Video Game / Duke Nukem II

Duke Nukem II is the second entry of the Duke Nukem videogame series, and the first to truly revel in the tropes of action games and movies. As such, it's filled with Lampshade Hanging and cynical humour, all hidden behind an honestly enjoyable platforming shooter.

Duke's actions in the first game made him Earth's top celebrity. Unfortunately, they also drew the attention of the Rigelatins, an alien race who wanted to enslave the earth. The Rigelatins capture Duke during a TV interview for his new book ''Why I'm So Great'', planning to use his brain to mastermind their attack, but all does not go well. After breaking free from his cell, Duke takes the fight to the Rigelatins, with the sole plan of trouncing them handily and returning home.

This game shows examples of: