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1 Parable14th Feb 2012 07:53:49 PM from California , Relationship Status: Star-crossed
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Since we don't seem to have a thread for Star Wars literature in general and the Karen Traviss thread keeps becoming this anyway.

Here is where we can talk about all the Star Wars novels and stories that have come out over the years. Thrawn, Yuuzhan Vong, let have it. Those Jedi Apprentice books you read as a kid? Those were great, weren't they? Or how about those short story collections, like Tales from the Mos Eisley Cantina?

On the current series, Fate of the Jedi. One thing I really like about these books is the Allahna, Artoo, C-3PO parts. I like how this series doesn't treat the kids and droids as just moving props like other books have in the past. These three always get the most enjoyable parts to read about and it feels very much like the the parts of the old movies where the droids were the central focus.
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2 Joesolo14th Feb 2012 08:41:26 PM , Relationship Status: watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
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Only books I've read were the trilogy about triculous and the Han Solo trilogy, Which I think would make great scripts for a back story movie for him.

If George Lucas was kept on a short leash that is. Other wise he'd try to sneak thing in about him only fighting back, never shooting first, blah blah blah.
For me it's the original trilogy, Truce at Bakura, Crystal Star, Tyrant's Test, Showdown at Centrepoint and Young Jedi Knights: Darkest Knight.

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4 HamburgerTime15th Feb 2012 11:45:38 AM from Right behind you , Relationship Status: I know
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I have heard good things about Fate of the Jedi (though didn't like the most recent one). The plot sounds Cthulhutastic!
5 CrimsonZephyr15th Feb 2012 05:45:11 PM from Massachusetts , Relationship Status: Don't hug me; I'm scared
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[up]Still has massive amounts of Idiot Plot, though.
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6 TamH7017th Feb 2012 02:32:58 AM , Relationship Status: Faithful to 2D
I have no real experience in reading Star Wars books, the last ones I did read were Alan Dean Fosters ones and I don't think I caught up with the last ones of those either. Just how many novels are there out there? I am guessing just enough to overwhelm me if I started reading them?
[up] Well, there's at least 280 books in the Star Wars Expanded Universe. If that doesn't overwhelm you, nothing will!

[up][up] Pfft, no more Idiot Plot than the Star Wars films had! tongue At least Fate of the Jedi is going quite a long way to clearing up that little matter of Natasi "I-Satan" Daala being put in charge of the Galactic Alliance! I am definitely going to buy that book Apocalypse, and it had better be worth it when it comes out on March 13, 2012!

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Am I the only one who thinks Luke Skywalker's going to die in the upcoming book Apocalypse?

Think about it. Luke was supposed to die way back at that book Vector Prime by RA Salvatore. George Lucas himself had to veto that idea, and poor Chewbacca ended up as the Sacrificial Lion instead! Then there's the Legacy of the Force book Inferno by Troy Denning. In that book, Luke apparently got killed off, only to appear again alive, well, and without much of an explanation! Sure, it could be considered an example of Like You Would Really Do It, but still....

This book Apocalypse is being written by Troy Denning, and as other threads have pointed out, Denning uses a Darker and Edgier and more cynical approach to Star Wars. That last book of LOTF Invincible was written by Denning, and it had Jacen Solo/Darth Caedus killed off and Daala put in charge of the Galactic Alliance. I'm getting the feeling that Apocalypse will have a Bittersweet Ending or a Downer Ending, and getting Luke killed off would really qualify as one of those two endings.

Like I said, George vetoed the idea of Luke getting killed. That was years ago, however. What if George has now changed his mind...?
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9 Parable20th Feb 2012 10:43:58 AM from California , Relationship Status: Star-crossed
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Pretty sure they have to ask Lucas if they want to kill off major movie characters. And I doubt he'll say yes to killing off one of his most prized possessions.
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[up] Yeah, but George Lucas seems to be avoiding involvement with the Star Wars franchise, because of Why Fandom Can't Have Nice Things. Maybe he'll kill off Luke Skywalker just to give that Unpleasable Fanbase the middle finger!
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Luke is long dead in the Legacy comics. He's not going to live forever.

At this point the EU continuity is so distant from the movies that I doubt Lucas will care.
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12 CrimsonZephyr21st Feb 2012 10:07:38 AM from Massachusetts , Relationship Status: Don't hug me; I'm scared
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Speaking of the Legacy comics, how do you think they'll take that time period further. I mean, The GA and the Empire are in this balance of power arrangement that seems like a perfect setting for World War One in space! and the Sith are in hiding. Personally, I hope the three major leaders get killed off and the Galaxy gets utterly balkanized as hundreds of sector-based nation states crop up in both the Empire and the Alliance, based on bitterness towards the Empire. And then deconstruct the idea that a massive super-state is required to combat the Sith.
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[up] Uh, wait a minute! Wouldn't the situation you're describing make it easier for the Sith to take over the galaxy? I grant you that several Star Wars have shown that one big government is pretty ineffective at fighting Sith. But if you have hundreds of nation states, chances are they're gonna be too busy attacking and fighting each other. The Sith could just use the Divide and Conquer strategy, take the galaxy over piece and piece, and presto! It's right back to the same Sith-dominated galaxy we've seen before!
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14 CrimsonZephyr21st Feb 2012 04:52:20 PM from Massachusetts , Relationship Status: Don't hug me; I'm scared
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Eh, in a united galaxy, they just take Coruscant and we're back to square one with a fascist dictatorship. With a fragmented galaxy, they might take a few sectors before their neighbors, with memories of Sith brutality fresh in their mind, dogpile them. Think of it this way:

If the Sith take Coruscant while it's the capital of a galaxy-spanning government, they take the Galaxy.

If they take a planet whose jurisdiction is limited to its immediate sector, they control that sector...and nothing else in one go. They would have to work for their fascist dictatorship the hard way - and they would fall apart.'

So far, Sith usually subvert larger states, like the Empire, where they could take control of like a third of the Galaxy in a single thrust. Taking a sector when there are hundreds, even thousands? Eh, the utility of such an act gets lessened the more players there are.

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15 terlwyth22nd Feb 2012 08:59:23 PM , Relationship Status: Who needs love when you have waffles?
Only read Matt Stover's novelization of Revenge of the Sith,which despite completely bastardizing the character of Tyranus,glossing over all of Order 66,and rushing through all the parts of the film after the beginning battle,is still superior to the film.

It explains why Anakin wanted to be a Master,how the heck he came to distrust the Jedi better,and most of the memorable film scenes are easily improved,including the omission of that Big "NO!".
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16 Parable23rd Feb 2012 09:08:12 AM from California , Relationship Status: Star-crossed
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Sounds more like they complete each other then one eing superior to the other.
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I've noticed how a lot of people keep saying that Darth Vader's Big "NO!" was just pure Narm. Well, I beg to differ. I didn't laugh at the scene when Vader yelled it. It's not that I don't have a sense of humour, because I do have one. I thought it was Mostly Narmless and I don't know why nobody else sees it that way!
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18 Parable23rd Feb 2012 02:54:33 PM from California , Relationship Status: Star-crossed
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Me either, actually. I thought that really was the most memorable part of that scene.
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I thought the Big "NO!" was okay at the time. It was only later after seeing the infamous Do Not Want thing that I couldn't take it seriously.
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[up] Oh, thank you so much! I was worried that I was the only one who felt that way! grin

@ Crimson Zephyr: That idea you have outlined is rather interesting. Have you attempted to contact the writers behind Star Wars: Legacy? I'm sure they'd be interested in hearing it!

Oh, yeah, I also need to bring up Dark Empire. I've read the first part of it, and I thought it was pretty entertaining, despite the fact that it does have a number of flaws. I heard someone say that it's George Lucas's favourite story. But how can that be true? I've heard that George has never read a single story of the Star Wars Expanded Universe! I believe he didn't want his vision to get messed up by other writers' visions. Of course, considering how the prequels turned out, some might say that his getting messed up by the visions of others would not have been such a bad thing!
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21 EnemyMayan24th Feb 2012 10:37:32 AM from A van down by the river
He's at least aware of what Timothy Zahn named the galactic capital world, since Coruscant is in the prequels. But I don't know if that means that he actually read the Thrawn trilogy, or just casually overheard the name of the planet during a conversation with someone familiar with the EU.
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22 terlwyth24th Feb 2012 11:09:07 AM , Relationship Status: Who needs love when you have waffles?
It's narm because Hayden did that Skyward Scream in the suit,I never had anything against the voice.

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23 CrimsonZephyr24th Feb 2012 11:59:22 AM from Massachusetts , Relationship Status: Don't hug me; I'm scared
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[up][up][up]One of the problems I had with Legacy (and this is one of the very few, considering they're my favorite EU offerings since maybe Shatterpoint) is the backstory. Simply to create another "ragtag pro-democracy rebels" vs. "brutal tyrants," they decided to kneecap the galactic government at the time. Have you seen a map of the Galaxy during that era? It looks like this. Which means most of the GA decided "herp derp, we'll surrender and be Quislings for the Sith, just as we were fair-weather allies before." For once, I'd like to see some planets who actually prefer Alliance leadership to Imperial overlordship. Democratic government deserves a Reconstruction in Star Wars.

That's why I think the era after Legacy should take place in a time of balkanization and regional conflict, with the Triumvirate effectively becoming a rump state while regional republics crop up. Some hate the Empire and feel that Alliance betrayed them by sharing power with the Empire that handed the Sith the galaxy on a silver platter, others are isolationst, others do not recognize Marasiah as the rightful Empress, others are suspicious of Jedi possibly establishing theocratic government in the sections of the Galaxy they run, others are humans resentful of alien dominance in the GA government, others are resentful of human dominance in the Imperial government, some leave to settle regional border conflicts, others are bitter because some of their territory was given to either the GA or the Empire to maintain a balance of power, and others are Sith satraps in the middle of nowhere. Basically, keeping the Galaxy in the hands of massive superpowers limits storytelling.

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[up][up] Actually, no. That wasn't Hayden Christensen doing the Darth Vader voice in Revenge of the Sith, that was James Earl Jones doing the voice. Sure, the role was uncredited, but Jones did say in an interview that a true Star Wars fan should know who did that role. Sounds like a confirmation to me!

[up] I think you should contact the writers behind Star Wars: Legacy and tell them all that. I don't know if they will listen or not, but at least you'll be able to say that you tried! smile
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25 terlwyth24th Feb 2012 08:36:50 PM , Relationship Status: Who needs love when you have waffles?
James Earl Jones isn't the problem,if you dubbed Luke's Big "NO!" with this one,it'd still be great. If you dubbed the death Ursula with his voice,it'd be alright. It's entirely the fault of the guy in the suit,which is Hayden Christensen.

Anything other than putting the arms up in the air would've worked,banging fists against a wall and destroying it,okay,putting gloves over face,sure why not. Anything other than that. Although a subdued Little "No" would've been best.

Still inferior to how Stover wrote that scene. Really got into how Anakin could've possibly felt there and then.

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