Awesome / SD Gundam G Generation

Thanks to the smart producers of these games, we have waves after waves of fangasms in every game. Here is a list of some of these crowning moments.

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  • One of the most classic examples of an epic event on the SD G Generation series: The Crossbone Duo, Kincaid Nau (Seabook Arno) and Zabine Chareux, vs. Gym in the Turn X.
  • You can capture the Turn X in the Rival Route provided that you have a certain pilot over level 30. The pilot? Johnny Ridden.
  • Stage 12, AU Route. The Druggies are sent and attack. But they didn't forsee one Heero Yuy inside of the Epyon, ready to activate its Zero System. Has the player triggered the event correctly, Heero uses the System. Ass-kicking ensues.
  • One of the cutscenes from DS feature Muruta Azrael in control of the Dominion and about to shoot down the Archangel with the Lohengrin cannons. However, instead of the man who makes the impossible become possible, help arrives in the form of Berah Ronah (Cecily Fairchild) and Diana Soreil's Mother Vanguard and Soleil's beam shields respectively.
  • Rival Route, where you are able to convince the Druggies and Extended to join your side, use Kai as a Newtype on the Nu Gundam, but also save Master Asia and gain the Eypron and Turn X as powerhouse units, helps that the final level is the hardest in the game

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