Tropers: Ira The Squire

I have no idea how this works, so I give permission to anyone to add anything (tropefy me if you like) here.

I make no guarantees that I won't make snide comments or edits though.

Herein are the many vandalisations, which are good to do if you seek to thwart boredom.

  • Your page has been visited by vampire cavemen from Mars! ~ GameSpazzer
    • Great! I'm a male lesbian werewolf trapped from Venus. This shall be fun.
  • And from your local evil genius doctor/medical advisor! ~Rockonman
    • And I am getting trained to be a PHD doctor...
  • You should totally do your troper page in the style of a historical fighting manual. -Madass Alex
    • I know. I have yet to decide which manual though.
  • Welcome to TV Tropes and the Fencing Academy:) ...*slice* Your page has now been vandalised. *chiburi* ~Tomoe Michieru
    • *Parries with guardant and riposte*
  • Y'ello! :3 —Fuzy 2 K
    • Hello there.
  • From one chronic vandalism-replier/snarker to another, greetings! - Phoenixor
  • Blarg. That is all. -gbrngfol