Funny / Warrior Cats: Dawn of the Clans

The Sun Trail
  • This exchange from The Sun Trail delves into a little black comedy and earned Tall Shadow the eternal respect of many a fan.
    Moon Shadow: "Who died and made you leader?"
    Tall Shadow: "Shaded Moss, actually."
  • Gray Wing telling Jagged Peak that he is not to try to catch a sheep.
  • Nightheart coming out of absolutely nowhere to yell at Clear Sky and Gray Wing.
  • Due to Quiet Water's fear of getting wet, Jagged Peak jokingly gives her the nickname "No Water".
  • Gray Wing saying that Jagged Peak looks like a demented snow hare.
  • Storm calling Gray Wing "Gray Whatsit", especially since it's a reference to Into the Wild.
  • Pretty much everything about Moon Shadow, given that he's a mix of Crowfeather and Berrynose. From being constantly yelled at by Dewy Leaf to be referred to only as "that idiot" by his leader, Moon Shadow is the best Butt-Monkey in the series.
  • Gray Wing finding the Followers of the Sun Trail. At first it looks like he's having a prophetic dream about them, which is obviously intended to make readers cringe. Then it turns out that he's been sleeping just underneath them, and he's been hearing their voices as they sleep. It comes off as the Erins massively trolling the audience.

Thunder Rising
  • Gray Wing's flawless Wind detection sense.
    "Hmm. When there's a fleeing rabbit there's bound to be-there she is!"
  • Wind and Gorse promise to help Turtle Tail catch a pigeon....but Gorse is hungry so he just catches it himself.
  • River Ripple being a delicate eater. "I'm a cat that's full of surprises."
  • When Pebble Heart tells Gray Wing that he's been working out herbs, Gray Wing worries that he's going to start eating random berries to see what they do.

The First Battle
  • Thunder kinda freaks out when River Ripple eats a lizard in front of him.

The Blazing Star

A Forest Divided
  • While spending time at Wind Runner's camp, Gray Wing decides to go home shortly. But when Slate arrives, he quickly changes his mind, thinking "Maybe tomorrow".