW to the masterlist.

Bizarre Human Biology: A technically human character possesses an abnormal biology (akin to Bizarre Alien Biology). May be a result of being of Human Subspecies, being an Artificial Human, undergoing permanent Bio-Augmentation, or many other ways.
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...if you don’t love you’re dead, and if you do, they’ll kill you for it.
Average Girl Wins: The trope previously known as Nerds Are Sexy: a character falls for a "plain(-er)" character over a more conventionally attractive option.
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Made For X By X and Demographic Dissonance

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Cure Candy
Ear Headband

Animal Eared Headbands (Self explanatory) Need some input on the name before I launch this >< there was some debate then people stopped posting.
Monsters Who Age Well

Monsters who only get bigger and stronger as they age, never growing decrepit.
Monster Progenitor.

The original member of a species, from whom all others owe their existence.
Launching ElderIsBetter soon, but could use more help with the title. I'm on the fence for alot of them. Anywone who has time to pop by the YKTTW and contribute their viewpoint would be welcomed.
Elephant's Graveyard

Exactly What It Says on the Tin.

Fun Fact:Elephants are the only species (outside of humans and Neanderthals) to have shown death rituals. Elephants recognize elephant skeletons for what they are, and will rub the bones with their trunks. Elephants unrelated to the deceased have been noted to visit the graves. The Other Wiki has an article on this.

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Failed Audition Plot, which is about a character auditioning for something and initially failing, but eventually trying again, needs some help. I think that the Name is the major issue at this point, because it seems to be attracting examples that have more to do with failing auditions in general.

The description could probably use some tightening up too. Any help on this one would be appreciated.
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Red Herring Cut: which happens when a scene cuts to a new scene that at first seems to be related to the earlier scene. But once the scene plays out, turns out to be unrelated.

Only has three examples now, but I can't shake the feeling that I've seen it being used before.

Maybe just needs a suggestion for a better description than what I've been able to provide.
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Still looking for more examples for You Answered Your Own question. Exactly what it says on the tin. Bob realises that he asnwered his own question while asking it. Or Alice points it out to him.
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Man-made Plague/Synthetic Plague just needs a couple more votes on the preferred name in order to be launchable. Anyone weighing in on it would be appreciated!
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I have a bunch of YKTTWs for which I'm not sure if the titles are ideal, but I feel they're otherwise almost ready for launching. Title suggestions might be helpful.

Contemptuous Heroes, Respectful Villains

Smash The Symbol

Forgot My X

Blunt Yes

No Flash, All Substance

EDIT: On a sidenote, yes I know that "Smash The Symbol" was the only one that had the "open to title suggestions" disclaimer before I posted in this thread, but it didn't occur to me to add them until now.

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I could use some opinions on my Bathos YKTTW. Specifically, whether or not unintentional examples should be allowed, since Narm became such a clusterfuck it had to be banished to the Darthwiki. The only problem with that is a problem that comes up often: determining author intent. Some are obviously intentional, but others are harder to tell.

Anyway, help me, troper hivemind! You're my only hope.
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On the new YKTTW for Science Fiction Comic Books, the objection was raised that too many Comic Books would qualify for Science Fiction for the index to be useful. Since I am not familiar with Comic Books as much as I am with other media, I would like to hear some opinions on whether or not we should have this index.

If you have an opinion on the matter, please respond on the YKTTW. Thanks in advance!
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Trying to rebuild Guilty Pleasure as an actual in work trope.

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Can anyone lend a hand coming up with/voting on a good name for this trope? It's about characters being called out of a scene by a plot device; it's currently called "Off Screen Phone Call," but I'm afraid people will focus in on the "phone call" aspect instead of the "plot device calls character offstage" part. Current thinking is geared towards a "Deus Ex" name, like Deux Ex Scuse Me A Sec, but I'd like some more consensus before launching.

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Thanks for the all fish!
Success Symbiosis has been in YKTTW for an ungodly long time, and has a concise description, and thirteen examples, but we need a consensus on the name, etc.

Also this is one where it's kind of on the edge for some people whether the actual trope is launchworthy.

EDIT: launched as Success Symbiosis.

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http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/discussion.php?id=heu43o5rlx8tge8d9kn0dwz8 A trope about people changing themselves somehow to adapt to a planet, needs a better title.

Bohemian Parody, unclear whether or not it's even a trope

http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/discussion.php?id=0v6y873qsdc7k4jwix3ff4gj a trope about invisibility via hypnosis, needs a better title (absurd amount of already accumulated examples, this entry's been here for like a year)

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The new trope index (currently titled Obstacle Tropes) is pretty much good to go, aside from needing some voting on the various name options.

I'm partial to the clear and concise Obstacle Tropes myself, but I would like to hear some other opinions.
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