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Young troper here, still in high school but dreams of continuing my education in a more developed country. As you can see, I'm a rather avid fan of Anime & Manga, although I joined the fray rather recently and is a Closet Geek due to how the medium is treated in this country. I also like to read books, not the Door Stopper kinds but the shorter stories (novelettes, I believe that's what they are called}.

I also played a lot of video games, especially RPGs and FPS-es. As quite a fortunate person, I have a good PC, a PSP and a DS... that's about it for my gaming life.

My mastery of English grammar and structure is rather good (or questionably so, YMMV), but my vocabulary can be modest at times (curse you, Reader's Digest!)

I have a writing blog on which I post my stories to. Currently I have two series, one running and one will soon be launched. Here is the link to my blog, hosted in Wordpress. I've been thinking to make a trope page for my works... (nah, won't happen). Anyway, give my series a shot, if you read light novels, it is the right thing for you.

I'm far more active in the forums than in the site itself. I mainly lurk on Writer's Block and World-Building. Also loves to RP.

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  • Well, I have noticed a vandalization sector here, and noticed your nightmares on the weird dreams topic. I feel bad for ya! NES