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Things You are No Longer Allowed to Do in an RPG:

 1401 Kyle Jacobs, Mon, 11th Mar '13 11:07:41 AM from Connecticut/D.C.
Nice Guy
...that is EVIL.
Read Remus! Has nothing to do with wolves.
 1402 Azreal 341, Mon, 11th Mar '13 5:13:37 PM from Wandering Relationship Status: watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
Munchkin in training
A schizophrenic temporal house of mirrors. I think I'm gonna hurl from confusion.
YAAAAAAAAAAY RANDOM BEATINGS, GHOSTS, AND DEATH -Python of fire. Also Dwarf Fortress in a nutshell
 1403 Kayeka, Mon, 11th Mar '13 6:05:11 PM from Amsterdam Relationship Status: Brony
World's biggest wannabe
[up][up][up]A two-card infinite rolfstomp? Wow, that will get you a few death threats.
 1404 Ira The Squire, Mon, 11th Mar '13 9:22:14 PM from No idea. Measuring speed
Phyrexian Dalek
That's awesome... until the mirror dies due to removal. tongue
 1405 on Fyre, Tue, 12th Mar '13 8:03:06 AM from Blighty
I wasn't even planning to get the mirror, it's just that he was still bitter about the time I pulled the combo off in Duels Of The Planeswalkers.

Similar story: If in a game of multiplayer someone plays Hive Mind, the correct response isn't to play Warp World on the next turn "Just Because".

No one wants to shuffle that many times in a single turn.

 1407 Exelixi, Tue, 12th Mar '13 12:45:51 PM from Alchemist's workshop Relationship Status: Armed with the Power of Love
If MTG counts:

  • The infinitely-recurring counterspell deck is banned.
  • The "everything dies every turn" deck is banned.
  • The "one point of damage takes away every point of your life and gives it to me" deck is banned.
Mura: -flips the bird to veterinary science with one hand and Euclidean geometry with the other-
 1408 Evi I Paladin, Tue, 12th Mar '13 2:12:43 PM from Burlington, ON Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
Some Guy Or Something
If Yu-Gi-Oh! counts...
  • No, every archetype does not need to run Lightning Plover.
    • No, every card does not need to have a hybrid version that just switches out a word for 'Plover' in it.
  • I should stop running masochistic decks like Scraps and Amazons so much or people might get suspicious.
  • It isn't called Not-Quasar, you dumb idiot.
  • Stop trying to make Elemental Mistress Doriado viable. Just leave the dead dead.
    • Same with Spiders.
      • And Level 2 and under Normal Monsters.
        • And pseudo-Yata decks.
          • And Forgotten Temple of the Deep decks.
  • I am not allowed to bitch about Power Tool Dragon or Constellar Omega if I'm running Elemental HERO Absolute Zero.
    • Nor am I allowed to name said deck "From HERO to Zero".
  • Stop suggesting that Venoms should get an update.
    • Just stop talking about Venoms period.

edited 12th Mar '13 2:13:18 PM by EviIPaladin


"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" -Enlong again.
 1409 ROTHY, Wed, 13th Mar '13 11:43:18 AM from America Relationship Status: Brony
Pici Generati
If exposition is presented, not allowed to repeat every unknown word.
Super High School Level Tropers get bored too, you know.
 1410 Slendid Suit, Wed, 13th Mar '13 1:55:36 PM from North of the South and South of the North
Has Spiffy Shoes
"Pocahontas but hardcore" does not count as a character concept.
"Hey, you could tweet people's sigs!" "...but why would you want to?"
 1411 Ira The Squire, Thu, 14th Mar '13 4:49:30 AM from No idea. Measuring speed
Phyrexian Dalek
For GURPS: must not put a stack of enhancements on top of a 1-point poison innate attack so that it repeats itself 300 times in rapid fire, hits everything at once, range the size of the known universe, and irresistible.
 1412 darnpenguin, Thu, 14th Mar '13 7:07:04 AM from one friend to another
Yakka Foob Mog
Add me on Skype: Al Cook (darnpenguin)
 1413 storyyeller, Fri, 15th Mar '13 8:23:16 AM from Appleloosa Relationship Status: RelationshipOutOfBoundsException: 1
More like giant cherries
(D&D 3.5) Combine the Mount and Traveler's Mount spells to ride over 120 miles a day.

I'm not sure why the DM banned that, since it's not like it's OP or anything. At 5th level, a Wizard gets Phantom Steed anyway, and Teleport/Overland Flight aren't far off.

Similar story: If in a game of multiplayer someone plays Hive Mind, the correct response isn't to play Warp World on the next turn "Just Because".

Obviously, the correct response is to play Scherezade.

edited 15th Mar '13 8:25:26 AM by storyyeller

Life is simple: it has no nontrivial normal subgroups.
 1414 doorhandle, Sat, 16th Mar '13 7:58:39 PM from Space Australia!
  • Not to combine animal growth, ant haul, and a dire rhino in order to start towing entire castles... or just their walls.
  • Likewise, not to become a mammoth lord with the express purpose of building a castle on my temporally-gargantuan mount's back.
  • The ten-foot pole won't save you!
  • Cannot have an Eildon, leadership, an animal companion, and a horde of summoned minions out simultaneously.
  • The monkey-sphere refers to Doyle's number. It does NOT refer to a giant ball made of various primates.
  • Even in the legend system, cannot play as Orcus.
    • As a Fire-elemental elementalist, not to gleefully target fireball on myself just to get healing from it.
  • My characters are not to waltz around with at least 8 kinds of grenades at once.
    • Partially if he's the magus rather than the alchemist.

 1415 Full Paragon, Sat, 16th Mar '13 9:05:21 PM from Citadel Space
Doing it the right way.
  • Offering players choices is good as a DM. However, depending on the group, you might be careful what choices you give them. Sometimes, the "join me and together we can rule this miserable kingdom" speech might just lead to our "heroes" deciding the evil overlord isn't so bad.
  • Flying mounts are cool, however, they are also easily abused. As such, all Banks now have Anti-Air support.
  • Anytime a character needs more then two supplemental source books to be playable, it should be banned outright, if only for the sake of the GM's sanity.
  • Anyone who ever speaks the words "what would Batman do" is forever banned from playing a wizard or bard.
  • While most carefully planned dungeons could be solved with industrial mining equipment, it's generally frowned upon to make the GM cry.
  • Players do not "win" by making the GM quit.
  • By the same token, the GM does not win by killing off the entire party.
  • If you've never heard of the monster, that's not an invitation to open the monster manual to try and find it.
The ends never justify the means. Do it the right way, or don't do it at all.
 1416 Ira The Squire, Thu, 21st Mar '13 1:46:43 PM from No idea. Measuring speed
Phyrexian Dalek
  • The Roman named Marius does not wear a red toga with blue stripes, wear a ring with "M" engraved, a big mustache and used to clean aqueducts.

edited 21st Mar '13 1:46:55 PM by IraTheSquire

 1417 Artemis 92, Sat, 23rd Mar '13 10:51:08 AM from contemplation
Cogito Gratia Cogitan
Shock damage does not a taser make.
Ponders too much; thinks too little. Currently goes by Knowlessman.
 1418 Tuefel Hunden IV, Sat, 23rd Mar '13 11:17:01 AM from Wandering. Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Watchmen of the Apocalypse
I am not allowed to raise a mercenary company and usurp small nation states.
"Who watches the watchmen?"
 1419 Master Inferno, Sat, 23rd Mar '13 11:46:28 AM from Ideal City Relationship Status: Cast away
All Pop, No Culture
  • May not have a gnome as an animal companion.
    • May not pay a gnome to act like an animal companion.
Today's episode of Master Inferno Says Terrible Things is brought to you by...
 1420 Beta Ray, Sat, 23rd Mar '13 12:22:27 PM Relationship Status: Can't buy me love
Web Slinger/Hope Bringer
[up][up] Well, I know what I'm doing for my next campaign.
You are not alone, and you are not strange. You are you, and everyone has damage. Be the better person.
 1421 Azreal 341, Sat, 23rd Mar '13 2:15:16 PM from Wandering Relationship Status: watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
Munchkin in training
[up][up][up]You kidding? Depending on the game system that's practically what PC mercenary companies are for. Although it does beg the question And Then What?

edited 23rd Mar '13 2:15:25 PM by Azreal341

YAAAAAAAAAAY RANDOM BEATINGS, GHOSTS, AND DEATH -Python of fire. Also Dwarf Fortress in a nutshell
 1422 Tuefel Hunden IV, Sat, 23rd Mar '13 2:16:50 PM from Wandering. Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Watchmen of the Apocalypse
When it derails the GM's meticulous story and tears it to shreds they tend to step in and Just no.

edited 23rd Mar '13 2:17:07 PM by TuefelHundenIV

"Who watches the watchmen?"
 1423 Dr Tentacles, Sat, 23rd Mar '13 2:20:49 PM from your bed. Relationship Status: Having tea with Cthulhu
Cephalopod Lothario
[up][up] Try to hold onto the small nation as you realize that a conquering a nation in no way means you're remotely fit to lead it, turning to ever more draconian measures to keep your city-states in line, until a band heroic adventures come along and kill you, because you've turned into an evil overlord, and they either take of the city-states themselves, turning into despots (Because at this point, they're so used to harsh rule that they can't deal with anything else.), or wander off, plunging the area into anarchy and brutal civil war.

For extra fun, make the second company of adventures the party after you've declared the first group only fit for NPC-hood.

edited 23rd Mar '13 2:22:24 PM by DrTentacles

And who are you, the proud lord said, that I must bow so low? Only a cat of a different coat, that's all the truth I know...
 1424 Azreal 341, Sat, 23rd Mar '13 7:20:52 PM from Wandering Relationship Status: watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
Munchkin in training
To each his own. By the time you're powerful enough to conquer a nation you might be almost ready to retire the party anyway and that DOES indeed sound like a pretty fun set up for the next party.
YAAAAAAAAAAY RANDOM BEATINGS, GHOSTS, AND DEATH -Python of fire. Also Dwarf Fortress in a nutshell
 1425 Rationalinsanity, Sat, 23rd Mar '13 8:24:14 PM from The Inner Rim Relationship Status: You can be my wingman any time
Alpha 1, standing by
What setting/system did this occur in? And you could also leave the previous administration (or parts of it) in power and keeping the revenue flowing to you... with the proper threat of force of course.

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