Heartwarming / Warrior Cats: Dawn of the Clans

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    The Sun Trail 
  • In the prologue, Silver Frost at first looks cruel when she takes food from a kit. Then it turns out that she's trying to give the food to another elder named Misty Water. She really is a good friend.
  • From the prologue, Half Moon's determination to meet up with Jay's Wing again. Even though she'll have to wait fifty years, she will never give up on him.
  • Silver Frost shipping Gray Wing with Turtle Tail is adorable.
  • Jagged Peak and Fluttering Bird fulfill the role of cute kits. Even with the hard times, these two still manage to be light-hearted.
  • At the end, Thunder finds a Parental Substitute in Gray Wing.
  • All throughout the time in the mountains, Dewy Leaf is snippish with Moon Shadow, and appears to dislike him. Then, when Gray Wing is about to leave, she asks him to tell Moon Shadow that she hopes he's happy. It's really nice seeing that she did care about Moon Shadow.
  • Throughout their journey to find the Followers of the Sun Trail, Gray Wing has insisted on Jagged Peak eating the food that he catches himself. However, when Jagged Peak brings back a shrew, he only eats part of it, and pushes the rest over to Gray Wing. When Gray Wing protests, Jagged Peak tells him, "We share. It's the proper way." It's a small moment, but is touching nonetheless.
  • Fox telling Petal that she's better than she thinks she is.
  • Petal finally having her faith in other cats restored when she meets Clear Sky.

    Thunder Rising 
  • Gray Wing and Turtle Tail become mates at last.
  • After Clear Sky kicks Frost out of the community, Thunder stands up to him and helps the latter while in exile.

    The First Battle 
  • After the harsh titular battle that takes place at the Four Trees, the spirits of cats that had died in the battle show up. Not only that, but the cats that died before arrive. Including Turtle Tail, Shaded Moss, Storm, Jackdaw's Cry, Falling Feather, and much more.
  • Gray Wing tries his best to comfort Wind Runner after Emberkit dies. She snaps at him and wishes grief on him...only to apologize for it chapters later. Gray Wing forgives her. Awww.

    The Blazing Star 
  • Gray Wing meeting Slate. Looks like he may find some happiness after all.
  • Clear Sky and Jagged Peak reconcile at last. D'awww.
  • The whole book seems to be a bone thrown to Jagged Peak after all the hell he went through. He gets a mate and becomes a father! Yay!
  • After heated words, Gray Wing and Jagged Peak get into a fight. Clear Sky steps in and breaks the fight up, showing that he's come a long way from his time as a villain.

    A Forest Divided 
  • Clear Sky saved Jagged Peak's kits from a crow, then helped them to get down from the tree. After that, he helped them to get down. He probably changed his altitude.