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YMMV: Warrior Cats: Dawn of the Clans
  • Alas, Poor Scrappy: Before the release of Thunder Rising, Moon Shadow wasn't that well liked a character. Now, his former haters are mourning his death.
  • Awesome Art: The cover art of The First Battle is just amazing.
  • Base Breaker:
    • Clear Sky. Is he a sympathetic antagonist with a believable Freudian Excuse, or is he just a hypocritical jerk who deserves to die?
    • Storm is either seen as an interesting and fun she-cat or a boring excuse to create romance drama.
  • Broken Base:
    • The time period of the series. Some fans like the idea of a prequel and think The Last Hope wrapped things up well, while other fans want to know what happens after the battle. However, it appears to be dying down with the positive reception of The Sun Trail.
    • The treatment of she-cats in The Sun Trail. Some fans think that the she-cats got shafted in terms of character development and the book is full of misogyny. Other fans don't agree and think the complainers are just being obsessive.
  • Come for the X, Stay for the Y:
    • Come for the deaths, stay for the character development.
    • Come for Gray Wing, stay for Tall Shadow (or Jagged Peak).
  • Continuity Lockout: After the amount generated by Power of Three and Omen of the Stars, this arc for the most part avoids it. Someone with no knowledge of the rest of the Warrior Cats series could pick up a copy of The Sun Trail and completely understand it. However, it still exists in small qualities. If this is a reader's first Warriors book, the beginning scenes featuring the Tribe will lose some of their impact, and the last chapter's rather awe-inspiring reveal about Thunder will fall so flat that new readers won't even realize that it's a twist.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse:
    • Before the release of The Sun Trail, Silver Frost, a Tribe elder, got the most love out of the characters.
    • Now that The Sun Trail is out, the most popular characters are Tall Shadow and Jagged Peak, the former of which has already spawned her own meme.
    • River Ripple has been declared by many to be the best part of Thunder Rising.
    • Nightheart has appeared only twice and spoken very few lines, but she's a pretty popular character.
  • Internet Backdraft: The Sun Trail and feminism. If you bring it up, prepare for a Flame War.
  • It Gets Better: It's generally agreed that while The Sun Trail is awesome, it takes a little while to get truly amazing.
  • Just Here for Godzilla:
    • Some fans admitted to reading The Sun Trail solely because they wanted to see River. Subverted in that he's the only Clan founder that didn't show up until the second book, Thunder Rising. Then fans could enjoy his presence.
    • Quite a few fans only read the book because of the beginning scenes with the Tribe.
  • Launcher of a Thousand Ships: Gray Wing has been shipped with Bright Stream, Turtle Tail, Rainswept Flower, and Storm.
  • Les Yay: There are a surprising number of fans who ship Turtle Tail and Bumble.
  • Memetic Badass: Deadpan Snarker + Black Comedy + Being the founder of the most fearsome Clan = Tall Shadow, a legendary badass among the fandom.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • "Shaded Moss, actually", Tall Shadow's legendary retort when Moon Shadow sarcastically asks who died and made her leader.
    • Snake from The First Battle being a Clear Sky fanboy has spread to tumblr. Some examples (mandatory bad art).
  • One-Scene Wonder: Nightheart showed up, spoke two lines to Gray Wing and Clear Sky, then swam off. A fanbase was born.
  • Sacred Cow: The Sun Trail has become one for fans. Bash it at your own risk.
  • Win Back the Crowd: After the lukewarm reception of The Last Hope and Yellowfang's Secret, The Sun Trail's faster pace and fresh ideas made a lot of fans declare it one of the greatest books in the series. And if it didn't win the crowd back, then The First Battle definitely did.

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