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YMMV: The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
  • Girls Need Role Models: Out of all the Hundred Acre Wood residents, Kanga has the most common sense. This is in great contrast to her original book counterpart who was just as stupid as the males.
    • She's also cast in something of a Team Mom role, mind.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Despite heavy amounts of Nightmare Retardant trying to make the monsters as cuddly as possible, the song "Heffalumps and Woozles" scared the bejeezus out of many children. Justified because, well, it's Pooh's nightmare.
    • A lot of viewers were also freaked out by the Pooh doll winking at the end of both the film and the original shorts. Chalk it up to the surreality of it (some were left fearing that their own dolls would come to life), and the fact that it comes out of nowhere if you're not expecting it. The dramatic fanfares heard during the closings don't help, either.
      • Although, as one YouTube user put it, " If you think this is creepy, than stay the hell away from Toy Story ".
    • Then there's also Rabbit's slowly going insane when he's lost in the woods and the noises about him are fueling his paranoia (fittingly this scene was in fact animated by Don Bluth during his early run at Disney). Sort of doubles as a Funny Moment if you weren't scared.
    • Let's not forget the whole idea of the Rabbit's plan. Rabbit is seen as mature and somewhat level-headed as opposed to most of the residents of 100 Acre Woods. Yet he has no problem leading Tigger to his possible death. Not to mention him dragging Piglet and Pooh along for the ride, making them accessory to murder. When Tigger reveals that Tiggers never get lost, Rabbit was visibly DISSAPOINTED. That's right kids, it's ok to abandon your friends to die or be traumatized only if they annoy you!
  • Memetic Mutation: An image of Pooh reclining in Rabbit's house in the Tigger Too segment is a popular image on 4chan, with one image having the Scumbag Steve hat put on him.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: A Day For Eeyore sometimes elicits this reaction from fans of the first three shorts due to substantial differences in animation, voices, and music.

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