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Azor Ahai
First, saw that Fast Eddie had whittled down The Übermensch page and locked it- major props- that page and Nietzsche Wannabe attract walls of text like rotten fish attracts cats.

So, I was checking out the other pages connected the article (Laconic, etc.), and on the Trivia one an (admittedly long and gushing) analysis was replaced by Pupu, who doesn't seem to be a fan with "See Wikipedia for comparatively reliable less propaganda-oriented information about this."

Do the mods like this laconic version? I was kind of thinking that either one should be written and the page should be locked, or else, the Trivia page should be cut.

Edit- And I formatted the page incorrectly. Can someone fix that?

Edit2- Thanks

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2 Madrugada15th Jun 2011 04:22:13 PM , Relationship Status: In season
The Laconic has been restored to its original glory: "I reject your morality and substitute my own." and the trivia page might as well be cut. The trope isn't really about Nietzsche's version, it's about the simplified version that's used a s a characterization convention.
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3 Kersey47520th Jun 2011 07:06:53 PM from Everywhere and Nowhere
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I don't think we should cut the page, but I think we should simplify it into the orignal definition of a character with all three of the traits listed below:

"A Ubermensch character requires three things; an antisocial mindset rejecting the norms of society for his own morality, inhuman charisma, and a grand vision for a better world."

The Ubermensch is such an interesting character type that would easily overlap with Magnificent Bastard (another great character trope) so it would be a shame if it were deleted.
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No one is talking about cutting the main Übermensch article. Rather, they're considering cutting the trivia page associated with the article, which at the moment just has links to The Other Wiki's articles on the subject and on Nietzsche himself.
Cut the trivia page, but put a Wikipedia link on the main page. I think Wikipedia and its notability should primarily handle the describing of the character type.

And Fast Eddie still preserved this description: "The name came from the concept about ordinary humanity believing there would be no morals or reasons to live if there was no Other to define morality and reason. Transcending this illusion makes one an "over-man"." Well to admit This Very Wiki is not sure on how Nietzsche got the inspiration, so just replace this with a Wikipedia link. Remove the picture, also, since the "Übermensch means That Other Guy" was also removed, and a picture of Superman (that looks like Nietzsche/Teddy Roosevelt) doesn't even demonstrate this trope.

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6 Madrugada5th Jul 2011 07:53:59 PM , Relationship Status: In season
^ This page is not about the strict Nietzschean meaning.
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^I apologize for that. But, should we put a Wikipedia link on the "compare these tropes" paragraph to cut this page. For example,

Compare: Nietzsche Wannabe, The Sociopath, The Social Darwinist, Magnificent Bastard, Dark Messiah, Villain Sue, What Is Evil?, Above Good and Evil, Well-Intentioned Extremist, Compelling Voice, Insane Admiral, Complete Monster, The Antichrist, and the original philosophical concept by Nietzsche himself.*

But I have to say that, what's the use of the Superman image there?

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