Awesome / X-23

  • X-23's first appearance in X-Men: Evolution. She's put through Training from Hell by HYDRA, escapes, breaks into SHIELD, then takes out every single member of the X Men except for Logan, and he was clearly outmatched and had to convince her that he was a victim the same as she was.
    • Her second appearance had her trying to fight off Logan who was trying to protect her from Omega Red and Deadshot who were hired by HYDRA to capture her. She makes no bones this is so he won't be a target and after they are cornered and captured X-23 reveals it was her plan all along, to get inside HYDRA so she could kill them all, and make it look like she died in the attack so no one else would come after her. She succeeds, evading even Nick Fury who was after her.
  • In The Killing Dream, Claudine Renko (Miss Sinister) attempts to pull a Grand Theft Me on her since she thinks Laura's Healing Factor will prevent Mr. Sinister from gaining control of her body, and using it to return from a previous death. The plan backfires and Sinister himself transfers his consciousness into Laura's body instead. And then Laura kicks him out.
    Laura: Get out of my head!
    • If that doesn't sound impressive enough, remember this is Sinister: One of the top Crazy-Prepared Manipulative Bastards and among the most powerful human mutates in the Marvel Universe.
  • The ass-kicking Laura delivers to Rice at the end of Innocence Lost is not only incredibly brutal, but incredibly satisfying to see as well. Look at the time on her mission clock when she begins, and again when she's done. She's pounding on him for ten. Fucking. Minutes. Laura could easily have killed him within less than a second, but she put away her claws so she could go to work on him with her bare hands. She's giving him back the thirteen years of abuse she suffered at his hands in the space of less than thirteen minutes, and he deserved every second of it.
  • Laura's combined Shut Up, Hannibal! / Armor-Piercing Question to Daken when they team up to take down Malcolm Colcord. Daken doesn't understand why Laura holds back, as he believes what they are makes them superior to everyone else, and her concerns for others makes her weak. Laura has none of that, and without even pausing to think tells him that she's made a decision to fight for something bigger than herself. She then turns his question around on him, and asks why he's afraid to allow himself to care for someone other than himself. This shuts him down entirely and he's unable to think of a comeback. Manipulative Bastard that he is, Daken is completely stumped by the question.
  • During World War Hulk, Laura was one of the only people who managed to slow down Hulk in direct combat. She allowed him to grab her, bringing her close enough that she could put her foot claws into play, putting out his eyes and actually inconveniencing him. When Logan tried the same trick later, it only worked because Hulk let him.
  • When one of Zebra Daddy's former goons flippantly remarks about how Daddy gave his boys discounts with the prostitutes, but he never got the chance to have a go with her, Laura promptly tells him he'll never get to have her or any other woman again. And then she makes sure that it's true. By impaling him through the groin on her claws.
    • Then X convinces the woman he was with to show her and Jubilee where he kept the other girls. It's a den of drugged up girls and pedophiles. First them, then SHIELD. pull a Big Damn Heroes saving the victims.
  • And speaking of Big Damn Heroes moments, Laura playing The Cavalry during Stryker's attack on the school in New X-Men. The adults present are quickly rendered ineffective, and except for Dust, the kids are only able to put up a token defense at best. Then Laura arrives and utterly destroys the Purifiers attacking the school. Single-handed.
    • She takes part in yet another during Messiah Complex: Laura is a part of the X-Force team who arrive to take on Lady Deathstrike and the Reavers after they previously ambushed Cable. Laura is very angry, and makes very short work of Deathstrike for nearly killing Hellion.
    • And again against the Future Brotherhood in All-New X-Men. While she had some help from Jean masking her from Xavier, Jr., Laura's surprise attack turns the tide of the fight by both severely wounding Xavier and helping to break his hold over the Brotherhood.
  • Laura standing up to a Phoenix-possessed Emma Frost and attacking her when she tries to destroy Juston's Sentinel in the Avengers Academy tie-in to Avengers vs. X-Men.
    • For that matter, the fact that Laura (and the other kids) are pretty much the collective Only Sane Man of AvX, and that Laura personally is the one that convinced the other kids that the captive younger X-Men deserve the freedom to choose their part for themselves.
  • A double-whammy in Wolverines#15:
    • Although the duel between Daken and Siphon is personal, she utterly takes control of the conflict. She directs Blade in disabling Siphon and forcing him to back down from killing him, and talks Daken down from doing so by pointing out killing Siphon would never be enough for him. And all the while empathizing with Siphon when she realizes that, like her, Siphon was made a killer.
    • And then at the end of the issue she reveals to Mystique that she knows how to identify her, and won't tell her how she did it and will leave her guessing. And then tells her she's not just going to play along with Mystique's game and be used.
  • Kiden Nixon threatening Wolverine during the X-23 one-shot, when she thinks that Laura has returned to hooking and he's her pimp. Logan takes an instant liking to her.