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I am Full-Paragon, and this is my favorite site on the extranet.

Alright, now that the Obligatory Meme is out of the way, hello tropers! I write for the ME Fandom on, under the Full-Paragon handle and as Triforceelf. I lurk moar on tvtropes, but might do some stuff because I think this site is amazing. I have written the following fics: Keelah Se'lai, which is a slightly AU take on Tali's journey through the ME galaxy. Age of Iron:Refusal which is a fantasy take on Mass Effect. Ciaphas Cain and Commander Shepard: Blame the Eldar in which GRIMDARK meets SPACE OPERA and there is much WAAAAGH!!!! The Biggest Fan lampoons SI and tries to turn everyone's favorite fanboy into a 3D character. Last but not least is Borrowed Time, which is me being silly and trying to re-imagine the standard SI story line with time travel, alternate history and a SI that gets things DONE.

My stuffs: