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It is both poorly-defined (a good deal of examples are just names of works, and the majority are just examples of a TCG based off of a work, regardless of quality.) and it's an overtly negative article. I suggest either a massive overhaul of the trope's page, a move to the Darth Wiki, or deletion.

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It's not really good enough for Darth Wiki. At least if it had a little bile, that would count as content.

We should just merge this with Collectible Card Game (which refers to Trading Card Lame as "a comprehensive list" or all such games).
This is a spiritual sibling to Video-Game Movies Suck and The Problem with Licensed Games. These are not actually tropes, but Audience Reactions.

I don't know if we need these pages at all, but notwithstanding future decisions, I have added Trading Card Lame to the Audience Reactions index.

Edit: [down] Then it shouldn't be called Trading Card Lame, and not have the YMMV tag. Maybe just change the title to "Licensed Trading Card Game" and make it a works index/list. (I won't mind deletion or merge with Collectible Card Game, either.)

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Let's just say and leave it at that.
Yeah, but this isn't an audience reaction to bad trading card games. It's just a list of trading card games, good and bad.
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I agree that the content isn't quite right for a Darth entry, but a merger is also unwarranted.

Durring both the gold and silver ages of CCGs, there were clear examples of good card games that met unfortunate ends, and some that were clear Cash-ins.

This page is for the latter.

I am also in agreement: this page needs HELP!
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[up]One person's "clear cash-in" is another person's "simple, but surprisingly well-done (and unjustly scorned) quick adaptation".
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Yeah, Card Game Done Well and Card Game Done Badly aren't tropes.
8 EeveeLord27th Jul 2012 09:53:13 PM from Unemployment Line!
[up][up] As an example, the card game for Killer Instinct got above average reviews & held a National Tournament. but it clearly belongs on this page.


Because the game's design was simply a cardboard version of Rock-Paper-Scissors.

A game can't be both "surprisingly well done" AND "unjustly scorned". Critical outlets enjoy the phrase "Surprisingly Well Done" to give something a mildly-positive review too much. In short, something "surprisingly well done" will receive positive reviews, and scorn that which is surprisingly poorly done.
So, what do you use to see if a game was well-received? A review aggregator? A particular review of your choosing?

Note that we don't have pages for Bad TV Show, Bad Video Game or Bad Movie - unless you count their subpages in So Bad, It's Horrible, and if you do, Trading Card games could get a subpage there too.

Instead of a page for Bad Trading Card game, how about pages for trading card tropes? Like Rock Paper Scissors Clone - if that's a trope.

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the card game for Killer Instinct got above average reviews & held a National Tournament.
Sounds like clear evidence that it does not belong on the page.

the game's design was simply a cardboard version of Rock-Paper-Scissors.

So? Rock-paper-scissors has international tournaments. Obvious somebody enjoys it, so there's no justification for calling it unequivocally lame. And being the-same-thing-but-with-flavor is fine too, if some people enjoy the flavor, which they clearly do.

It doesn't sound like the sort of thing I'd be interested in. I might even refer to it as lame when speaking among friends. But that's a personal value judgment, and I'd never pretend that it was lame by any mythical absolute standards.

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"Existential Despair" is an oxymoron.
The examples don't look that much like an audience reaction, since many entries don't describe them as all that bad.

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Despite the name, I don't see anything in the description that says they have to be bad. It's just about card game adaptations of pre-existing franchises.
If it's just "existing media proper gets a card game adaptation", then why is this an audience reaction?
We could call it the Collectable Card Clone or the Trading Card Adapation ?
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I suspect the name was chosen for the sake of a pun (game->lame), rather than for clarity. Changing it to something that doesn't have negative implications does seem like the quickest route forward.
"Existential Despair" is an oxymoron.
How about The Collectable Card Game in parallel with The Movie and The Board Game.

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Should we have a crowner while we consider the options? While I advocate simply renaming to a neutral name, there have been some other options raised, so a multi-choice crowner would probably be best.
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18 EeveeLord30th Jul 2012 09:56:17 AM from Unemployment Line!
I agree. The post is getting long and it's clear many viewpoints are present.

Let's put up a crowner and see which viewpoints, ala The Three Stooges, need a swift poke in the eye.

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Isn't this basically The Problem with Licensed Games, only about card games rather than video games?
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Are these different enough concepts?
21 Spark931st Jul 2012 04:37:37 AM from Castle Wulfenbach , Relationship Status: Too sexy for my shirt
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Looking over the two pages, they seem exactly the same to me. A well-known franchise creates a video game (that sucks) or a well-known franchise creates a card game (that sucks).

I can say from personal experience that the same tends to apply to board games, although we don't seem to have a page for that yet.

I think this page should be merged into The Problem with Licensed Games; there is generally no need to have media-specific tropes.

(edit) note that if this page purports to be just a list of collectible card games, then we already have that on the page Collectible Card Game.

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[up]We did have one for board games. It got cut a few months ago. The Problem with Licensed Games has a generic name and the same factors cause problems for video games, collectible card games and board games, so might as well just broaden the description a bit.
Colelctible Card Game currently directs readers to Trading Card Lame for a comprehensive list of card games.
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Ok, I'm glad we didn't go with the crowner yet, because Spark9 raises an excellent point, and I'm inclined to agree with merging this to Collectible Card Game.

We also have The Board Game, which is sort of like The Movie or Licensed Game—it's about adaptations to that format (the last of those is about video games, though the title doesn't make that clear). This seems like it was intended to be the Collectible Card Game equivalent of The Board Game, but are these different flavors of Tabletop Game really that different? The Board Game is another potential merge target. We could even split examples between Collectible Card Game and The Board Game as appropriate.
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I agree with merging it with Collectible Card Game.
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