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Write A Plot From The Title (Writing Game):

[up][up] A sitcom about the popular "news" program in Vietnam.

[up] Tales from Canterbury! </hasty edit>

Valkyrie Profile

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 127 Major Tom, Wed, 13th Mar '13 9:14:28 AM Relationship Status: Barbecuing
Eye'm the cutest!
Norse mythology suddenly got a lot more interesting when a woman came crashing from the sky in the city of Svalbard. This woman, clad in old Norse armor and speaking in a very archaic Norse dialect quickly disappeared following this event. She was later sighted beyond the city limits trying to apparently find her way back home. But with a team of government agents on the look for her and several local farmers trying to aid her quest, will she ever return? Or will she become living proof that the Valkyries were real after all?

Endless Conflict: Every war ends in time, even supposedly this one.
 128 Stillbirth Machine, Thu, 14th Mar '13 12:20:48 AM from The Womb ov Impurities
Heresiarch Command
An obscure mutation in mankind serves as the source of an ethereal power, gifting those afflicted the ability to shift luminescent unearthly light to their whims and manifesting as strange energy constructs around them, often said to resemble halos.

Gravehammer Rising
Only Death Is Real
 129 Alma, Thu, 14th Mar '13 1:00:52 AM from Coruscant Relationship Status: You cannot grasp the true form
The Harbinger of Strange
An episode in a show about a heavy metal band which fights supernatural monsters and forces with The Power of Rock. Said episode, featuring the undead necromancer Gravehammer and his legions of undead mooks, was equally praised and criticized for being MUCH darker in tone than the usual goofy, lighthearted fare and for permanently killing the bassist, one of the most beloved characters on the show, inciting a massive fan backlash. In an attempt to address the backlash, the creators of the show brought back the bassist as the band's wacky ghost companion, rock-impaired due to his inability to hold his bass guitar.

Under the Guillotine
You need an adult.
 130 The Mana Thief, Thu, 14th Mar '13 1:18:58 AM from Melancholy Hill
Moonshine Wizard
A story about a group of people set in Paris during the reign of terror, and their view of The French Revolution.

Farenheit 451

edited 14th Mar '13 1:19:11 AM by TheManaThief

"I drank the blood of angels from a bottle, just to see if I could call the lightning down."
 131 montmorencey, Thu, 14th Mar '13 3:35:08 AM from the quaint town of Grimm, Bismarck and Gauss
For thousands and thousands of years, ever since scripture was invented, unbeknownst to humans, Earth has been the scene of a desperate and bitter struggle between two races. There are the Phenices, who take their tremendous power from devouering the potential for inspired thought that is lost to humanity when a book is burned. And there are the Muses, who derive their power from the energy that the collective web of creative thought generates.

For thousands of years, the Phenices and the Muses have warred with one another, one kind inspiring humanity, and the other destroying the fruit of inspiration. Sometimes there was a period when the Muses gained the upper hand over the Phenices, sometimes it was the Phenices who gained the upper hand over the Muses, but on the whole, it balanced out.

But now, the Phenices are putting in motion a plan of such magnitude as never before and the Muses are scrambling to prevent it. Our young protagonist becomes embroiled in their conflict as both sides try to obtain him/her for themselves, because he/she has a rare gift that will decide the outcome of this battle. Suddenly on the run and with no-one to turn to, the protagonist findes him/herself at the centre of a war, with nothing less than the future of the human mind at stake.

The Razor's Edge

edited 14th Mar '13 3:36:47 AM by montmorencey

Complicated - because simple is simply too simple.
A black comedy about a serial killer trying to explain to his latest victim why he uses blades, as opposed to the more efficient guns, more elusive poisons, or more exotic gadgets such as, I dunno, iron maidens. This proves to be quite frustrating for the killer since his victim has counterpoints for everything.

16 Hole

 133 porschelemans, Fri, 15th Mar '13 4:12:50 PM from A Giant Hamster Ball Relationship Status: You're a beautiful woman, probably
Avatar Sakaki Ignore cat
When the last two holes of Grumptionally Hill golf course were destroyed in a terrorist attack the last two holes were never rebuilt out of respect for those killed in the attack, leaving a '16 Hole' golf course. The story follows the tale of Detective Juha Ethirty as he attempts to unravel the mystery of which organisation actually performed the attack, as at least 43 have so far claimed to be responsible. Will he solve the mystery? Will he bring the perpetrators to justice? Will he seduce the beautiful 26 year old daughter of the club's manager? Find out, in '16 Hole'.

Offend Maggie
 134 Last Hussar, Fri, 15th Mar '13 7:14:18 PM from the place is here.
The time is now,
Black Comedy set in the 80's in which a trio of students pull a series of increasingly bizarre, yet legal, stunts, in an attempt to get the then Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, to ban free speech.

One of our Dinosaurs is missing

edited 15th Mar '13 7:15:14 PM by LastHussar

Do the job in front of you.
 135 montmorencey, Fri, 15th Mar '13 7:28:34 PM from the quaint town of Grimm, Bismarck and Gauss
Coming of age story that follows a group of socially awkward kids who are all members of the same club after one of their own goes missing.
The Turn of the Screw
Complicated - because simple is simply too simple.
[up][up] A botch in the afterlife system causes a certain Howard Elises to reincarnate in the clubroom of hardcore dinosaur geeks... as an expensive plastic velociraptor model. Howard figures that he might be able to fix things if he goes back to the place where he died, so he escapes; however, he had a tracker on him, and the geeks hunt him down, unable to stand losing their most prized figurine.

[up] The diary of the aide of a mad scientist building a giant, not necessarily practical doomsday robot.


edited 15th Mar '13 7:52:01 PM by fillerdude

i seee youuuu
A dystopian sci-fi movie set in the distant future about a subterranean colony referred to as the Homo Tenebris. The Homo Tenebrises or Tenebri or whatever have a thick, super-sensitive, exoskeleton-like skin and no eyes. The film stats by exploring exactly why they exist, showing a polluted Earth, and eventually, the decision is made that they must all live underground to escape the disease and filth. Then, it shows two of our Homo Tenebris protagonists in search of the mythical land above their home.

I Get All The Girls

edited 15th Mar '13 8:04:25 PM by TwentyTwoSevenths

Maria just died, and her brother and best friend are fighting over who will look after Maria's three daughters, each one a prodigy in some field.

A Hangover You Don't Deserve

 139 Khantalas, Sat, 16th Mar '13 3:42:28 AM from ((Not actually a creepy adorable little girl.))
Creepy adorable little girl
After a hangover that lasted for five years, Mike Harris sobers up to a completely different world. A world of iPads, the Higgs Boson, Justin Bieber, and the Interpol trying to find him for a crime he doesn't remember committing. What did Harris do in his unnatural drunken haze, and will he be able to clear his name in a hangover he didn't deserve?

There She Is!!
"Be mine, dear big brother."
 140 Esteban 009, Sat, 16th Mar '13 5:02:54 AM from Practically Atlantis
Bitter Hateful Cynic
The empowering and humoristic story of a young woman who decides to go against social norms and become a firefighter, only to fall in love with the reporter running a multi-part story on her plight as a would-be-firefighter. Dodging nosy friends who think she's in it to meet fit blokes, a mother who doesn't seem to think she has it in her and a father who couldn't be more proud of his daughter, and her future co-workers and friends who haven't decided yet how to respond to this pink new whirlwind in their lives.

The Discovery of Heaven

A sickeningly sweet love story between a girl with issues and a manic pixie dream guy.

My Favorite Band Does Not Exist

edited 16th Mar '13 5:28:43 AM by fillerdude

 142 porschelemans, Sun, 17th Mar '13 8:23:31 AM from A Giant Hamster Ball Relationship Status: You're a beautiful woman, probably
Avatar Sakaki Ignore cat
The story of a hardcore Gorillaz fanboy in complete denial of the project's existence as a vehicle for Damon Albarn's hip hop influenced music; who genuinely believes the music is written, produced, and recorded by 2D, Murdoc, Noodle, and the other one.

In Paradisum

edited 17th Mar '13 8:23:51 AM by porschelemans

 143 Khantalas, Sun, 17th Mar '13 8:29:39 AM from ((Not actually a creepy adorable little girl.))
Creepy adorable little girl
A story about the unlikely friendship between a blind boy and a deaf girl who meet in the garden of Paradisum. Can their strong bond transcend the need for conventional communication?

The Doctor's Wife.
"Be mine, dear big brother."
 144 Psyga 315, Sun, 17th Mar '13 8:40:55 AM from Dungeons & Dragons No Sekai Relationship Status: watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
Nanako The Narcface
A classic and harrowing story about a doctor's wife who is diagnosed with a terminal disease. The doctor then tries his hardest to try and cure her. It won a Newbery Medal.

Heart of Darkness

edited 17th Mar '13 8:41:12 AM by Psyga315

"An MMORPG without a logout button? That's a bold decision, man!"
 145 Major Tom, Sun, 17th Mar '13 8:45:02 AM Relationship Status: Barbecuing
Eye'm the cutest!
A fantastical tale set in the land of Fantastical where our heroes must confront and overturn the forces of darkness before they destroy it all.

The Flight Of The Phoenix
Endless Conflict: Every war ends in time, even supposedly this one.
 146 montmorencey, Sun, 17th Mar '13 8:49:30 AM from the quaint town of Grimm, Bismarck and Gauss
After a liver transplant, John Weatherby wakes up a new man. But rising from the ashes of his old life as an alcoholic and absentee father is not easy. Will he make it, or will he fall back into old patterns?

Player's Ruse

edited 17th Mar '13 8:50:33 AM by montmorencey

Complicated - because simple is simply too simple.
 147 Last Hussar, Sun, 17th Mar '13 10:43:38 AM from the place is here.
The time is now,
Third book in the Joshua Player spy series.

The CIA have it, the Israelis want it, the Russians will kill for it, how can MI6 make sure they get it? Re-enter Joshua Player, Chessmaster extrodinaire

Full of Thirty Xanatos Pileups, Batman Gambits Xanatos Speed Chess and Chekovs Red Herrings

Edit - Dammit - I want to read this now!

Monty Python's Flying Circus

edited 17th Mar '13 3:09:28 PM by LastHussar

Do the job in front of you.
 148 Ars Thaumaturgis, Sun, 17th Mar '13 12:50:53 PM Relationship Status: I've been dreaming of True Love's Kiss
An anime about a man-sized talking snake who runs an airborne circus. Unfortunately, his habit of eating the occasional customer (but only one or two!) has attracted the attention of people in the village below. While none of them are ever taken — only ever foreigners — they are afraid that the reputation that his predations bring may drive work from their village.

So a small group of locals gather what weapons and courage they have, buy their tickets, and ascend to the Flying Circus. There they must navigate past gorilla bouncers, man-faced dogs and stranger attractions yet, all the while chasing the elusive Monty towards an inevitable confrontation that will change everything that they thought that they knew about their town- and indeed, their world.

Thief: The Dark Project

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 149 porschelemans, Sun, 17th Mar '13 4:15:41 PM from A Giant Hamster Ball Relationship Status: You're a beautiful woman, probably
Avatar Sakaki Ignore cat
The tale of a man who intends to steal all darkness from the universe, leaving everyone and everything glowing in a sea of light.

Unfamiliar Ceilings

edited 17th Mar '13 4:15:50 PM by porschelemans

 150 montmorencey, Sun, 17th Mar '13 4:24:01 PM from the quaint town of Grimm, Bismarck and Gauss
A former prostitute publishes her life's story. It is not as juicy as you might expect - to some people, a hooker is a therapist.

The Documents in the Case
Complicated - because simple is simply too simple.
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