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YMMV: X-23
  • Broken Base: Much like her father, Laura has generated a bit of divisiveness among the fanbase.
    • Some readers view her as a Creator's Pet, claiming that whenever an X-book is taken over by Christopher Yost and/or Craig Kyle, X-23 is promoted to a lead role at the expense of other characters (in Kyle's case, this is not entirely unfounded), and because she's also often considered an A-List character rather than B- or C-List as is the case with most teenage heroes. Some New X-Men fans in particular accuse her of leading to Wind Dancer being written out of the series so Laura could jump in and take her place as Hellion's Love Interest at the same time Yost and Craig took over. Defenders will point out that while X-23 eventually did eventually develop as a romantic interest for Hellion, her stint in the book also began with her on the receiving end of a fair amount of bullying on his part (particularly over her being a clone) so she didn't really "jump in" and replace her (although Hellion does bully basically everyone not in his clique, which included Wind Dancer). Additionally, defenders will point out that other characters still received a substantial amount of focus during her time in the book, particularly Surge, Pixie and Mercury.
    • The cover for All-New X-Men #20, depicting a passionate kiss between Laura and the time-displaced teenage Cyclops has proven quite divisive among the fans, even though the kiss never actually happens in the book.
    • And yet again with the cover for issue #30, depicting a similar moment for Laura and O5 Angel. The textless preview of the same issue has caused a firestorm among fans over how Laura's interactions with Warren are portrayed.
  • Complete Monster: Dr. Zander Rice is one of the lead scientists of Weapon X's X-23 project. He has X-23 kept in a padded room except during training sessions or assassination missions, almost kills her with radiation poisoning to trigger her healing factor at the age of seven, and surgically removes her natural claws one at a time, coats them with adamantium, then reimplants them (all of this without anesthesia) at the same age. He develops a pheromone "trigger" that activates her berserker rage (which he conditioned her to respond to using Cold-Blooded Torture) and uses it to get X-23 to kill her martial arts instructor, and leaves her behind on a mission to be killed after he murders the other members of the team so he can claim they were taking fire and had to retreat. After X-23 shows back up alive, Rice then manipulates the head of the X-23 project, who had raised Rice after his father's death, into granting Rice control of the project, at which point Rice then sends X-23 to kill the man, his wife, and son - even though Rice knows the boy is his son, from an affair between Rice and the wife before her marriage (X-23 leaves the child alive). Upon taking over the project, he begins the development of embryos X-24 through X-50, which he intends to sell to the highest bidders, and then taints the one remaining person X-23 cares about, the project scientist who was her surrogate mother, with the trigger pheromone, which causes X-23 to fatally injure the woman - just as she was about to take X-23 and disappear after destroying the project complex. Rice's reasoning for all of this? His father, who worked on the original (Wolverine) Weapon X project was killed by Wolverine when he escaped, and Rice held X-23, who is Logan's genetic double, responsible for Wolverine's killing of his father.
  • Counterpart Comparison: Some people still say that she's just a female Wolverine.
  • Crack Pairing: With Spider-Man. There's a large group of people on certain imageboard that must not be named who thinks they're cute together.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: The first X-Man after Wolverine to have her own page on this site (and one of the few to have her own series). Even when she joined the New X-Men, she was easily the most popular character.
  • Fanon: Before they gave her the name Laura in the comics, some X-Men: Evolution fanfic writers would give her many different names, different from fic to fic. Some still do. Also, as it was never stated in the show, many speculate as to whether she has metal bones or not (she doesn't in the comics due to never taking the full Weapon X treatment, but in the show she was shown to).
  • Foe Yay: Kimura is positively obsessed with Laura, and takes great pleasure in torturing her whenever she has the opportunity (she approached taking a chainsaw to Laura's arm with rather disturbing enthusiasm). Much of her other behavior tends towards being stalkerish in nature, and is very comparable to that of an obsessive and jilted lover. This has not gone unnoticed by the fanbase and a certain segment has made Kimura's interest outright romantic or sexual (see Ship-to-Ship Combat below).
  • Fridge Brilliance: It was the Uni-Power (with whom Laura previously bonded) that enabled Laura to defeat the demon tempting her in The Killing Dream arc of her ongoing series:
    • When Laura is engaged in the running battle with the demon, she is confronted by a starry apparition of herself, who shows her bits and pieces from her life at the Facility. Through the memories that are pulled up, the apparition proves 1) she was not born a soulless and emotionless killing machine but was forcibly made one, and 2) her creatorsstill failed when her sparing of Henry Sutter proved she had a shred of humanity left. Stars are a major motif and source of power for the Enigma Force.
    • The apparition then disintegrates until it's left as a single, star-like point of light she absorbs into herself. Once again, the motif of stars.
    • Laura then banishes Hellverine by touching him and showing him herself, blasting him with light from her hand. Afterwards, a symbol connected to the Uni-Power appears on the palm of the same hand.
    • During Chaos Theory, Laura sacrifices herself to the Whirldemon King to break his possession of Valeria Richards, and is drawn into the dimension in which he is imprisoned. The Whirldemon King recognizes the symbol on Laura's hand, because it was Prince Wayfinder and the Enigma Force that imprisoned him in the first place. Laura then bonds with the Uni-Power again, and uses it to repair the seal on the Whirldemons' prison and escape back to earth, after which the Enigma Force designates Laura as the future heir to its power.
  • Fridge Horror: In her POV episode of Avengers Arena Laura's private thoughts reveal that the moment she walks into a room, she immediately formulates a plan of attack to kill everyone else inside it because of her training and conditioning by the Facility, and that she can't shut it off. Her mind is constantly working out how to kill everyone around her. If that's not Fridge Horror enough, remember she was hired by Reed and Sue to babysit for them in one arc of her solo series. This means that the minute she showed up for the job, her brain created a plan for killing the Richards kids.
  • Launcher of a Thousand Ships: Just see Ship-to-Ship Combat below. The girl Really Gets Around in the fandom considering she's only barely had an official relationship in the books.
  • My Real Daddy: Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost created her, but didn't introduce her to the Marvel Universe (she's a Canon Immigrant), putting her in the hands of Joe Quesada and later Chris Claremont, probably with the intention of invoking this trope; when it didn't work, they started writing her themselves. While their take was seen as superior to Quesada's and Claremont's and laid groundwork on the character, it still had its share of problems. It was Marjorie Liu's run on Laura's solo title that definitely did a lot to make fans like a character that had previously (often derisively) been called Girlverine and Mary Sue.
  • Ship-to-Ship Combat: Just like her daddy, Laura gets a fair bit of this, mainly between Helix (Hellion/Laura) fans, Laura/Jubilee fans, and fans who don't see her as having interest in relationships whatsoever. Also toss in Kimura, Gambit, Finesse, Mercury, Dust, Elixir, Fantomex, and more crack pairings such as Wither, Spidey, Hulk (see Crack Pairing above) and even Deadpool. There's even more than a few fans who ship her with Daken. And now Rule 63 and time travel is enabling the Scott/Logan Crack Pairing to live vicariously through Laura and Teen Cyke (not that it stops anyone from shipping her with the adult Scott, too). To a lesser extent, the cover preview for ANXM #30 showing Laura and Teen!Warren locked in a passionate in-flight kiss has sparked shipping for that pairing, as well (and more than a few jokes over the idea of Laura moving through the entire O5. Yes, even Jean). In fact it's amazing Quentin Quire's Stepford Cuckoo-induced Imagine Spot of himself flirting with her in Wolverine and the X-Men #4 hasn't created that pairing (yet).
    • Based on this image, it appears that Laura/Teen!Warren is actually becoming fully canon.
  • Squick: Laura's encounter with her half-brother, Daken. Once the various double-crossings are out of the way and the pair are forced to work together to take down Colcord, Daken's private thoughts about her after seeing her in action read rather... romantically. Of course, this is Daken...
  • Take That: How some fans view Peter Quill's and Teen!Bobby's comments about either not realizing Laura was even with them, or not even bothering to learn her name. These comments are widely viewed as Bendis's response to reader complaints about Laura's out of character voice and her not having anything to do on the team in All-New X-Men.
  • The Woobie: Even taking the whole "raising a child to be an assassin" thing into consideration, Laura's upbringing was far harsher than it had to be. And this is on top of repeated Yank the Dog's Chain and From Bad to Worse moments every time it looks like she might have a chance to turn her life around. The poor girl just can't catch a break!
    • Iron Woobie: Despite just how badly Laura wants a normal life, she will keep on fighting to protect others because she must. Recruiting her for X-Force was acknowledged to be a tremendous mistake for her well-being by everyone involved, but Laura still accepted the position anyway, and has proven time and again her willingness to sacrifice herself for others.
    • Stoic Woobie: Despite all she's been through, though, Laura seldom actually talks about it. But mostly because her emotionally-abusive upbringing has left her with a poor understanding of how to express herself, to the point that she frequently cuts herself. When she does break down, she's prone to bouts of severe if not suicidal depression.
  • Word of God: Bendis's explanation for Laura's apparently out of character voice is that it is a result of her being "changed" by Murderworld. The fans, however, aren't buying it.
    • The same can be said for Marjorie Liu's explanation for the ending of x-23 #19, in which Laura tells Jullian that she doesn't feel anything for him. In this case however, it had less to do with the point of view of the author and more with the execution of the scene, which was found to be rushed by many, to the poin some people think that it was an editorial mandate.
  • Yank the Dog's Chain: Out of Universe example. When it was announced that Christopher Yost and Craig Kyle would write Laura again in Amazing Xmen, her fans celebrated, since they were dissapointed with the way she was portrayed in All-New X-Men. Unfortunately it was revealed this was falsely reported and there were never plans for Laura to appear in Amazing.

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