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Dawn of the Clans shows the origins of the five Clans of Warrior Cats. Much speculation for the series has been made, and you can add yours here.

Beware of unmarked spoilers! As this is a WMG page, there will be no spoiler tags for any of the events of the series. If you are not completely up to date on The Sun Trail, Thunder Rising, The First Battle, and The Blazing Star, you have been warned.

Shaded Moss will die
Given his role as the leader of the "New Territory Crew", he's pretty much guaranteed to bite it. My bet is that he doesn't even make it through The Sun Trail.
  • Confirmed. He gets hit by a monster just before they reach their new home.

River is in what will become RiverClan territory
Several people have noticed the absence of River in The Sun Trail. My theory is that he's across the river from the characters, and since nobody swims across to check the other side, they haven't seen him. So either Nightheart will mention him, Falling Feather or Dappled Pelt will swim over and meet him, or he'll come to the other side for whatever reason.
  • Confirmed in Thunder Rising.

Lightningtail will be a kit of Hawk Swoop
There have been no cats seen with a name similar to Lightningtailís, which could mean that he hasnít been born yet. It makes sense that Thunderís first deputy would be a cat he considered his brother]. Also works because Hawk Swoop mentions that she does want to live in the forest, but she didnít go with because she didnít want the group to split. That means that she will probably end up in ThunderClan, and her kits and foster kit might follow.
  • In Thunder Rising, this is 100% confirmed. Lightning Tail is Hawk Swoop's son and Thunder's adoptive brother!

Lightningtail will be a she-kit
And she will either be Thunder's foster sister, or his mate. Or both.
  • As of Thunder Rising, this is jossed, as Lightning Tail is male.

Petal is going to be SkyClan's first medicine cat
Now that Fox is dead, maybe she's going to stop fighting and decide to take up medicine? You never know.
  • Doesn't seem likely in Thunder Rising and The First Battle, as she's still fighting.
  • She dies.

Lionblaze is his own Grandpaw!
One of the Followers of the Sun Trail is the kit, or grandkit, of Lion's Roar. They will have kits with another cat, and their kit will have kits with one of Wind's kits. Maybe it's Hawk Swoop who is a kit of Lion's Roar? If Wind's kit and a descendant of Lion's Roar have kits, then one day their descendants will give birth to Ashfoot, who will have Crowfeather, who will father Lionblaze, thereby making Lionblaze descended from himself.

Possible Clans for the characters

Unconfirmed Characters

  • Quick Water
    • SkyClan, where she currently is.
    • ShadowClan
  • Petal
    • SkyClan, because of how much she respects Clear Sky.
  • Nightheart
    • RiverClan, because she is seen swimming in her first appearance. As well, she's River Ripple's best friend and a Cat of the River.
  • Acorn Fur
    • ThunderClan, given that both of her brothers are going there.
  • Sparrow Fur
    • WindClan, given her distaste with Thunder and Lightning Tail, and that at least on of Turtle Tail's kits should stay with Gray Wing.
    • ShadowClan, to stay with Pebble Heart.
  • Leaf
    • SkyClan, given that he's part of the forest group at the moment.
  • Dew
    • SkyClan
    • ShadowClan
  • Thorn
    • Seems likely to die before the Clans are born, given that he's sickly in The First Battle and The Blazing Star will be about the cats struggling with illness.
  • Nightheart's Brother
    • RiverClan, because he's a Cat of the River.
  • Nettle
    • ThunderClan. He only joined Clear Sky because he had nowhere else to go, and he seems to respect Thunder more than Clear Sky.
  • Birch
    • SkyClan, since he's there right now.
    • ShadowClan
  • Alder
    • ShadowClan
    • SkyClan
  • Swift
    • ThunderClan, because she lives in the forest and runs into Thunder and Lightning Tail in The First Battle

Confirmed Characters

  • Gray Wing (Confirmed Proto WindClan leader by Word of God)
  • Clear Sky (Confirmed SkyClan by Cloudstar's Journey)
  • Turtle Tail (None. Dies in The First Battle.)
    • Almost certainly WindClan.
  • Jagged Peak (Confirmed WindClan by The Ultimate Guide.)
    • ThunderClan if he heals, because of his tracking skills and love of the forest. Hopefully he wouldn't want to go back to Clear Sky.
  • Tall Shadow (Confirmed ShadowClan by Word of God and The Ultimate Guide)
  • Moon Shadow (None. Dies in Thunder Rising)
  • Shattered Ice (Confirmed RiverClan by A Forest Divided)
  • Cloud Spots (Confirmed ThunderClan by Word of God and The Ultimate Guide)
  • Dappled Pelt (Confirmed RiverClan by Word of God and The Ultimate Guide)
  • Jackdaw's Cry (None. Dies in The First Battle)
    • Most likely WindClan, as the original version of Tallstar's Revenge referred to him as WindClan, and he's a good tunneler.
  • Falling Feather (None. Dies in The First Battle)
    • Almost certainly RiverClan, since she likes to swim.
  • Rainswept Flower (None. Dies in The First Battle)
    • ThunderClan, because of her tracking skills.
    • Thunder Rising and The Ultimate Guide suggest WindClan because she seems like she's going to get together with Jagged Peak, and he's confirmed WindClan.
  • Hawk Swoop (None. Dies in The First Battle)
    • WindClan, to stay with her mate Jackdaw's Cry is he is WindClan.
  • Wind (Confirmed WindClan)
  • Gorse (Confirmed WindClan)
  • Frost (None. Dies in The First Battle)
    • Based on Thunder Rising and The Ultimate Guide he is apparently going to live out the rest of his days in the moor, so it seems to be WindClan for him.
    • SkyClan
  • Bumble (None. Dies in Thunder Rising.)
  • Thunder (Confirmed ThunderClan)

Wind will move in with the moor group because she's pregnant
Wind has to join up with the other cats of the moor to earn their trust if she's going to be the leader of the WindClan ones, and she also has to have kits at some point because Ashfoot is her descendant. I can't see Wind being pregnant as a leader, but I can see her having kits before the founding of the Clans. I imagine that Thunder Rising will have the Followers of the Sun Trail bring in Wind and Gorse because they don't just want to leave a pregnant queen out there on the moor. Also, Thunder isn't yet old enough to reasonably lead a Clan, so there will probably be enough time between her pregnancy and the founding of the Clans for Wind's kits to not need her any more.
  • With preview chapters out for The First Battle, this is Jossed, as Tall Shadow finally invites her to join the group because of tensions with Clear Sky. However, she does appear to be pregnant.

The final villain of Dawn of the Clans
Clear Sky is a great antagonist, but he's pretty sympathetic and will have to work with the other founders after the Clans are made. The true villain could be:
  • Lightningtail
  • A cat that got screwed over by the Clan system and wants revenge. The Clans have to defeat them to prove that their way of life is viable and can survive.
  • A truly evil cat that wants to destroy the Clans because they can.
  • Someone even more sympathetic than Clear Sky.
  • The inevitable Scourge expy.
    • One-Eye ends up becoming the antagonist. However, he dies after one book and gets replaced by one of his followers, Slash.

Alternatively, Frost will be the main villain of Dawn of the Clans
The main villain of a given Warriors arc will usually appear in the first book, and Frost seems to be the biggest jerk in The Sun Trail. Therefore, he will be the villain.
  • According to leaked Thunder Rising spoilers, this seems unlikely, as Frost is one of the first members of ThunderClan and seems to be Thunder's friend.
  • Now that Thunder Rising is out, it's safe to say that this isn't happening.
  • And fully jossed with his death in The First Battle.

There will be a sixth Clan, but it will get destroyed early on
It will exist just to bring about some sort of Mass "Oh, Crap!" from the readers. I can see the Erins doing this.
  • False. However, Tall Shadow's group splits up, and the remaining cats abandon camp to start a new life in the pine forest.

The reason for the title of The First Battle
I think we all know that it will be the battle mentioned in the Secrets of the Clans origin story. However, it's called that because after it's done River insists it was "The First Battle". Someone else will point out that there have been plenty of battles already, but River will protest because he wasn't a part of them, and then keep bugging the other Clan Founders about it until they give up and just let it him dub it The First Battle.
  • Jossed. River Ripple doesn't even participate in The First Battle.

Unknown positions
There are still a few positions whose holders are still unknown.
  • ShadowClan deputy
    • Moon Shadow (Jossed. He's dead.)
    • Rainswept Flower (Unlikely, due to her Ship Tease with Jagged Peak.) (Jossed now due to her death in The First Battle.)
    • A new, not yet revealed character.
  • RiverClan deputy
    • Falling Feather (Jossed due to her death in The First Battle)
    • Nightheart
  • SkyClan deputy
    • Quick Water
    • Petal
    • Frost (Jossed, he's almost certainly WindClan.)(Jossed due to his death in The First Battle.)
  • SkyClan medcat
    • Petal (Jossed due to her death in "The Blazing Star")

Mothflight will have a point of view in The Blazing Star or Dawn of the Clans 5
It's pretty clear that the Clans will be founded at the end of The First Battle, and Tallstar's Revenge shows that Mothflight is still the first medicine cat. Therefore, she's still going to discover the Moonstone. And since she'll do it after leaving WindClan, wouldn't it be logical to have her point of view showing her journey and the awe she feels at discovering the Moonstone? She could still have a P.O.V. in Dawn of the Clans 6, but I doubt that she'll discover the Moonstone there simply because it's the climax and the story wouldn't have enough time to set things up.
  • Jossed. The point of views remain the same after "The First Battle". However, Moth Flight has gotten her own Super Edition!

The Clans will each have about 10 cats to begin with
Yes, the Clans in the main series are much larger. But that can come with time. At the end of The Sun Trail, we have 22 characters hanging around the forest. If the Erins want to avoid having too many characters and losing focus, then they shouldn't introduce too many more. This way, they could introduce, say, 20 characters in each of the next two books, leaving them room for more deaths and characters not joining the Clans.
  • As of the end of The First Battle, there are about 30 cats that can potentially be Clan cats. Unless there is a massive influx of characters in The Blazing Star, the starting Clans will probably be smaller than that.

Mothflight will discover the Moonstone in Dawn of the Clans, but it will be offscreen
The Erins want to do a Mothflight Super Edition, and it's likely to be the 2015 Super Edition that Kate is writing. However, if the release schedule's pattern stays consistent, then the 2015 Super Edition will come out between Dawn of the Clans 5 and Dawn of the Clans 6. Cloudspots and Dapplepelt were set up in The Sun Trail, and if the Mothflight Super Edition takes place after Dawn of the Clans 6, it will contain spoilers. Therefore, one of the books will probably have Wind exile Mothflight, only for her to return later, having found the Moonstone. This will become a plot point, but Mothflight's story will only be told in full in the Super Edition.
  • Jossed by "Moth Flight's Vision". This Super Edition comes out after "Path of Stars", and takes place after the said book.

The "bad thing" Pebble Heart dreams about is a horde of foxes
It's already been established that there are foxes lurking around the forest, and they have had an impact on both books in the series so far. There has to be a final battle where the Clans prove that they can survive, and foxes seem to be an appropriate enemy. Foxes just seem like an appropriate major threat for this arc.

Gray Wing and Turtle Tail will die in The First Battle
It's confirmed the book where the Clans are founded, but Gray Wing isn't going to be a leader. As well, there's been foreshadowing of this throughout both The Sun Trail and Thunder Rising. And in The First Battle, Gray Wing seems to be the only reason Thunder is still on the moor. If Gray Wing dies, Thunder will leave. Plus, Pebble Heart's dreams ("Kin shouldn't fight!" and "You and Turtle Tail were both gone") imply that they will die. One more thing: In The Ultimate Guide, every "Early Settler" profile mentions what they did after the battle (Thunder, Clear Sky, Tall Shadow, River Ripple, and Wind Runner founded a Clan, Jagged Peak raised a family on the moor, Frost lived out his life on the moor, Dappled Pelt joined RiverClan, Cloud Spots joined ThunderClan, Gorse Fur lived life on the moor with Wind Runner). However, Gray Wing's profile uses ambiguous wording ("Although he never became a leader, Gray Wing would be known to later generations as Graywing the Wise") to avoid telling us if he survives the battle, and Turtle Tail's profile ends with Gray Wing becoming her mate, never even mentioning the battle.
  • Split between jossed and confirmed. Gray Wing doesn't die in The First Battle (not to say he can't die later), while Turtle Tail does.

Wind is pregnant in The First Battle
The preview chapters repeatedly refer to her as "plump", when she's usually wiry. Plus, she has to have Moth Flight sometime.
  • Confirmed. She gives birth to four kits, one of them clearly Moth Flight, in The First Battle.

Rabbittail will appear in the series
With Mothflight confirmed, the lost tunneler is one of the few early days cats that isn't known to be in the series. The Erins are putting basically everyone in, so why not him? He could possibly be Moth Flight's brother.
  • It's possible. Wind Runner has two unnamed sons in The First Battle. One of them could be him.
    • Rabbittail being Wind Runner's kit is now jossed, as Kate has confirmed that the unnamed kits are called Dust Muzzle and Morning Whisker.
      • Jossed. Rabbittail never appears, even in the lore.

Thunder and Lightning Tail will come into conflict with each other at some point
Lightning Tail is going to be Thunder's deputy, but he won't be leader. Him becoming some kind of enemy to Thunder could explain it. As well, it would nicely mirror Gray Wing and Clear Sky's relationship.
  • They do have a conflict in "The Blazing Star". However, it gets resolved by the end of the book.

Tall Shadow is a Point of View Character in The First Battle
Yes, with four point of views it could lead to a cramped affair like Night Whispers, but she is on the cover.
  • Jossed. Only Thunder, Gray Wing, Clear Sky, and Wind Runner (in the Bonus Scene) are POV characters in The First Battle. However, she will be a point of view character in A Forest Divided.

Gray Wing's mate is Tall Shadow
Kate confirmed that Gray Wing will be getting another mate and will have kits with her, and the only mateless she-cats that are around his age are Tall Shadow, Quick Water, Dappled Pelt, and Petal. Since Petal hates him and has Unresolved Sexual Tension with Clear Sky, Dappled Pelt is a medicine cat and probably won't be taking a mate, and Quick Water is a bit player who is part of the Forest Group, Tall Shadow seems like the logical choice. As well, Gray Wing is one of the few cats that Tall Shadow is comfortable opening up to, and he's been praising her since The Sun Trail. Also, Tall Shadow is the only one of the five Clan Founders who doesn't have a love interest (Clear Sky has Petal, Wind Runner has Gorse Fur, Thunder has Acorn Fur, and River Ripple has Nightheart), so it seems likely that she could get one.
  • Jossed by Kate. Gray Wing's mate is introduced in The Blazing Star.

Gray Wing will be called out for keeping Slash a secret
Clear Sky especially will be angry with him.
  • Jossed

Gray Wing will die in Path of Stars
The final battle for the survival of the clans has to come at a significant price for both the characters and the readers, since it's a Foregone Conclusion that the clans will form. Gray Wing is the only one who has been a main character for the whole arc, has strong to ties to each of the five groups, and doesn't go on to hold a major title in the future of the clans.
  • Sadly confirmed