YMMV / Unreal Tournament III

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  • Complete Monster: Akasha is the Necris High Inquisitor of the Necris forces in Story Mode. Described as one who "slaughters civilians for a living", Akasha led the the Twin Souls massacre that killed the friends and family of James "Reaper" Hawkins and his sister, Sarah "Jester" Hawkins, with Terrence "Othello" Marshall being an unfortunate witness to the bloodshed. Also commanding the Krall, she has them raze an unknown human colony at the beginning, an operation she personally led, rendering Reaper himself unconscious after gunning down a soldier. Hiding out in "Sentinel" for the rest of the story, Akasha has her forces continue their tirade on Taryd and the rest of Earth, including the complete destruction and takeover of a thriving city. When Reaper finally confronts Akasha in her stronghold, she taunts him all throughout the ensuing struggle. She mocks him going alone, claims his mortality in his weakness, and—worst of all—says he dies too quickly "like his family". A ruthless Necris who thinks she will become invincible, Akasha caused far more damage in the war than any other faction.
  • Contested Sequel: See Critical Backlash and Misblamed below. Aside from that, the rather contrived Excuse Plot explanation for many of the Tournament mechanics, such as Deathmatch to wear off regenerator (that allows respawning) capability and capture the FLAG (Field Lattice Generator which powers a different type regenerator) doesn't win favors of many people. The Real Is Brown in contrast to the rather colorful Unreal Tournament 2004 maps is also criticized, despite the game features improved graphics, still fast paced action, and well balanced, although formulaic, weaponry.
  • Crazy Awesome: Bishop.
  • Critical Backlash: Sure, it isn't Unreal Tournament or Unreal Tournament 2004, but Unreal Tournament III has received a lot of unfair misblaming for what it isn't rather for what it is.
  • Epileptic Trees: Debates are still on about if he's the same Othello as the one who was in the Thunder Crash team in the past Tournament games.
  • Game-Breaker:
    • The Shock Rifle combo and the Sniper Rifle.
    • The Darkwalker in DM-HeatRay.
    • The turret in the map DM-Deimos.
  • Gameplay Derailment: A lot of people complained that the vehicles derailed the fast gameplay of UT3, even when vehicles aren't available in common gametypes. (Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture The Flag... well, there's just one exception, but still...)
  • Harsher in Hindsight:
    • One of the Bonus Pack 2 maps from Unreal Tournament 2004, AS-BP2-Jumpship, retells a story about a squad of Izanagi soldiers infiltrating Liandri space and hijack a jumpship in order to be able to make space jumps without the need of a gate. Fast forward to this game, and another Izanagi team, the Ronin, hijacks a ship in order to jump to Necris space.
    • Akasha's first line in the final match. Until the free reboot, the series wouldn't see another installment for a long time.
    "My patience for games has worn thin"
  • Misblamed: Although often referred to as a flop, and even one of the biggest failures in videogame history, in reality only the PC version sold particularly poorly on its initial release. The console versions actually sold pretty well, and even the PC version began selling a lot better (albeit at a significantly discounted price) when it was brought to Steam. Unfortunately though, even the console versions got overshadowed by the likes of Halo 3, which led to impressions that the series was yesterday's news.
  • Player Punch: In the final battle, you'll receive three "X has fallen" messages. Replace X for Othello, Jester and Bishop. And then, in the final cutscene, a Necris soldier drops a mortally wounded Jester in the floor. Cue Reaper swearing revenge against Malcolm.
  • That One Level: In the campaign, Torlan Delta, with the Leviathan and the two Darkwalkers, against the Krall.
    • Also, the final battle against Akasha in the higher levels.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: The general reaction towards this game, going farther as splitting the mod community, with model/skin makers annoyed at Epic's screwing around with custom skeletons. Unreal Tournament 3 is still moddable although the mod community isn't as large as it was with Unreal Tournament 2004.