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new postpinnedBooks or Lit-r-cha Recommendations474Tue, 25th Nov '14 7:09:04 AM
new postpinnedLGBT Literature Recommendations and Discussion24Thu, 16th Oct '14 5:27:40 PM
new postpinned"100 Best whatever" Lists and Other Miscellany18Tue, 15th Jul '14 2:39:14 AM
new postpinnedLiterature Thread Directory17Tue, 11th Dec '12 8:16:17 AM
new postA Song Of Ice And Fire34,510 Wed, 26th Nov '14 12:41:28 PM
new postCriticise books you like, and praise books you hate!88Tue, 25th Nov '14 5:27:19 PM
new post"Classics" you like that nobody seems to have read147Mon, 24th Nov '14 10:37:49 AM
new postHarry Potter8,519Mon, 24th Nov '14 9:01:44 AM
new postChatterbox: Literature Edition1,312Mon, 24th Nov '14 3:59:47 AM
new postHeroes of Olympus168Wed, 19th Nov '14 3:50:56 PM
new postLord of the Rings302Wed, 19th Nov '14 3:50:51 PM
new postThe Official TV Tropes Mystery Thread1Wed, 19th Nov '14 2:59:15 PM
new postThe Dresden Files13,496Wed, 19th Nov '14 7:34:50 AM
new postCharacters In Hogwarts Houses316Tue, 18th Nov '14 10:58:36 PM
new postTwilight "Los Angeles"? 2Tue, 18th Nov '14 9:18:15 PM
new postBooks you had to read... that you actually found interesting?208Tue, 18th Nov '14 2:23:26 AM
new postWorm371Sat, 15th Nov '14 11:25:28 AM
new postBrandon Sanderson506Fri, 14th Nov '14 6:11:03 AM
new postG. K. Chesterton (Or, The Thread of the White Horse)43Mon, 10th Nov '14 4:26:20 PM
new postHow do ya'll feel about Michael Crichton?132Mon, 10th Nov '14 1:30:42 PM
new postWhat were the most bizarre books you have ever read?68Mon, 10th Nov '14 8:38:58 AM
new postLiveblogging an amazingly awful book! Come inside1Mon, 10th Nov '14 7:15:23 AM
new postThe Wheel of Time1,046Fri, 7th Nov '14 12:19:44 PM
new postDorian Gray5Wed, 5th Nov '14 4:35:57 AM
new postTitanium Swords, or: If Guns No Longer Worked Today11Tue, 4th Nov '14 7:02:55 PM
new postPage 117121Tue, 4th Nov '14 3:28:39 AM
new postLolita by Vladimir Nabokov.56Wed, 29th Oct '14 2:03:00 PM
new postThe Discworld Thread1,115Wed, 29th Oct '14 4:58:57 AM
new post Please Don't Tell My Parents I'm A Supervillain60Mon, 27th Oct '14 5:46:41 AM
new postDumbest Literature Mistakes You've Made222Sun, 26th Oct '14 9:38:48 PM
new postOkay, admit it, who here reads kids' books?929Sun, 26th Oct '14 7:37:28 AM
new postThoughts on Gaia in asimov's Founation Series.4Thu, 23rd Oct '14 7:34:11 PM
new postAssistance In Literature Location3Thu, 23rd Oct '14 5:20:42 AM
new postMichael Ende7Wed, 22nd Oct '14 8:35:53 PM
new postEdge of Tomorrow aka All You Need is Kill4Tue, 21st Oct '14 11:38:49 AM
new postThe Summer Is Ended And We Are Not Yet Saved5Sun, 19th Oct '14 8:57:08 PM
new postStar Wars477Fri, 17th Oct '14 7:43:37 PM
new postSkulduggery Pleasant General discussion34Wed, 15th Oct '14 1:07:17 AM
new postNeil Gaiman works 159Fri, 10th Oct '14 12:28:46 PM
new postThe Laundry Series by Charles Stross10Fri, 10th Oct '14 7:20:50 AM
new postThe Silmarillion 73Thu, 9th Oct '14 9:36:09 AM
new postPact37Mon, 6th Oct '14 10:26:35 PM
new postPeter Pan: Thinning the Lost Boys7Sun, 5th Oct '14 6:15:59 AM
new postThursday Next General Thread42Sun, 5th Oct '14 3:36:25 AM
new postBrandon Sanderson's The Stormlight Archive556Wed, 1st Oct '14 5:00:29 PM
new postWattpad4Mon, 29th Sep '14 5:39:36 PM
new postSandman Vs. American Gods13Sat, 27th Sep '14 4:53:11 PM
new postWhat are your favorite Fairy Tales and Folktales?19Sat, 27th Sep '14 3:23:34 PM
new postDo michael crichton's books take place in same continuity?4Thu, 25th Sep '14 4:51:30 PM
new postBadly misinterpret a Novel Or Book Series 212Wed, 24th Sep '14 10:02:48 PM
new postDon't get attached to characters?18Mon, 22nd Sep '14 6:01:15 PM
new postThe Bartimaeus Trilogy30Sun, 21st Sep '14 8:24:24 PM
new postWhat from classic literature has aged well?70Tue, 16th Sep '14 3:06:03 PM
new postYour literary "guilty pleasures"17Tue, 16th Sep '14 2:57:37 PM
new postCape High 1Sat, 13th Sep '14 5:09:09 PM
new postThe End of Eternity by Isaac Asimov3Sat, 6th Sep '14 7:38:44 AM
new postMalazan Book of the Fallen9Fri, 5th Sep '14 12:55:14 PM
new postThe Thread of Stephen King27Thu, 4th Sep '14 9:33:53 AM
new postHonor Harrington60Wed, 3rd Sep '14 9:34:50 AM
new postThe Brent Weeks thread7Wed, 3rd Sep '14 5:13:24 AM
new postTrying to define a genre...5Sun, 31st Aug '14 1:40:44 PM
new postLiterature/TheDaggerAndTheCoin1Fri, 29th Aug '14 9:21:45 PM
new postMaking a list from Calvino's "Why Read the Classics?"3Fri, 29th Aug '14 4:05:33 AM
new postHeart of Darkness3Wed, 27th Aug '14 10:44:08 AM
new postYour second shelf40Tue, 26th Aug '14 12:31:48 PM
new postReturn of the Reaper6Mon, 25th Aug '14 11:54:54 AM
new postThe Edge Chronicles!23Fri, 22nd Aug '14 9:18:46 AM
new postGeneral purpose Sherlock Holmes Thread55Fri, 22nd Aug '14 4:32:18 AM
new postIs Hamlet an Intentionally Awful Character?20Thu, 21st Aug '14 7:16:54 PM
new postThe Blood of the Lamb (the Thomas F. Monteleone novel)4Mon, 18th Aug '14 11:32:46 AM
new postJorge Luis Borges8Sat, 16th Aug '14 3:22:38 PM
new postWhat are some of your favorite science fiction books?32Sat, 16th Aug '14 1:28:34 PM
new postA Lee Martinez book thread25Fri, 15th Aug '14 10:57:31 PM
new postWarrior cats general discussion 178Fri, 15th Aug '14 6:43:08 PM
new postRIP L. A Meyer1Thu, 14th Aug '14 11:33:05 PM
new postAnimorphs891Fri, 8th Aug '14 6:16:53 PM
new postGoosebumps131Thu, 7th Aug '14 6:38:53 PM
new postIs there a database for books that allows personalized lists?6Wed, 30th Jul '14 8:01:09 AM
new postHunger Games General Thread25Tue, 29th Jul '14 7:40:41 AM
new postThe Enemy (Series by Charlie Higson)2Mon, 28th Jul '14 3:35:18 PM
new postBiographies1Sun, 27th Jul '14 6:08:45 AM
new postHarry Turtledove24Sat, 26th Jul '14 5:17:45 AM
new postMass Teleportation book series?2Wed, 23rd Jul '14 2:16:32 AM
new postKim Newman/Anno Dracula15Fri, 18th Jul '14 1:42:14 PM
new postTom Clancy103Thu, 17th Jul '14 9:28:29 AM
new postFavourite Title for a Story?54Wed, 16th Jul '14 3:30:01 PM
new postGenre Comedy8Sun, 13th Jul '14 9:17:17 AM
new postImagining incorrect plots from titles31Mon, 7th Jul '14 1:08:18 PM
new postThe Cuckoo's Calling and The Silkworm2Sun, 6th Jul '14 6:39:16 AM
new postWhat's your never-ending tear-jerker?107Thu, 3rd Jul '14 7:19:44 PM
new postCodex Alera458Thu, 3rd Jul '14 2:29:17 PM
new postEssential romantic novels1Tue, 1st Jul '14 2:58:08 PM
new postSpirited Young Lady & Byronic Hero? 9Sun, 29th Jun '14 3:16:14 AM
new postWhat folktales do you want to see as a TV series?26Thu, 26th Jun '14 1:00:50 PM
new postHenrik Drescher's works5Wed, 11th Jun '14 5:02:29 PM
new postI'm looking for a certain author4Tue, 10th Jun '14 4:53:04 PM
new postWas Captain Hook already evil before Peter Pan cut off his hand?2Tue, 10th Jun '14 8:32:54 AM
new postMagic Realism Suggestions13Sun, 8th Jun '14 5:12:48 PM
new postThe Book Which Is Not Written5Sun, 8th Jun '14 2:32:00 PM
new postEight Million Gods - upcoming Baen book15Thu, 5th Jun '14 9:40:30 AM
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