Who'd win in a Battle Royale of the above avatar gallery?:

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1 OOZE15th Jan 2011 09:50:06 PM from Transsexual,Transylvania
Don't feed the plants!
If the above avatar gallery had a Battle Royale, who would win?
I'm feeling strangely happy now, contented and serene. Oh don't you see, finally I'll be, somewhere that's green...
2 Grain15th Jan 2011 10:05:00 PM from South Northwest Earth
Only One Avatar
Felicia Day
3 AnnoR15th Jan 2011 10:06:18 PM from Honnouji Academy
"Of course, Satsuki-sama."
The cat. The cat would win. Definintly.
"Oh, dear. The toad, the monkey, and the dog have all screwed up."
A Pheasant Experience
I'm putting my money on one of the Omanyte...

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And "Reality" is
unveiled. What did it want...? What did it see...? What did it hear...? What did it think...? What did it do...?
I now go by Graf von Tirol.
If Rash can beat his own game, the rest of the avatars won't be much of a problem. Not even the black hole.

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7 Tzetze15th Jan 2011 10:23:12 PM from a converted church in Venice, Italy
Tonberry. Bastards.

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9 SabresEdge15th Jan 2011 11:37:29 PM from a defense-in-depth
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It's entirely possible that everything's due to Calvin and Hobbes' imaginations. They have a tendency to win in this sort of situation (or at least Epic Fail so badly we would be laughing too hard to say that they lost).

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From what I gathered, she can warp reality.
11 Balmung15th Jan 2011 11:46:59 PM from Omaha, NE, Free American Empire , Relationship Status: GAR for Archer
Break the Chains
You see, Kirby ate Sarda, and was in turn consumed by Ridley after the squid used quid magic to bring him down to normal.

Derp, responded to the wrong one last time.

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Speedtraps for the Bee Kingdom

[up][up]He's pretty much a Reality Warper himself.

[up] Black hole sucks in everyone.

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Because he could just time-freeze and teleport everyone else into rooms full of aliens.
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She single-handedly beat the commander of an alien invasion fleet along with his elite cadre of veteran soldiers people.
Pathological Monster

94. Grandmaster of Shark
Kneel before him!

Not even Satan...
Pathological Monster
^ Because he's The Hero

One avatar per post means one avatar per post

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Not dead yet.

Because armour instantly makes you powerful.

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'cos he's LEGION.

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