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YMMV: Steam Train
  • Arc Fatigue: Despite only being four episodes, their Civilization V: Brave New World series is three hours long. That, combined with the hosts' general ignorance of the game, makes it hard for some fans to sit through it all.
  • Base Breaker:
    • Fans are unsure whether or not Ross's attitude of being The Load during Fortune Street is charming and silly, or annoying and whiny.
  • Broken Base:
    • The show was revealed on the exact same day Jon Tron left Game Grumps, thus causing the base to shatter even further. RubberRoss confirmed that the timing of Steam Train's beginning was terrible and the show had nothing to do with Jon's departure.
    • One of the most unpopular aspects of the original show is the duo's general inability to Read the Freaking Manual and instead whine about not understanding the controls. This carried over to Steam Train, making certain episodes very frustrating to watch for people familiar with what is being played. The They Bleed Pixels series, for instance, has Arin and Ross complain at the inclusion of a forced tutorial, and then again when they fail to perform certain tasks because they didn't pay proper attention.
    • The Eryi's Action series. Some don't like Ross's uncharacteristic grumpiness, some don't like Arin's attitude, some think they should play a "better" Platform Hell game, and others think it's fine and hilarious as usual.
  • Ear Worm:
    • The intro:
    Dan: We bought too many games!
    Ross: Now we gotta play them all...
    Dan: So all aboard the Steam Train!
    Both: Choo choo!
    • The Steam Rolled intro:
    There's four of us, here tonight!
    Chugga chugga choo choo, time to fight!
    (God dammit, Ross...)
  • Growing the Beard:
    • The first episode of Hotline Miami was derided by a huge portion of the Game Grumps fandom for a variety of different reasons, ranging from the over-abundance of silly voices to a total lack of skill with the game despite playing the tutorial to resentful feelings toward Dan for being on both shows on the channel. Just a day later, the first episode of Castle Crashers debuted to a much better, largely positive, although still average reception. Many fans have pointed out that their chemistry is developing in much the same way that Jon and Arin's did in the first few episodes of its parent show. "Castle Crashers 2" is the first episode to receive a generally very positive reception, with many noting that, while they still didn't find it quite as funny as Game Grumps, they still found it very funny and entertaining.
    • Steam Rolled — special episodes focusing on four-player multiplayer games where Barry and Suzy participate in addition to Arin, Dan and Ross — was a well-received variation on the usual format, and helped cement the show's place within the channel.
  • Memetic Mutation: "God dammit, Ross" has caught on as a joke both inside and outside the show; it is often used to reinforce Ross's Butt Monkey status. By the time of The Stanley Parable, it has become such a big part of the show that the demo version they were sent includes the actual narrator saying the line as part of specially recorded audio.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Doubling as Paranoia Fuel, during a Skyrim episode, Barry's omniscience is discussed. He reacts by superimposing an eye and some really creepy music onto the screen as Ross and Danny continue commentating, oblivious.
    • Their creatures in Spore. Giant penises running around mauling everything in their path.
  • Replacement Scrappy: The South Park: The Stick of Truth series, for replacing the unexpectedly popular Go! Go! Nippon! series. The fact that the game is considered bad for Let's Plays and Ross continually spoiling jokes, later plot points, and a complete inability to upgrade or gather friends doesn't help.
  • Rescued Fromthe Scrappy Heap: Go! Go! Nippon! had a cold start due to the first episode being reminsc of Hot Line Miami with Arin and Ross reading text with funny voices. Not even a minute into the second episode Arin suggests changing gears and aside from the finale the funny voices are abandoned and Arin tells stories about Japan, Ross jokes about Splatta-Doo Specials and some near nudity here and there. The series ended up being one of the more memorable ones.
  • The Scrappy: The Duke Nukem II playthrough. Nintendo Hard + Arin and Ross's usual level of competence = A very boring, repetitive, and frustrating time for both the fans and Arin and Ross.
  • So Bad, It's Good: Their opinion of the ''Barbie: Life In The Dreamhouse" game, with Ross getting very involved in the minigames.
  • So Okay, It's Average: What fans initially thought of Steam Train during its early days, with fans still very upset at the sudden changes. This ends up being Subverted however, as fans grew more attached to Ross and Danny and accept them as much as they did for Game Grumps.
  • Special Effects Failure: One of the biggest complaints about "Hotline Miami" was that the recording equipment, for whatever reason, was apparently causing the game to run at half speed.
  • Squick: Everything Ross makes in Spore.
  • Surprise Creepy: Offspring Fling alters the "Arin the Bandit" intro to accommodate the fact that Danny isn't playing. In this one, Arin kills Danny, and growls "Say it" at Ross, who lets out a terrified "Choo choo."
  • Win Back The Crowd: "Castle Crashers #1" received a great reception in comparison to "Hotline Miami #1", to the point where "Castle Crashers #2-4" preceded "Space Quest IV #1", and where "Space Quest IV #4" and "Castle Crashers #7" preceded "Hotline Miami #2".

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