WMG / Steam Train

Predictions for The Oregon Trail playthrough:
(written 1 Dec 2013)
  • Arin will break another limb, but he'll hang on to the end.
  • Barry won't get sick or injured, but he'll get shot by Danny during a hunting trip.
  • Suzy will die of dysentery.
  • RAAAAAAWS will catch every illness in the game, then die of dysentery.
  • Danny will get bitten by a snake, but he'll pull through to the rafting segment, where he'll proceed to screw it all up and get himself and Arin killed.
Predictions for Ride to Hell: Retribution playthrough:
(Written 18 Jan 2014)
  • Several people are predicting that the playthrough of Ride to Hell will be Steam Train's answer to the Game Grumps' Sonic 06 playthrough.