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1 Spark929th Aug 2012 03:37:51 AM from Castle Wulfenbach , Relationship Status: Too sexy for my shirt
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The page Beary Funny appears to be confused about which trope it is. The title and page image suggest it's about funny bears; the description suggests it's about bears who eat a lot; and the examples on the page boil down to an arbitrary list of bears in fiction.

I suggest we define this page as "comedic bears", and split off a different page for "friendly bears". We already have a trope for creatures that eat a lot, I don't see how that needs a subpage specific to bears. The page has 57 wicks, 27 inbounds.

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{Noun + pun = title] -> Every appearance of a noun in fiction.

Jolly Bear?
My hunch is that this is basically Everythings Better With Bears.
Backing the split suggestion. Funny does not imply friendly, and friendly does not imply funny.
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Also in agreement with the split, where Beary Funny would refer to funny bears, with another trope formed in relation to friendly bears. I could suggest The Gentle Ben, but it could possibly fall under Trope Namer Syndrome, because although the book had been part of my grade school curriculum, not everybody would know about it.

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^Case in point: I had no idea what you were talking about.
7 Spark929th Aug 2012 03:22:55 PM from Castle Wulfenbach , Relationship Status: Too sexy for my shirt
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[up][up] Who?
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[up][up][up]Let's not name a trope after a character. That doesn't usually end well.

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Yeah, that kind of was a throwaway post, but some name has got to work for the "friendly bear" trope...

Beary Friendly? Overgrown Teddy Bear?
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11 Spark931st Aug 2012 03:39:56 PM from Castle Wulfenbach , Relationship Status: Too sexy for my shirt
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Friendly Bear seems straight and to the point, and it fits in with similar tropes.
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13 SeptimusHeap31st Aug 2012 03:47:39 PM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
Beary Friendly sounds clear enough to disincentivize Zero Context Examples.
Bumping. I still think Beary Friendly would be a good one. I'll start a YKTTW for this if at the end this is what we're going to do.
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Stable crowner. Called.
Awesome. Going to start the YKTTW now.

And here it is

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18 CobraPrime1st Nov 2012 11:26:40 AM from Canada , Relationship Status: Robosexual
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[up] Mentioned it in the YKTTW, mentioning it here. Why are we YKTTW this? It would be nothing but a list of Aversion of another trope. That's why we cut Heroically Aligned Reptile because it was just a list of Aversion of Reptiles Are Abhorrent.

Why would it be cool for bears but not for reptiles?

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19 nrjxll1st Nov 2012 08:25:26 PM , Relationship Status: Not war
I think there's actual existing associations with "heroic bear", though.
20 Xtifr3rd Nov 2012 02:54:11 PM , Relationship Status: Having tea with Cthulhu
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Bears, unlike lizards, are so commonly made friendly characters that it's really misleading to call a friendly bear an aversion of another trope. Reptiles, on the other hand, are so commonly villainous that making a friendly one is an aversion.
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21 Nohbody30th Dec 2012 04:12:02 AM from Somewhere in Dixie , Relationship Status: Mu
"In distress", my ass.
I just now bumped the YKTTW linked above, so might as well bump this as well so I can do the crosswicking of the fixed trope for The Whiteboard.
The YKTTW still needs one more hat. Anybody got a suggestion for improvement?
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23 StarSword25th Feb 2013 07:54:26 PM from somewhere in deep space , Relationship Status: In denial
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I've seen perfectly good tropes launch with fewer than five hats. It's more a guideline than a rule.
Mulled it over a while, and decided to launch it. Sorting wicks for Beary Funny to a more appropriate place now.

EDIT: And I've looked through the wicks and sorted accordingly.

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