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The Rapture is when all life returns to zero and begins anew. This is the seventh. As the world comes to an end, chaos ensues. The boundaries of life and death clash, and the very fabric of reality begins to break down.

This is the chaos that is the Seventh Rapture.

Sanctum City, a modern city located in scenic nowhere, is center stage. Those who die do not remain dead, they merely return in flesh and blood and continue to fight.

Yeah, this is an RP I had an idea for a while now. The premise is a battle royale to see who can grab the power of God. Now, the characters... that's where the fun begins. Gods from all sorts of mythology want in on this, but even with the barriers breaking down, they still can't manifest their true powers. So they have two options, they can appear as humans with their powers really nerfed or they can appear in reality as a weapon of their choosing. They have to depend on another person to wield them, however. There are also... tons of species to choose from, it's actually limitless. Vampires, skinwalkers, werewolves, etc. That kind of thing.

Also, since I was going to treat this as a fighting game.. uh.. there are going to be 5 open Canon character slots for those who want them. (1 Canon character per person, no having two!)

So now, the sign ups!

  • Name: (Name of the character)
  • Age: (Duh)
  • Gender: (Self-explanatory)
  • Appearance: (Pictures will suffice, but will accept descriptions)
  • Personality:
  • Weapon:
    • Red Rapture Drives: These are attacks that are on the lower end of the spectrum. They don't have much destructive power, if any at all. They can also be healing magic and support moves. (Max # is 8)
    • Gold Rapture Drives: These are attacks that are a bit stronger than the Red Rapture Drives. These can dish out some good damage and then some. Higher tier healing spells, etc. (Max # is 5)
    • White Rapture Drives: THESE are the big hitters. They can deal some amazing damage if they're attack based. If they're support or healing, they probably give you some great buffs and heal you almost fully. (Max # is 3)
    • Final Rapture: This is your character's trump card, they're strongest move that can be a tide-turner in the midst of combat. (Max # is 1)
  • Bio: (Backstory)
  • Weaknesses:

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  • Name: Caroline Coheed
  • Age: 18
  • Gender: Female
  • Appearance: "Let's get down to business, shall we?"
  • Personality: Holly understands and likes the people that she's around. She's a facilitator who listens and advises. People confess to her and in return she gives them advice, most of the time which is good. She's very interested in other people and who and what they are.
  • Weapon: Black Dream, Shard of the Crawling Chaos
    • Red Rapture Drives:
      • Screaming Sorrow: Caroline swings her sword down and it fires off a sphere of red-energy that flies forward and torward the target. It travels quickly, and upon impact it explodes in a red light that can blow the opponent back a few meters.
      • Scarred Howl: Caroline swings her sword up and into the air. IT fires off a sphere of blue-energy that flies forward. Once it hits the opponent, the sphere surrounds them and slows them down for a short amount of time.
      • Fracture Cry: Caroline slashes at the ground and opens up a red rift in which she retreats. She then appears from the rift after the attack is over. She can't stay in her own rift for too long due to the attributes of Nyarlathotep's influence (Max of five or ten seconds.)
    • Gold Rapture Drives:
      • Crush Agony: Caroline spins with the black blade out and whirls up a red-tornado of pure malice that appears in the form of a violent torrent of scarlet energy. It can drag opponents forward and throw them around and into debris and into the ground.
      • Crawling Axel: Caroline coats herself in a veil of red energy and charges forward. It's almost akin to teleportation in the way she moves. The maximum distance this move can cover is around 20 ft. Damage is greatly decreased while in this state, but she can't attack until it ends. (This can also be used to leap into the air and traverse obstacles).
      • Chaos Cleaver: Caroline swungs the blade down and into the ground (she can also swing upward) and fires off a large, swirling blade of energy that homes in on the target. Once it comes into contact with the opponent, it explodes and sends them back a few meters. Deals heavy damage.
    • White Rapture Drives:
      • Shadow Out of Time: A buff move in which Caroline's movements become much faster but the damage her attacks deal is practically halved.
      • Whisperer in Darkness: Caroline clouds herself in darkness. While in this state, Caroline can command black tendrils to lash out and attack all who come near. This attack can attack foes in the sky, in the ground and ofcourse in her line of sight.
    • Final Rapture: The Haunter of the Dark: Caroline stabs the sword into the ground and the entire battlefield becomes nothing but darkness. Large tentacles of unimaginable horror blast into the sky and entangle the opponent. These can be avoided, however, if they hit, they drag the opponent into the deep darkess. Afterward, the darkness vanishes and the ground distorts itself. It twists and wrings itself like a rag before breaking like glass. The shards disperse and vanish into thin air, leaving the dead body of the enemy behind.
  • Bio: Caroline was a young girl without a care in the world. She wanted to finish school, go to college and just be done with her life, maybe find someone to marry? well, no, that wasn't going to happen since everything went to hell. Now, after coming across this strange-ass sword, she came to Sanctum City to set some things straight and to save the world.
  • Weaknesses:
    • Damage: Caroline can dish it but she can't take it, she's pretty fragile and a few good shots will have her down for the count.
    • Her Sword: The nature of Caroline's sword and its powers cause a constant and consistent drain on her when she's using her skills.
    • Projectiles: Her projectiles move at a moderate to slow speed, except for one and that's about it.
    • Final Rapture: The Haunter of the Dark is primarily a counter move for those who try to attack from up close or for those who want to attack up close and personal. Caroline's natural enemies are pretty much magic users and projectile specialists.

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  • Name: "God Killer" Aruru
  • Age: 17
  • Gender:
  • Appearance: The God Killer.
  • Personality: Always a very cheerful and gregarious individual, but rarely gives away any information pertaining to themselves. They're mysterious, a free spirit wandering from place to place just doing... whatever. It's very hard to ruffle their feathers, but they do have one noticeable quirk. They hate deities, and will always show a soft spot for those scorned by God. Entered the battle for the Seventh Rapture because they thought it would be something fun to do. They're the kind of person who holds no grudges and will always be friendly to everyone.
  • Weapon: Crash Lance
    • Red Rapture:
      • Crash Lance: Heaven Smasher: The pupil of the Crash Lance begins to glow bright red, and Aruru dashes upwards diagonally. Should this attack successfully connect, a long series of flying dash-strikes will be executed against the enemy, slashing them multiple times midair in a net of red light. Can only be activated against airborne opponents.
      • Crash Lance: Earth Smasher: The pupil of the Crash Lance begins to glow bright red, and Aruru takes a stance before dashing forwards. Should this attack successfully connect, a long series of dash strikes will be executed against the enemy, slashing them from all directions, leaving a star of red light.
      • Crash Lance: Rising Tower: The pupil of the Crash Lance begins to glow bright red, and Aruru takes a stance before dashing forward, and uppercutting. Should this attack successfully connect, will drive the enemy up into the air in a tower of red, crisscrossing light, slashing them multiple times before reaching the height of their jump. This move can only be activated as a counter.
      • Crash Lance: Falling Tower: The pupil of the Crash Lance begins to glow bright red, and Aruru takes a stance before dashing forwards. Should this attack successfully connect, will push the enemy forward, slashing them numerous times in a horizontal column of crisscrossing light before kicking them away.
      • Crash Lance: God Strike: The pupil of the Crash Lance begins to glow bright red, Aruru and takes a stance before dashing straight up. Should this attack connect, will pierce through the enemy with a lance of red light. Can only be activated against airborne enemies.
      • Crash Lance: God Force: The pupil of the Crash Lance begins to glow bright red, and Aruru takes a stance before dashing downwards, falling on the opponent with a lance of red light. Can only be activated while airborne.
    • Gold Rapture:
      • Blast Bane: Bash Rocket: Aruru's hands glow bright red and blue, and points their red hand at the enemy. Runic circles appear up and down their arm, and a volley of red energy blasts are fired off like ballistic missiles. These missiles' trajectory bends and twists unpredictably, but will always continue on horizontally at the height which they were fired. Once they contact the target or the ground/a wall, they explode violently.
      • Blast Bane: Volt Battery: Aruru's hands glow bright red and blue, and points their blue hand at the enemy. Runic circles appear up and down their arm, and a volley of blue energy blasts are fired off like bullets. These are much faster than red blasts, and will always fly in a straight line with no curve. In exchange, they do less damage, acting more like bullets than explosives.
    • White Rapture:
      • Blast Bane: Lightning Wind: Aruru's hands glow bright red and blue, and points their red hand at the enemy and yells. A gigantic runic circle appears behind them and a volley of large energy blasts are fired horizontally up the screen (so to speak). These energy blasts appear one after the other. While high in damage, it is possible to jump between them.
      • Blast Bane: Fiery Rain: Aruru's hands glow bright red and blue, and points their blue hand upwards at the sky and yells. A volley of large energy blasts crash down vertically across the screen. These energy blasts appear one after the other. While high in damage, it is possible to dodge between them.
    • Final Rapture: Blast Bane Crasher- Gore Omni Blaze: An enormous net of gigantic runic circles appear behind Aruru and fire off a storm of energy blasts, which Aruru then dives into sword first, bringing them all together into one focused point. By doing so, Aruru becomes a guided projectile with their full magical power behind it, creating a city-busting attack.
  • Bio: One of the only survivors of a town wiped off the map by a vengeful god, Aruru would've remained nobody had they been allowed to remain living their life in peace. However, they held a grudge against the god who killed their family and destroyed their town. Soon Aruru began to curse deities, and made it their mission in life to destroy them. As it turned out, the person who would've otherwise grown up a boring villager was gifted with immense potential. Given the drive to unlock it, they quickly ascended to the rank of an existence which can kill gods.
  • Weaknesses:
    • Versatility: Lacks a diverse skillset, instead focusing mainly on simple destruction and overwhelming force. They lack healing abilities or buffs, and suffer against against counter-based opponents or opponents with heavy guards. Basically, if it's an opponent they can't swat aside with sheer destructive force, you're likely not going to find much else in their arsenal, leading to one long, protracted battle of endurance.
    • Projectiles: Harder hitting projectiles only move at moderate speed.
    • Defense: Very durable, especially for a human, but lacks any kind of defensive spells.

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.....Will join later.
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And now for a canon entry, as per GM request~

  • Name: Gilgamesh, King of Heroes
  • Age: N/A
  • Gender: Male
  • Appearance: "Mongrel! You dare question my swag!?"
  • Personality: Gilgamesh is extremely arrogant and selfish. He claims that everything in the world is his possession and he's the one and only king. He cannot acknowledge the authority of anyone, even from the gods. He's incredibily proud, especially of his collection of treasures. He views everyone as inferior and does not care for their feelings at all. In battle, he's prone to underestimate his opponents and views fights as a game of amusement. His gigantic pride prevents him from acknowledging his opponent as a real threat and he does not fight him/her seriously. As such he prefers to severely handicap himself and just mindlessly shower his incredible volume of Noble Phantasms.
  • Weapon: Gate of Babylon

The rest is incoming shortly.
I've got new mythological machinery, and very handsome supernatural scenery.

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Posting interest. Signup will come later.
EDIT: And here we go!
  • Name: Blodeuwedd MhicTaliesinnote .
  • Age: 20.
  • Gender: female.
  • Appearance: Without Guan Yu; with Guan Yu.
  • Personality: Blodeuwedd (Blode to her friends) has a two-faced personality. To strangers she behaves shyly to the point of haughtiness; she can seem selfish and uncaring, cruel even. She has no qualms about stepping on others if she will achieve her goals.
    To her friends, on the other hand (and she has a hard time making those), she is nice and very loyal, if a bit distant — she does not open up easily, and keeps her feelings secret for most of the time. In fact, even when she's feeling strong feelings (rage, extreme sorrow, and so on) a part of her still thinks about the situation and analyses it.
  • Weapon: Guan Yu, the Rocket Launcher Glaive. Also called Kan'u.
    • Red Rapture Drives:
      • Energy Blade (Support): A purple energy blade, resembling a Guan Dao's, appears from Guan Yu's business end. This is Blode's most basic Drive, allowing Guan Yu to be used as a melee weapon.
      • Blaster (Ranged energy attack): Blode's basic ranged Drive; a purple energy arrow (circa ten centimetres long and half as wide) is fired from Guan Yu.
      • Fireblast (Ranged projectile attack): a spherical, physical projectile the size of a closed fist is fired from Guan Yu. Upon contact or after a set time, it explodes in a blast of fire.
      • Hedgehog Grenade (Ranged projectile attack/trap): a spherical projectile, not unlike Fireblast's, is fired from Guan Yu. It can either explode mid-air, firing a large amount of metal shards in a spherical blast, or it can be left on the ground or lodged into a wall as an anti-personnel landmine (the explosion has the same results).
    • Gold Rapture Drives:
      • Spirit of Guan Yu (Support): Blode calls upon the spirit of Guan Yu, strengthening her, making her fleeter of foot, and making better able to use the Energy Blade Drive.
      • Rapid Fire (Ranged energy attack, multiple): Multiple Blaster arrows are fired from Guan Yu.
      • Incandescence (Ranged projectile/energy attack): This attack has two varieties; both are projectiles fired from Guan Yu.
        • Shaped: Upon contact, the projectile (an arrowhead-shaped one the same size of a Blaster arrow) explodes and fires a continuous stream of fire.
        • Area-of-effect: This projectile is fired in an arc. When it hits the ground or a wall, it explodes, sending a wave of fire along the ground/wall.
      • Treachery of Lu Bu (Ranged projectile trap): This is an advanced version of Hedgehog Grenade; the mines can follow anyone who comes closer than three metres to them, but their manoeuvrability is limited and they are rather slow.
    • White Rapture Drives:
      • Musou (Melee attack): With a shout of 'Enough!', Blode spins around, causing Guan Yu's energy blade to cover its whole length. This Drive can cut through quite a lot of things and throw enemies into the air, inflicting a large amount of damage. Its weakness is its lengthy cooldown, in which Blode is vulnerable.
      • Hedgehog Fireblast (Ranged projectile attack): This attack combines Fireblast and Hedgehog Grenade into one projectile, which, upon contact or after a set amount of time, explodes, sending out a powerful blast of flames as well as white-hot metal shards.
      • Axel Shooter (Ranged Energy attack): This attack conjures multiple Blaster arrows around Guan Yu, which are then fired toward Blode's foes. With the command of 'Turn', they can be made to point toward another direction.
    • Final Rapture: Firemetal Maelstrom (Ranged projectile attack): Multiple Hedgehog Fireblast projectiles are created. Blode is able to direct their movements. They can also be combined into one large projectile, which creates a massive blast upon detonation — not something done lightly, since it can level entire blocks completely, leaving nothing but molten remains impaled with metal shards behind.
  • Bio: Blode is a normal, if reclusive and somewhat shy, girl. She thought she'd go through university (Political Sciences) and join the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but it was not to be; she found the strange weapon which is the reincarnation of Guan Yu and came to Sanctum City to find the strongest fighter there is — and defeat them.
  • Weaknesses:
    • Blode is a Glass Cannon. She can dish out a lot of damage, but can't take a lot.
    • Lack of melee Drives: Aside from Energy Blade, which is complicated to use correctly, and musou, which is powerful but has its drawbacks, she lacks melee attacks, making her vulnerable to melee-focused fighters.
    • Friendly fire: Most of her Drives are area-of-effect, and friendly fire can be a serious problem.

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  • Name: Charles Armon
  • Age: 43
  • Gender: Male
  • Appearance: [1]
  • Personality: May appear cold and uncaring but simply hides his feelings. The only people he shows them are those who are lost (not necessarily in the physical sense) as he guides them back on their path.
  • Weapon: Nebulos, Guardian of the Lost
    • Red
      • Lost Soul: Charles guides a Lost Soul out of the underworld to fight with him. The lost soul can inflict moderate damage in close cmbat but disappears in one hit and isn΄t that fast.
      • Misleading Fire: A small, fast bolt of fire is shot from Charles lantern.
      • Flash of Aimlessness: A flash of light temporarily blinds the enemy.
      • Will-o-wisp: Creates a blue ball of light that floats towards an enemy and explodes shortly thereafter.
    • Gold
      • Light in the darkness: A small sphere of light appears in the shine of his lantern, slowly moving around. It is relatively fragile but restores a bit of health every few seconds to any nearby friendly target and weakens darkness-related moves.
      • Lost in Thought: Confuses an enemy.
      • Path of Life: Guides the life energy of an opponent into himself.
      • Open Path: Charles can move through anything tangible for a short time.
    • White
      • The Unbound: Charles is capable of slow flight
      • Journey for Purpose: Greatly depresses the target as they search for a purpose in their actions, disrupting their concentration and reducing their attack power. After it wears off, the targets stats are enchanced a bit for a brief duration of time.
    • Final: The Misguided: The river Styx floods the battlefield while the souls of the dead try to drown the opponents.
  • Bio: The one time Charles the psychatrist went into the forest he promptly got lost. After searching for the way home for nearly five hours, he saw a small ferry on a river, a staff with a lantern beside it. Curious, he picked up the staff and the essence of Charon, Guide of the dead ran through his veins. He hopes to achieve the power to be able of guiding all of those poor people, lost in their own thoughts to the true path, a world, in which each individual has equal power.
  • Weaknesses:
    • Neither his attack nor his defense are that good.
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So far everyone is accepted!
Posting Interest. Sign-up will come soon.
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Def interested. Are angelic or semi-angelic characters ok?

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I've got new mythological machinery, and very handsome supernatural scenery.

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Who are you calling short?!
  • Name: Mark Reynold/Horus the Avenger.
  • Age: Mark is 20, way older.
  • Gender: Both Male.
  • Appearance: Mark. and Horus.
  • Personality: Mark is a punk. A hothead who loves a good fight, with no respect for authority and no care for consequences. He has a code of honor, though, and if you're one of the few he calls a "friend" he will be ever at your side, ready to smash your enemy's face in. Horus is a warrior-king, brave, honorable, a leader who always does his duty. But he is also proud,ambitious,inflexible. What happens when these two share a body? Hilarity Ensues.
  • Weapon: The Avenger's Blade. See that thing Horus is holding? That's it.
    • Red Rapture Drives: The first is what Mark calls the moves. The second is it's actual name.
      • Ass Whoopin!/Avenger's Crash: A hard smash on the opponent's head with the Avenger's blade. Has an aftershock. Slight stun.
      • Rip 'em to shreds!/Dust Storm One: Mark/Horus spins the Avenger's Blade around, creating a miniature dust storm and striking the opponent. Mark/Horus is invulnerable while spinning.
      • Fist of Horus: Projects a golden fist made out of energy to strike the opponent. Mid range. Slow start up.
      • Eye of Horus: A buff that temporarily gives Mark/Horus a slight increase in speed and strength.

    • Gold Rapture Drives:
      • Ha-Di,Destroy: A brutal two-hit rush reminiscent of Ragna the Bloodedge's Carnage scissors, the Avenger's blade glows golden and smashes the opponent.
      • Ha-Wi,Strike: A savage strike to the opponent's vital regions. followed by an equally savage strike to the face, the Avenger's Blade still wreathed in gold energy.
      • Rip 'em to shreds encore!/Dust Storm Two: A stronger and faster version of the first attack. It lasts longer too.
      • Eye of Horus, level 2: A buff that lasts longer and is more potent than the first version.
    • White Rapture Drives:
      • Sa-hei,Bring down!: Launches the opponent into the air, juggles them and then savagely smashes them into the ground. Then brings down the Avenger's Blade on them for good measure.
      • Ma'at, Restore Order!: Mark/Horus glows golden and for a time become much,much more powerful and will not flinch from the opponent's attacks. The downside is that when it wears off, Mark/Horus becomes incredibly weak and easy to defeat.
      • Revenge Drive: A counter-attack. This attack's damage is based on how low in health Mark/Horus is.
    • Final Rapture: Horus - Path of the Avenging King: Mark's body fully transforms into the form of Horus (as seen in the picture). Using the god's power, a golden light shines from the Avenger's Blade that incinerates all who dare oppose him.
  • Bio: Horus the Avenger was looking for the ideal host. Instead he found Mark, the most infamous tough guy in town. Horus wasn't impressed. That is, until Mark showed him how stubborn,determined and brave he could be. That was enough for Horus to offer him his power, and in exchange mark would serve as the Avenger's host body while in the human world. Oh, and they bicker a lot.
  • Weaknesses:
    • Melee Oriented: See that list? Do you see a projectile in there?
    • Speed: Is slower than most of the combatants.
    • Unsubtle: Strategy? Hit the other guy until he's dead. That's it.

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I changed Blode's motivation a little.
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Here's my character. Sorry for the somewhat wonky formatting.

• Name: Shachaliel

• Age: 26 (though it's tricky with angels)

• Gender: Male

• Appearance: Full body w/armor and wings facial/body shot with wings hidden and in street clothes

• Personality: Shachaliel (or Zach, as he sometimes goes by when not on duty) is a bit of a jokester, and generally tries to have fun. He takes his job as an angel seriously, but is not above occasionally using his powers to make small jokes on humanity (such as the time when he turned the sky purple for about a six mile radius). That said, when much is at stake, he becomes entirely focused on the task at hand, still occasionally using his affinities to trick his enemies. •

• Weapon: Angelic sword. Shaped somewhat like a scimitar or talwar, but double edged. Is a completely normal sword when Zach's in human form, powers up in his various angelic forms.

◦ Red Rapture Drives:

⁃ —-Glory Shroud: Shachaliel manifests his angelic glory in the physical world. Anyone looking directly at him is blinded for about half a minute and stunned for a few seconds. Since the shroud takes energy to maintain outside the heavenly realms, it can only be used for a short period of time

⁃ —-Holy Ray: Shachaliel sends a beam of light from his fingertip that sears the enemy slightly (mostly a deterrent)

⁃ —-Angel's Balm: Shachaliel's hand gathers glittering dew. He places his hand on the target (can be himself), and the target's wounds begin to heal. They stop feeling pain in most cases, and if the wound is small enough, it will close up.

◦ Gold Rapture Drives:

⁃ —-Sword of Holy Fire: A white flaming sword appears in Shachaliel's hand. It can be used as a melee combat weapon, or it can be thrown and will return to its master

⁃ —-Crystal Shield: A shimmering blue orb of very translucent crystal encases Shachaliel. From this orb, he is protected from any non-magical melee weapon, and from any non-magical projectile weapon. He can shoot projectiles (Holy Ray, Orb of Glory), but not use any handheld weapons.

⁃ —-Glory Orb: Shachaliel sends a glowing, spinning orb at high speed towards his enemy. If it hits, it sends strong vibrations rippling through them, doing strong damage, though not often lethal.

⁃ —-Sanctuary: Shachaliel raises his hand to the sky, and a healing aura of white light descends on a target. This "sanctuary" is protective (though will eventually evaporate under attack), healing and lasts for nearly an hour, but you cannot fight or do nearly anything while within it.

◦ White Rapture Drives:

⁃ —-Deepest Shadow: Shachaliel can alter the weather to put a shores of darkness over a radius of up to six miles. This lasts for about fifteen minutes.

◦ Final Rapture:

⁃ —-Keruvic Aspect: Shachaliel calls upon the might of the Cherubim and temporarily shapeshifts into one. His face now shimmers back and forth at will between his own face, a lion's head, an eagle's head and an ox's. He grows an extra pair of wings, with which he can fly twice as high. His sword changes from iridescent metal to blue lightning. Each face has a different ability. The lion's head allows him to send purple angelic fire upon his enemies, the eagle allows him to see through illusions and the ox allows him to heal a lot of damage.

Bio: Shachaliel claims to be a servant of the Living God. Few know exactly what this means, but it seems evident that Shachaliel wishes to keep anyone from using the divine power that many of the players in this war seek. He seeks to protect God (capital g) from contenders to the throne of the divine, and while he could not be described as vengeful, he will meet any threat with grim resolution. •

Weaknesses: -Fatigues easily (especially when using the higher drives, angelic powers take a lot of physical and mental energy to maintain)

-Physically weak in his human form.

-Because of his normally playful nature, he is often overconfident and jumps in headlong to a fight before realizing how dangerous it is. He is also usually the last to leave a fight, and so will often balk at fleeing, even when it's the only viable option. This is somewhat exacerbated by the common angelic flaw of arrogance.

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Originally I was thinking about using this, but I went 'Oh well, let's be more practical here.' Then, guess who turned The Dagda into a black knight, and changed his signature weapon from a club to a sword-rapier thingy that looks nothing like Claiomh Solais?

Aside from the huge dick-waving-battle potential every fighting-themed RP has, this one looks rather promising.

  • Name: Aurelio Eversmann
  • Age: 17
  • Gender: Male
  • Appearance: "Boy, you shall hold this legendary sword you see before you, and use it to kick some ass for my entertainment."
  • Personality:
    • Aurelio: In terms of personality, Aurelio is generally apathetic and focuses more on achieving his goals than socializing with others. He has the ability to separate his feelings from his actions, and remains calm in almost all situations.
    • The Dagda: Quoted from Celtic Mythology, "Basically like the Laughing Buddha Up to 11. Some religions like to make their father gods stoic, loving figures or chisled handsome beasts. We got the comical, singing, dancing Dirty Old Man with his ass hanging out of his trousers. And he is awesome for it."
  • Weapon: Claiomh Solais (depicted)
    • Red Rapture Drives:
      • Divide and Conquer: The wielder performs a vertical slash with the weapon, and after the slash a narrow beam of light erupts from the ground where the weapon touches. Said beam of light is capable of deflecting projectiles and is treated as an extension of the sword.
      • Assisted Attack: The wielder performs a stab attack with the weapon, and from the tip of the weapon a glowing gold 'tip' will be conceived, extending the weapon's reach. The tip is able to provide up to 10 cm trajectory correction in case the target dodges, turning what should've normally been a Close-Call Haircut to a fatal attack.
      • The King's Feint: The wielder performs three consecutive cuts with the weapon, but there is a granted 'haste' before the third strike comes, and a mid-level 'hypnosis' that led the target to believe that the second strike will come late.
      • Oscillatory Image: The wielder puts his free hand upon one of the weapon's 'tuts', and this creates a 'distortion' effect on the area around the user (3m in diameter), tricking the depth perception and visual information perceived by people outside the area of effect.
      • Ensanguined Blade: If the Claiomh Solais has its wielder's blood upon its blade, the user will gain a boost in strength and accuracy.
    • Gold Rapture Drives:
      • The Handle of Healing: The handle of the Dagda's weapon is said to be able to revive warriors slain in battle. The wielder of this ability can regenerate wounds at a faster rate than normal humans. When the handle of the blade is in physical contact with a human being, their regeneration rate increases even further.
      • Flash of Gallantry, The Dagda's Dignity: This ability allows its wielder to achieve high-speed propulsion, even in midair, in short bursts. This makes high-agility techniques, such as dashing and midair dodging, possible for the user.
      • Undry, The Cauldron of Infinite Nourishment: A passive ability that sources from the cauldron possessed by the Dagda, said to be able to feed any number of man without getting empty. The wielder of this ability becomes much harder to become fatigued in battle, may it be from using abilities or attrition.
    • White Rapture Drives:
      • Sword of Light(True Form):This ability shrouds the weapon in gold mist, and afterwards transforming it into a great-sword with length equal to the user's height. During this transformed state, the sword gains armor-piercing properties and weighs the same as its non-transformed state. Every attack the user makes when this sword is transformed gains the properties of Assisted Attack.
      • Uaithne, The Four Angled Music: A harp made of oak, said to be able to correct the order of seasons and command the outcome of a battle. Upon activating this Rapture Drive, any skill that involves the alteration of the battlefield is nullified, and during the duration of this ability (approx. 4 minutes), whoever heard the melody emitted from the weapon's three 'tuts' (see picture) except for the user, will not be able to use Red Rapture Drives. While this ability is active, the wielder is unable to use Gold Rapture Drives.
    • Final Rapture Drive:
      • The weapon's lethal end, The Death of Nine Men: Based from the weapon's rumored ability ot kill nine men in one blow. The weapon glows brightly, and then the user performs a straight thrust with the weapon, unleashing a stream of light capable of piercing the skull of nine men without any decrease in momentum. Despite being a 'Final Attack', this attack can be chained with other attacks and has a remarkable execution speed, but the weapon will glow for several seconds before this attack is executed.
  • Bio: Initially, Aurelio was a high-ranking student in the magic academy he studied in, which is located inside the Sanctum City. There, he learned about Rapture from recorded historic accounts, and became fascinated by the prospect of obtiaining the power of God. He left his academy in a quest to obtain the aid of a deity, and successfully caught the Dagda's attention with his remarkable indifference. The Dagda, who initially planned to watch this war for the lulz, decided to participate.
  • Weaknesses:
    • Experience: Aurelio, despite being a good thinker that can come up with good stratagems, is lacking on actual combat experience. Even with regular advice from the Dagda, he sometimes makes disadvantagous decisions in combat.
    • Long-Range Fighting: The Claiomh Solais strictly grants its wielder with close-range techniques with little exception, and this makes its wielder poor for long distance combat. Aurelio knows some offensive magic from his studies that could fry normal people, however he can only dream of those being able to scratch gods in form of weapons.
    • Fraility: He's not the best when it comes to sports, and is a human. He bleeds like a human, and his barrier spells won't last long in a war of this magnitude.

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16 RagnaTheSaviour17th Jul 2012 02:42:27 PM from The Throne of Heroes Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: You can be my wingman any time
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  • @Cloak of Shifting: The ability to tamper with the minds of others? That's usually a big no-no in R Ps and is something akin to Godmodding.
  • @Glory Shroud: Most battles only take five minutes, if less, unless they're really big slugfests. This move blinds them for five minutes, which is unfair.
  • @Holy Ray, Angel's Balm, Sword of Holy Fire: These are all good.
  • @Crystal Shield: What if the melee weapon is magical? Is he still proteced while in the orb?
  • @Ascension Shift: This really seems like a Final Rapture type move.
  • @Glory Orb: No problems with this one.
  • @Sanctuary: Obviously not used for combat, so this is fine for a nice rest stop.
  • @Keruvic Aspect: Shifting heads for different moves? It is high-level, but I think this ties into what I said about the Ascension.
  • @Deepest Shadow: Also this goes with what I said about Cloak of Shifting and the mind tampering.
  • Sarafic Aspect: Where to begin. When they look at him, they're damaged instantly upon laying eyes on him. If that doesn't do it, he can destroy them with one swing of his sword. And again it makes the foe despair.
  • If the time limits are modified and the attacks tuned, I'll accept it.

  • @The King's Feint: The only problem I have with this is the hypnosis effect, other than that it's fine.
  • @Uathne, The Four Angeled Music: This effect is fine, but lessening the time it's effective to a minute or so? After all, again, the battles are fast paced. Just change the attacks up and these are accepted.

Agent of Light
Well, this is embarrassing. I call myself a writer, and I create a gary stu on the first try! Sorry about that. I understand your complaints about godmodding, though I would argue that the cloak of shifting is not so much a mind control. Nevertheless, I have removed it per your request. Keruvic Aspect has become my final rapture, and Ascension has been removed. I only have two questions: Can I keep Deepest Shadow if I remove the mind effects, as I have just done? And can I keep the duration long, with the understanding that it could have uses outside of battle as well?

Also, how much battle will be in this game, because while I enjoy a good combat romp (as you can probably tell), I also like deep or at least complex plot.

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18 LimitRemoval17th Jul 2012 04:20:24 PM from C:\Users\Name\Pictures\ Get RP Mod
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I'm generally indifferent when it comes to anything mind - related. In other words, it's up to the target whether they're able to resist it or not, and I won't force them to become hypnotized.

As for the Four Angled, I'll make it 90 secs.
Agent of Light
That's a good point. I'm cool with whatever, but that had kind of been my intent.

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20 RagnaTheSaviour17th Jul 2012 04:59:55 PM from The Throne of Heroes Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: You can be my wingman any time
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[up][up][up] You can keep the darkness without the effects, that's fine. And about the plot, more will be revealed as the story goes along. Don't want to spoil much, but there will be tons of plot!

[up][up] Ah, alright then. Then it's fine. And 90 seconds is good.

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And me?
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22 RagnaTheSaviour17th Jul 2012 10:02:17 PM from The Throne of Heroes Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: You can be my wingman any time
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[up] It's fine, accepted.
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Excellent. I'm good then?
24 RagnaTheSaviour18th Jul 2012 04:22:52 PM from The Throne of Heroes Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: You can be my wingman any time
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[up] Yeah, it's fine now. Accepted.
25 LimitRemoval20th Jul 2012 03:56:40 PM from C:\Users\Name\Pictures\ Get RP Mod
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We have 8 participants, which is actually pretty ideal for a tournament. Or are you expecting another eight players?

I'm tempted to make another character with a Nordic weapon.

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