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YMMV: SD Gundam G Generation
  • Crowning Moment of Awesome:
    • Most of the crossover CG movies in Neo, including the Cyclops Team attacking Torrington, Usso battling both the Frost Brothers at the same time, and the Wing Team fighting Master Asia (complete with him countering the Twin Buster Rifle with a Darkness Finger).
    • In Mono-Eye Gundams, Kincaid Nau and Zabine Chareux shut down the Turn X (which had previously been curb stomping the heroes) with a single well-coordinated Combination Attack.
    • Combining this with Oh, Crap, Turn X and God Gundam finally using their fingers on each other, something that has yet to occur in Super Robot Wars. Predictably, Turn X wins.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome:
    • Most of the characters introduced from Spirits to World have excellent themes.
    • Mono-Eye/DS's characters had also some good arranged versions versions of their themes.
    • Many Crowning Gundam themes are here as well, but World's OST stands out for being the only SD Gundam game to not include ANY opening themes, breaking the pattern and instead giving us the best of the OST songs.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Japanese fans are particularly fond of G Gen original Claire Heathrow, thanks to her penchant for Shout-Out Overdosed attack calls.
    • Fanarts are quite fond of Maria Owens for among the reasons, her tendency to do G Gundam cosplay.
    • Some western fans are fond of Florence Kirishima for being a Ax-Crazy babe (similar to how Katina is liked).
  • Game Breaker: The Gundam Double X with G-Falcon is this starting in Wars. Not to mention it's easy to level it up fast- just attack the mooks using a move that aims to 3 of them, and the last one gets killed, allowing you to repeat the tactic again until you run out of MP or Chance Steps. The same can be said for any Mobile Armor which can do the same trick the Gundam Double X with G-Falcon can do (like the Divinidad), as well as the Psyco Haro.
  • God-Mode Sue: The Phoenix Gundam of is quite possibly the most powerful Mobile Suit in any of the seven Gundam universes. The Phoenix is pretty much a walking black box with no concrete origin, but abilities that seem to be gleaned from every Gundam universe (except Gundam 00, which was made after the Phoenix) turned Up to Eleven, like BFGs stronger than Wing Zero's and a Finishing Move more powerful than God Gundam's — and oh yes, it uses Nanomachines both for quick repair and to disable other MS' nanomachines, meaning it might be capable of taking down the mighty Turn A Gundam and Turn X, which are the watermark for absolute power in Gundam.
    • In the later game G Generation World, it gained its Gundam 00 element - data on every MS ever created and cells from the shapeshifting alien ELS, which Retcon/Hand Wave its ability to create any other unit in the game.
  • The Scrappy: This varies per game depending on what the new series is, and what was cut out to replace it. Gundam AGE was seen as this for Overworld due to the lack of additions since G generation 3D (which is considered a scrappy in its own right) and the amount of details removed from other series and causing various headscratchers in the process.
    • G Generation 3D: The whole game is widely considered a scrappy for having various scrappy mechanics, cutting out wide chunks of series (just like the DS days), and following up [[toughacttofollow World]], the end result were a great deal of unpleased fans, especially those that forked the money to buy a japanese 3D and the game.
    • Crossdrive, due to it's linear gameplay and the inability to save doomed characters from their fate unlike in SRW or the handheld G Generation game.

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