What would your character do in the above situation?:

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Androupolos would say "Now we're even for the time you hit me in the face with that gun!" (Actual in-story event; it was a botched "throw me the gun" moment.)

Your character found out he/she just ate a cockroach.
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Lafayette would throw it up. However, not because it's disgusting, but because he doesn't really have a functional digestive system and that's what happens with anything he tries to ingest (sometimes he eats stuff on purpose because it tastes good, damn the consequences, though).

Your character learns they need glasses. Glasses, contacts, or just go without?
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[up] Oops. Ninja. I'll do it.


  • Ian Down: Thinks about if for a moment, and shrugs it off. He had eaten worst.
  • Justin Peterson: Gags on the thought, and starts trying to spit the remains out.

They're very different.


  • Ian Down: N/A. Vampires don't need glasses. If his vision starts blurring, he would not take it well.
  • Justin Peterson: After slumping about it, he just accepts it and wears them reluctantely.

Someone drops a small object from a three-story building that hits your character.

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I'll do both of the last ones I guess.

Your character learns they need glasses. Glasses, contacts, or just go without?

Tash: Actually already has glasses, contacts are not an option in his world. He doesn't care though he gets mightily annoyed when they get scratched or ruined, despite having more than enough magical know-how to fix them.

Riff: He'd take the glasses but totally have Tash charm them to be invisible. He'd also break them constantly.

Someone drops a small object from a three-story building that hits your character.

Tash: Swears like a sailor and then sends the damn thing back to whoever dropped it, same speed and all.

Riff: Whinges about it and makes Tash take him out for alcohol.

Someone your character is attracted to gets drunk and comes on to them, what does your character do?

ninja'd while fixing the ninja. Oh well.

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But soft! What light through yonder window breaks?
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The "Three Character Questions" triplet shall answer...

Philip: "GAAH! What was that?!" *looks about confusedly for object and origin*

Emil: *swears loudly, tosses object at window*

Timon: *examines object, knocks on door of building* "Pardon my intrusion, but someone on the third floor dropped this..."

You are lost in a cave. What do you do?

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Ace would panic internally but slam the panic down deep and maintain an air of calm as she logically and methodically attempts to find her way out. If alone and unsucessful she may eventually end up running in a blind panic while praying.

Ghost would not have gotten lost, or if he did would find his way out easily as he does well in darknes and doesn't particularly rely on his eyes.

Your character is facing a long boring night and cannot sleep.

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Mathias Watkins and Tenchi Yamanaka: Soldier on and make it through in their own way.

Situation: Your character just came down with a badass case of the flu.
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This happens to Tai quite regularly. If she has a backlog of work to do, she'll work on that, otherwise, she'll do something like solve differential equations until she falls asleep. Dorian would either read a book or go to the training room and work out until he was tired.

Situation: Your character is in school, and they just realized that they are late for a final exam.
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Alastor wouldn't care much at all, and would probably skip said exam if it meant interrupting something, being strong enough to take out any officials who'd try to apprehend him and all.

Your character is driving their vehicle (any other personal transportation appropriate for them) and see's a stray animal on the road. What do they do?
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  • Julia: Grab the poor thing and take it home with her if it was friendly. If it attacked her, she'd leave it be.
  • Alice: Make a meal of it if it looked good, otherwise, ignore it; if it gets out of the way, good on it. If it's too dumb to do so, too bad.
  • Isaac: Avoid hitting it, but otherwise ignore it.

Your character is stuck in a "Groundhog Day" Loop.

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Cora: Initially, react with a cool and snarky head—and then, once she realizes she seems to be trapped, panic.

Ran: She would be utterly fascinated and would get caught up trying to figure out the mechanics of the loop, probably even naming it as such, before being kind of annoyed when she breaks out of it without knowing how she did it.

The next character is forced to babysit a small child for a few days.
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Post Time Skip Valentine would probably bring her daughter to play with the kid as she watches over the it like her own.

Pre Time Skip Valentine would most likely be the most neglectful babysitter ever.

Your character is witnessing a crime take place, however, they are currently suffering from a Game-Breaking Injury like a broken arm (Or whatever is appropriate)
Well replace days with years and you have 2 of my main characters . Ace was always a babysitter it's part of her persona. When her little cousin lost her mother it was only natural for her to become the kid's guardian. 80% of what is keeping Ace alive is the need to care for provide for and protect Angel. She spoils her as much as possible After the End, and although most people are intimidated by Ace, Angel can tease her w/ impunity.

Ghost never wanted kids, but when he found little Julian and literally helped the kid burry his father he got attached. He sees him as something between a Jedi apprentice and a kid sidekick. He let's him do lots of dangerous stuff, but would definitely kill or die for him.

Your character finds himself/herself in front of a large crowd and is expected to address them.

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GIG's: Markus would do a Princess Bride-style bluff to convince the perpetrator that he could kick his ass, injury or no injury.

History Maker's: Markus agrees with them. Why not?

Your character just heard a high-pitched scream coming from a dark basement.

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65 Zolnier29th Apr 2011 11:18:03 PM from A suspiciously dull shop
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Well if C and M heard the shriek at school, they'd shrug and move on. Outside of school they'd go down and see what's wrong.
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Using jewelleddragon's situation with the Kunstler family.

Your character just heard a high-pitched scream coming from a dark basement.
  • Cyrus: Use his exorcist's halo to check from a distance if it's paranormal-related. If not, ignore it.
  • Marla: Phase through the walls and floor and see what it is.
  • Adrian/Viktor (I'm not sure which name I'll be going with in the final product; bear with me): Wait near the stairwell to the basement and listen for anything else down there first.

Your character has returned home to discover that all of their furniture is on the ceiling.

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(Mead halls don't have ceilings so much as they have naked roofs and beams, but I'll work with this.)

  • Hrothgar, being an old man, merely stares and rubs his eyes. What the hell is he seeing? He asks people near him about it.
  • Wealtheow does the same.
  • Hrut yelps at the sight, and wonders if some ślf or other is causing mischief. She asks some of the men around to help right all the furniture. (not that there is a whole lot of it)

The next avatar was sent to the same place 100 years back in time.
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Both Rho and Saunder promptly get eaten by insane bug-people.

Your character comes across ancient ruins inhabited by the insane remnants of a once proud race of bug-people.

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i. hear. a. sound.
  • Frank: Try and communicate; if that proved impossible, put them out of their misery via shotgun.
  • Isaac: Have W.A.'s private army capture them so he can study them For Science!
  • Alice: Butcher 'em For the Evulz.

For some reason, everything your character eats tastes like cheese, with no discernible pattern between the food consumed, and the flavor of cheese tasted. (If your character has never eaten, or cannot eat cheese... well, that just makes things weirder for them, doesn't it?)

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Forgotten Lore cast: That seems like something that could occur in the setting, so they'd deal it with the same way as usual: running and fighting their way out of the ruins, barely escaping with their lives.

Your character finds themselves in the middle of a deser with limited suplies
[up][up] [up][up]Any of my characters would become patient zero in a massive and premature outbrake of the plague. This would in all likelihood wipe out several of their ancestors creating a grandfather paradox.

[up] [up][up]Ghost would do what he always does when he finds ruins: look around for anything useful and try to avoid the locals.

[up][up] Consider it a side effect of the plague or the drugs and just be grateful to have food at all.

[up] pick a direction and start walking.

Your character is expected to adress a large crowd of people

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Tash: Pulls out a piece of paper and outlines what he'll have to say.

Riff: Revels in the fact he will have a group of people who HAVE to listen to him.

Your character is the first thing a group of duckling sees when they hatch, how do they handle the nascent fixation?
But soft! What light through yonder window breaks?
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A mysterious man in a cheap suit offers to sell your character "goblin insurance", hinting that it may be a very wise purchase soon.

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  • Ian Down and Justin Peterson: Give him a look before walking away silently.
  • Matt: Dismisses him, saying that he can handle goblins himself.
  • Other Matt: Glares at him, causing the salesman to run away.

Situation: You character walks into his or her house to see that someone started a Wild Party.

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[up] July would think this is awesome, because that means that somehow he actually got a house, and it's an awesome place to be. Then he'd promptly start drinking and doing hash and a great time would be had by all.

Your character realizes the person they just had sex with was either their mother or father, who was time-traveling.

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